Building 50 Companies by 2050 – Stephen Olmon Believes It’s Possible

Behind every business great and small is the founder who had an idea they wanted to pursue. While passion and ambition motivate them to overcome the challenges of starting and maintaining a business, it is ample preparation that brings them to the starting line. There is an abundance of business coaches that offer to help aspiring entrepreneurs, but only a few can back their teachings with practical experience.

Stephen Olmon, a former KPMG strategy consultant and current serial entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas, aims to help entrepreneurs materialize their business ideas. When he was the head of business development for a healthcare software company, it was acquired for millions. After excelling in the corporate world and developing his business, he boldly declared that he would build 50 companies by 2050. 

Inspired by his experience, Stephen established several online businesses such as and QuickerLeads. On top of starting his own companies, he developed creative revenue share partnerships with successful companies like and PlanWell Strategies. He is passionate about stepping into existing businesses with significant traction and finding ways to build momentum that directly impacts the bottom line. 

Through, he helps high school graduates and college students launch their businesses while they are still in school or during a gap year. Through this platform, he provides reliable business education at a fraction of the market cost. He lists the links for all his “cheat codes” in starting an online business through his website. These free resources include guidance on legal, financial, and online marketing concerns. He also introduces his personal lawyer and accountant to help new entrepreneurs find trustworthy professionals. 

For more guidance, Stephen offers an introductory course that provides the right mindset, information, and tools for the participants to start their journey towards launching a cost-efficient digital business. What makes this course accessible and efficient is that all information is delivered through text message. After taking the initial 10-day course, he provides a 6-week live Bootcamp, which walks the participants through the steps on ideation, starting, launching, and growing new businesses. 

Stephen’s digital marketing agency, QuickerLeads, is obsessed with driving new revenue for clients. Through this company, he offers comprehensive digital marketing consultation and implementation. He increases the online presence of brands through fractional CMO, search engine optimization, paid media channels, email marketing, web development, and authority building. In this platform, he presents C-level marketing strategy by summarizing the results of their in-depth research, providing an outlook, and recommending online marketing channels that the client should invest in. 

To optimize the marketing budget of his clients, he and his team eliminate current waste, allocate the budget to the most efficient channels according to the clients’ product or service, and track their return on investment. 

Along with building companies on his own and creating strategic partnerships, Stephen is offering an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to become his business partner. He has several projects that need talented operators and is excited about investing in the next wave of innovative founders.

To get in touch with Stephen about his projects or become his business partner, visit his website. Subscribe to his newsletter to keep up with his journey in building 50 companies by 2050 and learn about strategy, tools, team-building, and leadership.