Brien Allen: A Radical Shift from Petroleum Engineering to Exploring His Calling in Music and Acting

Following his father’s footsteps in the oil and gas industry, Brien Allen pursued petroleum engineering, believing that this was his only path in life. Later, he realized that his passion was somewhere else: in music and arts, the realm where his mother thrived. This realization prompted Brien Allen’s radical shift in his career. He has taken a leap from exploring the world of engineering to now performing and taking on several projects for music and even film acting. 

Brien Allen is a petroleum engineer, lead guitarist, vocalist, and band member of Altermind, a progressive metal band from Austin, Texas. Born to a geophysicist father and a musician mother, he developed an affinity for science, which led him to study petroleum engineering at the University of Texas. By the time he was in his mid-college life, he gradually realized that music was his true calling in life despite loving science. Still, he pushed through and finished his degree in 2014. Shortly after, he joined a local rock band, which introduced him to the life of touring and shows. From investing thousands of dollars in his music, he felt that his career was not moving towards where he wanted it. But with a fiery passion at hand, the musician-engineer was willing to take the risk.

Fast forward to today – Brien Allen now finds himself part of a band that captures his real vision in music, Altermind. The band is currently collaborating with high-profile vocalists such as Lauren Babic and is set to release their album in early 2021. On top of this, he is also involved in a Latin/pop-rock group, Al Cielo. The group serves as a national act with members spread across the country. In 2021, the group eyes the release of new songs combining genres, including electronic music, pop-rock, and Latin. Another group he performs with is Bridges Ablaze, a band flaunting a harmonious sound where Brien serves as a vocalist. Both Al Cielo and Bridges Blaze are bands under the mentorship and guidance of the musical legend Charlie Walk in a program known as Music Mastery.

Brien Allen has kept himself busy participating in other heavy metal projects through the years – Arborenna and Perpetual Horizon – with albums expected to be released in 2021. Besides his ongoing music projects, he is also excited about being in talks to play a role in an independent film in 2021. “The journey has been very tough, but embedded within the suffering was the wisdom needed to transcend it,” says the rising musician. 

What keeps Brien Allen competitive and one of a kind as an artist is his commitment to diversity. Being involved in tons of projects ranging from metal, rock, EDM, pop to Latin, jazz, and more, he is truly a man who can run different shows and still champion it all. Being under the direction of incredible industry executives, music experts with the highest music production quality, it is evident that Brien has so much in store for his listeners. He is, indeed, on his way to taking the music industry by storm. 

To learn more about Brielle Allen and his music, you may check him out on Instagram.