Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza: A Lifelong Dream Brought to Life

Robby Corujo established Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza out of the love he had for Colorado and his desire to settle down in the Centennial State. He first visited Breckenridge in 1987 as a high school student on a ski trip. At the time, he lived in New Jersey, but he fell in love with the town on his first visit and made the decision there and then that he would be back sometime to live in Breckenridge.

In 1992, he returned during the winter season and began to search for a job. Robby was not the type to give up on something he wanted; so, he took up job positions at various T-shirt shops. After a while, he returned to New Jersey, where he moved into bartending. He started working at some of the busiest bars and clubs in New Jersey, and by 2003, Robby Corujo had opened his first bar. A few years after, he decided it was time for him to return to Breckenridge and build a life in the town that he loved so much.

Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza came to life in 2019, and it didn’t take too long before its 24-inch pizza super slice became the talk of the town. The ever-available 24 craft draft beers became a major selling point that has contributed to the pizza bar’s astronomical growth.

A direct product of determination, passion, and love, Robby Corujo spent years building up to the achievement of his dreams. He even spent some time learning from World Champion Pizzaiolo Michele D’Amelio. Since he opened Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza, it has hosted numerous visitors coming into the town for weekends and holidays. “We receive a lot of people from places like Denver and Houston, Texas. These people are usually either visiting for weekends or sometimes a week-long vacations. They must have seen something they love because we never run out of these visitors,” Robby  says.

Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza prides itself on offering the largest pizza in Summit County and possibly the entire State of Colorado. The 24-inch super slice pizza, 24 craft draft beers, and the you pour the bottle drink tower  are the three things that make the brand stand out. The brand has become a crowd favorite and is, without a doubt, manifesting Robby Corujo’s dreams of living in Colorado.

For someone who dreamt of starting a life in Colorado someday and left to go prepare himself for that life, Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza has given Robby Corujo more than he expected. He now proudly owns a unique business and a major attraction for many people within and beyond Colorado.

Robby has also focused on delivering impeccable services in a comfortable environment to keep customers coming. It also delivers a full alehouse experience for people who love their liquor and drinks alongside awesome pizza. This is something Robby Corujo is passionate about, and he has put in work, dedication and has spent years working towards realizing it.

Learn more about Breckenridge Ale House & Pizza on the official website or follow the Instagram page.