Brandon Bozarth Believes That Changing The World Means Changing Ourselves

Many times we’ve heard, “Change is the only constant thing in the world.” While this statement has been overused, there are hidden truths behind it. While everyone has the chance to change, not everyone changes for the better. One’s journey towards bettering themselves would always benefit from some guidance.

A spiritual teacher and a transformational facilitator, Brandon Bozarth, believes that everything happens for a reason. In fact, every drama or problem a person faces is part of growth. While anything negative might develop into trauma or fear, this should not paralyze anyone. Through the people’s experience with fear and trauma, he has discovered his passion – to shift one’s perception about something and uplift and support anyone struggling.

One circumstance could hurt anyone and completely change how he would view the world. Brandon took notice of how people usually react this way. Thus he decided to reach people and accompany them in their spiritual journey.

He has had clients who are A-list celebrities. He has led retreats and workshops in over four different countries. He has experience working with thousands of people around the globe in his programs and private online communities. Being called the “Facilitator Of Miracles,” his unique ability to shift perspectives needed for his clients comes freely.

His plan is the first to combine psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality to create a framework for holistic transformation. Much has been channeled through Brandon from his mind to the people he has dealt with. He provides what he deems best for the people around him. Among them are 30 Days of Empowerment, The 13, and One-on-One Coaching. These three approaches have been sufficient for the people seeking his advice. 

The 30 Days of Empowerment gives his clients a summary of the entire body of work when it comes to holistic personal transformation and empowerment. He highly encourages this to those who are new to his work. Next, The 13 focuses on a thirteen-week experience to synthesize a robust transmission through a series of applications of the principles he has learned. And thirdly, the One-on-One Coaching, where Bandon deals with a client to align and expand personal and professional life. Through this One-on-One coaching, one learns to live in the highest excitement and is the most comprehensive training available.

Brandon Bozarth also promotes movement #TogetherWeHeal. Their mission is to bring ten thousand people into a movement based on unifying their choice to heal. Their efforts are aimed to respond to what is happening in the world with radical love and personal transformation.

Upon joining the group, participants will be guided to their 14-day free challenge called “Released.” The challenge will include different ways to release emotional pain, heal trauma, and expand your consciousness. They are breathwork, body release, sound healing, forgiveness, and unconscious reprogramming.

Letting go of fear is the beginning of it all. Synchronicity then begins to be experienced in response to the energy a person experiences. This is how Brandon aspires to change the world – by changing ourselves.

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