Brad Butler II: Helping Others and Giving Back

The path to success is a long, rough, and uphill road. However, for Brad Butler II, CEO of Brad Butler II & Associates LLC, an award-winning motivational speaker, a success coach, and a student advocate, his eyes have always been on the prize, doing everything possible to stay on course.

Brad is intimately familiar with stark beginnings and rocky start-ups, as he had a tough childhood struggling with his academics, his parents’ substance abuse, and countless amounts of detractors. Brad’s spirit remained undefeated, and he focused solely on how he would put his difficult childhood behind him. He found solace in football, and his time on the field coined him the nickname B-rad.

At the young age of eight, Brad’s parents separated, and it was an incredible experience that changed the course of his life forever. Brad was suddenly relocated from the inner city of Jersey City to the suburban area of East Windsor. The abrupt transition took its toll him and his academics, and he was in special ED classes. During this challenging time, Brad found an escape in football, building muscle, strength, and stamina. He played football from elementary school to college, and he believes the sport contributed significantly to his character development and academic success.

The obstacles he encountered in the past ended up being formative experiences that shaped his formidable character and unwavering strength. Brad is beyond proud to say he graduated from Mercer County Community College with his Fine Arts associates. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kean University.

Not long after his academic achievements, Brad found his passion for public speaking and had the idea that he could encourage young people by sharing his personal story, an idea that birthed his personal brand B-Rad Inspires. Consequently, over the last five years, Brad traveled to various schools speaking to students and athletes, sharing his story to increase graduation rates. His primary focus is to help young people realize that success is achieved if they recognize their gifts, put in their best effort, and take advantage of their opportunities despite what life throws at them.

Each day, Brad lives motivated by his very own motto: “Make your next day your best day.” Brad delivers passionate, high energy keynote speeches that keep students and athletes engaged and wanting more. Educators and coaches love the way Brad can effectively communicate and relate with the youth, helping them see the possibilities for excellent academics and athletic performance.

His book Pain Passion Purpose tells a unique story of overcoming adversity and finding a way to be successful despite all odds after experiencing family drug use and spending almost a decade in Special Ed classes. Brad is considered one of the best student-athlete motivational speakers in the nation.

With everything he has accomplished,  Brad “B-rad” Butler II has proven that greatness takes time. He is grateful that he never gave up despite all the difficulties that he had to endure. And using his journey, he encourages young people to keep moving forward and working towards their goals.

To learn more about Brad Butler II, you may visit his website,  his Instagram page, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.