Blackwater OG, an Award-Winning Artist Known for Delivering Songs That Hit Close to Home

Songs that align with the identities of the artists who created them almost always manage to resonate with listeners. Countless chart-toppers and hit singles have taken center stage because they were written with the musician’s firsthand experiences in mind. This makes them highly relevant and relatable to audiences who may have gone through similar circumstances. Better known as Blackwater OG, Kevin Boland is a rising star whose releases have found their way to people’s playlist. As he takes a step closer toward the spotlight, he will continue to drop tracks that feel close to home. 

Hailing from Chicago, Blackwater OG is an award-winning Belizean artist who developed his unique style while growing up in Central America. Ever since he dipped his toes into the music industry, he has impressed listeners and industry peers alike for his distinctive signature, combining reggae, hip-hop, and R&B melodies into his discography. 

Real-life events influence the catchy hooks and verses that serve as the stars in his songs. Distinguishing himself from the sea of other artists in the highly competitive music industry, Blackwater OG is immensely mindful about every detail of his creative outputs. He takes his experiences and turns them into songs that people can vibe to and be in the company of. 

As clear evidence of his talents and his potential to become a powerhouse, Blackwater OG garnered the “Best Music in Film” award in 2018 for his hit song, “Million Dollar Dreams.” The impressive single was featured in the movie “Frank Blue” and introduced this emerging household name to listeners globally. 

With plans to collaborate with more, Blackwater OG has performed alongside and opened up for various artists, such as Fat Joe, Glasses Malone, and The Game, to name a few. All of these performances demonstrated that he has what it takes to evolve into a force to be reckoned with. 

Currently, Blackwater OG is bound to cement his name even further with his involvement in several projects. He sets the tone for The Game’s new mixtape titled “Rules of the Game Vol. 4” with his new single, We R Not The Same ft. Bz Bwai & Chi King. In addition, this passion-driven musician is opening O.T. Genasis’ mixtape, “Time To Grind,” as well, with the song “Breathing.”

More exceptional tracks can be expected to come from the passion and dedication of Blackwater OG. As he solidifies his standing in the music industry by releasing tracks that will bring entertainment, comfort, and everything in between, he vows to remain the kind of artist that makes a difference in listeners’ lives. By grounding his lyrics on real-life experiences, he wishes to send across the message to those who are going through the same circumstances that they are not alone. Not only can they turn to music to find solace, but they can also rely on him to deliver quality music that brings the familiar right to their playlists.

Learn more about Blackwater OG by visiting his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and checking out his Spotify page.