“Birthday Bitch” Is This Year’s Certified Viral Birthday Anthem

In the wake of a global pandemic that has ravaged the entire world, people are being forced into staying at home when they’re often used to going out and partaking in nightly activities. Gone are the days when partying and dancing in clubs used to take up the weekend. However, a hot new birthday-themed song called “Birthday Bitch” is here to change all that.

Produced by G5yve, “Birthday Bitch” is a viral TikTok sensation that has taken the internet by storm. The song is a product of good vibes, a smooth flow, and limitless enjoyment. The song has become a massive party anthem around the virtual world. Just blasting the song in a room or backyard can automatically change the atmosphere.

“Birthday Bitch” is sung by Mr. White Dogg featuring G5yve and King Leaf. It’s a viral birthday anthem that’s becoming the next birthday jam that will dominate the internet for generations to come. It’s a bop that warrants hours of dancing, a song that can’t be stopped until everyone drops.

The song has captivated a worldwide audience with listeners from all over 62 countries. “Birthday Bitch” garnered all of its attention organically, without ever having to rely on marketing dollars behind its release. The secret of its success lies solely on word of mouth and an aptly titled song, making it roll-off the tongue. 

The song has garnered internet virility through TikTok and Instagram users alone, which is an impressive feat all on its own. Mr. White Dogg and G5yve have always delivered hits and bops that have managed to captivate audiences all over the world, and they’re back at it again with “Birthday Bitch.” Yet again, the duo has captured the attention of radio DJs, internet playlist curators, and general audiences alike. 

The party jam king, G5yve, produced the beat in his studio in Los Angeles, and the heart-thumping vocals were recorded in North Hollywood, California at Tha Stu Productions/Tha Stu Music Studios. The song isn’t just for the audience’s auditory pleasure, as “Birthday Bitch” has its own viral music video that was shot at Rose Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, California, with a full production cast and crew.

“Birthday Bitch” has become a viral classic, having millions of people tune in to the song and greet their friends with the song on social media instead of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, which in and of itself is a great gift to give. The thought of listening to good music on one’s birthday is a gift that anyone can appreciate. The song has also become a hit among quarantine drive-by birthday parties, adding more credibility to the viral single.

It’s absolutely no surprise that “Birthday Bitch” has garnered massive appeal among a worldwide audience. It’s the latest song that’s taking over the airwaves and the digital space. It’s more than just a trend; the song is a massive worldwide sensation.

At the next party that you will be attending, do not forget to request “Birthday Bitch”. The song can be streamed on all major streaming sites. Check out the song by hitting the link.