Big Wick Candle: How Kelly Reddington Is Bringing Humor and Relaxation into the Same Room

Good humor and relaxation are not mutually exclusive. In fact, laughing is one of the best ways to relax and get rid of stress. Big Wick Candle Co. aims to hit two birds with one stone by launching relaxing candles that feature creative pictures with bold yet funny jokes that are sure to give you a laugh or two. 

Big Wick Candles is the second candle company founded by a young entrepreneur and investor from Buffalo, New York, Kelly Reddington. Born to a single mother of three kids in one of the worst parts of Buffalo, he had always aspired to reach financial independence. Growing up and witnessing the financial problems of his family was never easy. Having no heat for an entire month of January in Buffalo’s brutal winter and oftentimes living with no electricity has seared it’s memory in his brain. These experiences of hardship have made him more determined to change this reality.

The idea of building a candle company dawned upon him when he was only 15 years old. At that time, the sports team of his school needed a reliable fundraiser. Unfortunately, the company that helped them in the past did not give them a callback. From that moment, Kelly saw an opportunity to start a potential business. He established a candle company called Altered Seasons Candle Co., which specialized in raising funds for good causes.

The company quickly became famous around town, and soon enough, several calls from other schools came in asking help for their fundraising projects. At 17 years old, Kelly already landed $75,000 from the candle company, which he newly founded. At that moment, he felt his dreams come true. But later on, he realized that the business was taking so much of his time. He was no longer enjoying life to the fullest as he only busied himself with his company.

Eventually, Kelly committed to sell his successful candle business to a regional fundraising company for $1,000,000. Although he was aware of and tried to avoid shiny object syndrome, he still needed to elevate his family’s life. He bought a $400,000 house cash and each family member got a new car. These were things to elevate their life and make life simpler and easier.

In no time, Kelly’s entrepreneurial urges were kicking in again. He had the urge to start another business, but this time, he wanted to explore a different approach. He wanted his company to embody a brand that was fun and bold at the same time. This is how Big Wick Candle Co. came to be.

Model Emersyn for Big Wick Candle Co.

Big Wick Candles features scented candles that are perfect for relaxation but with a twist. Each candle features a distinctively humorous name, creative illustrations, and a touch of humor through thought-provoking jokes. The high-quality candles are eco-friendly as they are handmade and placed in reusable and recyclable jars. The company also made sure that the fragrances for the candles are free from the harmful chemical phthalate, which most candles have.

For Kelly, his company Big Wick Candle Co. seeks to remind people that as they go through different challenges in life, they should never forget to take a moment to relax and have a good laugh.

For more information about Big Wick Candle’s founder Kelly Reddington, check out his official website.