Avori Henderson Transforms the Male-Dominated Gaming Industry with Her Charm and Gameplay

A thriving female full-time gamer is not a common occurrence in the exciting and challenging world of online gaming all over the world. The male-dominated industry has always been inclined to highlight their most fearless male gamers, but not until Avori, who decided it is high time a woman makes a life-changing impact on the gaming world in general. With over 400,000 followers in less than a year on her Facebook page that streams her online games, it is apparent that Avori is making quite a lasting impression in esports as she promotes equality using her charm and hardcore gameplay. 

Avori Henderson, a 24-year-old full-time gamer, is actually a fashion model who also used to be a Miss America candidate. Ever since she was a young girl, all she ever wanted to do in life was to become a professional model. The signed Ford model soon realized that she was already making it happen and started opening herself up to other possibilities where she can be productive and fulfilled. Avori is very candid about admitting that she was not always passionate about online gaming. Truth be told, she would only play a few video games on the side whenever she would have free time during photo shoots. It was not until she started to amass a huge following online that she saw the potential of becoming a full-time gamer. 

In just a short period of time, Avori has transformed incredibly into an esports influencer who has been featured in different magazines and articles online. Her current success is something she did not expect, but she is deeply grateful in many ways. She does, however, advise young people who want to follow in her footsteps to operate with caution and exercise self-control when interacting with online critics. Just because she is a woman, she has had her fair share of being bashed by online trolls. From Avori’s perspective, there are some male gamers who are threatened by her success, the same people who often prod him to prove herself as a passionate gamer. 

One of the most notable achievements of the gaming star includes running the first-ever all-female PUBG Tournament. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is a multiplayer battle royal game that was designed and produced by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the well-known South Korean video game company known as Bluehole. The tournament was professionally broadcast online to more than 135k unique viewers, more than 166,000 live views, and over 7,000 concurrent views. The tournament was able to raise $5,000, and it was immediately donated to charities that include FredHutch and Children’s Miracle Network.

Currently, Avori is playing a Battle Royale game called Call of Duty Warzone. She competed for a spot on the world’s # 1 esports organization, and out of 200,000 applicants, she made it on to top 100. Though Avori did not make it into FaZe Clan’s Top 20 for #FaZe5, she still is all about showing male gamers that women can be as good as them or even better. 

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