Avenila Review: Say Goodbye to Expensive Home Decor Online with Avenila’s Exclusive Selection of High-Quality and Affordable Products

There is an abundance of online sellers that can be found all over the Internet. Most of them are on e-commerce websites like eBay and Amazon. Some of them have their own websites where people can leave their orders. However, Los Angeles local Logan McFarland realized the lack of an online marketplace for affordable, high-quality lighting products and home décor. 

Taking matters into his own hands, he established Avenila in October of 2019. Avenila is a one-stop-shop for exclusive lighting products and home décor. Partnering directly with manufacturers, they have entirely cut out the middleman. They have saved their customers hundreds and thousands of dollars off their final purchasing price by shipping their products directly from the manufacturers.

Not only have they partnered with manufacturers, but Avenila has also adapted to the recent influencer marketing trend by partnering with influencers. Avenila has been a big hit on Instagram. Their products have been liked by professional athletes, famous interior designers, celebrities, other influencers, and more. The online spotlight has managed to get them to partner up with interior designers and major companies across the world. 

Avenila is dedicated to giving its customers the best online shopping experience. They are innovating how people purchase things they want for their own homes. They have made sure that every step of the purchasing process is exciting and meaningful, from the discovery of a product down to the final delivery. Avenila is a marketplace built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by opportunity. To ensure a smoother purchasing experience, Avenila has also released a mobile app for iOS and Android users. The app is geared towards better and more convenient user experience and faster checkout times.

Barring any major incidents, Avenila is scheduled to open a showcase store in Los Angeles by the end of 2020, and a retail store in the United Arab Emirates by 2022. Avenila has seen tremendous growth this year alone. Their team has expanded and grown larger, and they are set to acquire over $1,000,000 in sales this year. 

As the world begins to reopen their markets and industries, Avelina has vowed to offer a 10% discount on all first purchases made by small businesses that have been impacted by the global pandemic. Businesses like restaurants, hotels, and casinos are entitled to these perks, so they can get back up after the crushing blow that the pandemic has caused.

Avenila also offers a 15% B2B discount to all companies who want to resell Avelina’s exclusive products within their own country or city. With their direct partnerships with manufacturers worldwide, Avelina gets the highest-quality products at the lowest possible price, making the reselling process all the more appealing. 

However, as with every great endeavor, there has to be a tradeoff and a negative side to it. Since Avelina offers free shipping and they ship their products worldwide, sometimes shipping times could take a little bit longer, but the savings that their customers could accrue beats out the time they have to wait to get their products. 

Avelina also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the customers do not receive their items at all.

Avenila products are available to order at their website at fairly affordable prices. Check out their impressive products through their online catalog.