Austin Smith Puts the Vehicle Wrap Industry in the Spotlight

Austin Smith has been in the vehicle wrap business for so long that he has made his mark as an influencer and notable figure in the industry. With deep interests in multiple projects related to vehicle wrapping, Austin Smith aims to draw more attention to the industry and also shed some more light on the work he has been doing. His most notable project is “Paint is Dead,” which has evolved from a trademarked brand into a lifestyle brand and company carrying other brands like PIDPROSERIES, PIDMERCH, and #201WRAP on its back.

Austin Smith has a lot of original industry concepts and trends to his name, which have given him the credibility attached to his name in the custom vehicle wrap business. Some of the most cutting-edge designed tools come from his custom vehicle wrap installation tool company. He created and trademarked “Paint is Dead” and has built it into a brand that is making significant impacts worldwide.
Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Austin Smith has taken the vehicle wrap industry to different parts of the United States. He has built a large media platform in the vehicle wrap business on the “Paint is Dead” brand. He has gone around the United States teaching vehicle wrap shop owners how they can build, grow, and market their brands.

Austin is highly sought-after as a trainer and guide in the United States. He has been credited with different firsts in the industry, such as the first vehicle wrap installations of complex door jamb wraps, engine bay, reflective caliper wraps, and embossing on vehicle wraps. He is also at the forefront of some of the industry’s notable events, such as the WWWRAP Awards Party in Las Vegas and the Annual Worldwide Awards party for the wraps industry. He is an industry panelist and speaker at the Graphics Pro Annual WrapsCon event in Long Beach, CA, and the first marketing trainer for Avery Dennison Business Boot Camp.

His focus is on drawing more attention and awareness to the vehicle wrap industry in any way possible. In his words, “My goal is to introduce a more verified presence to the wraps industry, which I am doing through my unrelenting business focus on growth and awareness. I provide training and tools to the industry to make sure it continues to grow.”

Austin is putting in work to educate people about the vehicle wrap industry and creating new marketing channels. Paint is Dead is the brand with the highest following and industry presence in the automobile wrap industry. Other brands that have grown and thrived under the Paint is Dead brand include PIDMERCH, PIDPODCAST, and PIDSERIES.

Paint is Dead is pushing the boundaries for the vehicle wrap industry, with Austin Smith championing it. Vehicle wrap enthusiasts, professionals, and brands revere Austin and everything that Paint is Dead stands for. With his high level of experience, branding, and marketing expertise, Paint is Dead is set to retain its dominance and relevance.

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