AskMary Utilizes Intelligent Ecommerce Design to Help Consumers Find the Right Products

Cannabis consumption has become a widespread activity and depending on one’s location, and it could be used for a variety of purposes such as medicinal use and recreational use. Most e-commerce platforms sell specific variants of Cannabis, yet they are unintuitive when it comes to ease of use on the consumer’s side. Fortunately, AskMary is here to change all of that.

AskMary is a platform with a unique algorithm that can determine the medical and general effects of cannabis products. This platform is designed to assist the dispensary’s staff in finding the best cannabis product for their customer. Founded by Bangladeshi immigrant Shihan Chowdhury, the platform was built out of his love for technology. He wanted to figure out a way to help the Cannabis industry through technology, and he took it upon himself to integrate both industries without fail.

Cannabis dispensaries can utilize AskMary to determine the best products for their customers based on the customer’s medical conditions or specific needs. The platform features a robust e-commerce system that is built specifically for dispensaries, making it the perfect fit for aspiring entrepreneurs who hope to boost their revenue online. 

The platform allows dispensaries to create powerful segmentation to better optimize their efforts in marketing. It also allows budding businesses to handle their own delivery service through the platform itself. AskMary is a tool that is tailor-made for Cannabis dispensaries to get all the right services they need for guaranteed success.

AskMary ensures that dispensaries can make online sales and drive additional revenue by using unique conversion tools. Additionally, it also has SMS marketing features that are built into the system natively to capture a bigger audience. He understands the importance of Cannabis and all of its medical benefits. 

The abundance of cannabis products in the market made Shihan realize that he could do something to help consumers choose the right product easier. So he decided to build a platform that can recommend the best product for the consumer based on terpene and cannabinoid science. He was able to do all of this with his diverse background, from technology to multi-media to marketing.

AskMary is an all-in-one platform that is composed of a digital assistant, an e-commerce tool, an SMS marketing tool, a delivery tool, a subscription tool, and an analytics tool. It is the first e-commerce platform for cannabis dispensaries that has a subscription feature built-in—making it one of the most efficient services for business owners. 

Inspired by the prospect of creating generational wealth for his future generations, Shihan Chowdhury established his own business to great success. In the near future, he envisions AskMary to become the number one e-commerce platform for Cannabis dispensaries in the whole world. With his penchant for technology, Shihan has improved a burgeoning industry by becoming a pioneer at providing the best services imaginable. AskMary is a platform that is granting its partners overall success, and the company doesn’t see itself stopping any time soon.

To know more about AskMary, make sure to visit the company’s official website and Shihan’s Chowdhury Instagram account.