Ashton Thomas Emphasizes That Dreams Should Be Made Not Followed

Venturing into a new business is like playing an endless game. At every level, there are new obstacles and challenges one needs to go through to get to the next level. Most of the time, people tend to give up after a few failed attempts because they can’t comprehend the fact that there is no final level, and they have to keep on facing challenges and grow. Just like in video games, some items or avatars can give support in one’s journey. Ashton Eugene Thomas is one of the top-tier players that can give support in the game of business. 

Ashton was one of the people who were born to be in the world of business. When he was younger, his first business was selling baseball and football cards with his cousin. Even though it did not last long, it has sparked Ashton’s entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, he is a founding member and managing partner of A to Z Security Services, LLC, A to Z Pack and Ship LLC, A to Z Holdings Company LLC, and A to Z Management Group. He is one of the leading business management professionals in Arizona. 

Ashton strongly believes that dreams shouldn’t be followed; it should be made. He sees the flame of entrepreneurship in every person he meets, and he aims to fuel the fire to make it even brighter. Ashton preaches, in his works, that success does not happen to those who wait but to those who do. He emphasizes that there are no such things as an overnight success. An entrepreneur will get stronger and smarter as they go through each level, acquiring experience and loot which they can use to the next levels. 

Ashton originally came from Alamosa, Colorado, a rural town wherein he was influenced to dream big. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona, in 1997, he met several prominent business leaders who served as his mentors. He then shares his acquired expertise. Ashton is one of the key players in building Arizona’s future business leaders. Colleges coordinate with Ashton for him to advise students pursuing their degree in Masters of Business Administration. 

Ashton aims to share his passion for the industry to all aspiring entrepreneurs in various ways. One of the ways he is utilizing now is through writing. Last year, Ashton published his book entitled, “Turning Ideas into Profits.” His first book focuses on educating upcoming entrepreneurs on how they can build an empire from scratch. This year, Ashton authored his second publication named “The Power of Inspirational Leadership.” Aside from his publications, he also has a blog wherein he posts articles that give tips and words of wisdom. 

Ashton hopes to gain wider reach outside Arizona. He is currently working on finding business opportunities in Southern California and Nevada; on his way to new levels and gaining more experience to provide more support for those starting their careers in business. 

For more information about Ashton Eugene Thomas and his path to becoming one of the top business management professionals, visit his official website.