Ars Media Arts Group: Making Opportunities for Creatives

A career in art is challenging to establish, mainly because creatives and well-paying clients in need of creatives find difficulty connecting. The Ars Media Arts Group is an organization with a mission to provide the best resources for creatives by creating opportunities for these artists to connect with potential clients. 

There is a frustratingly common misconception that art is “easy.” People typically fail to consider that the reason why various creatives can make their crafts look effortless is that they have spent countless hours and sleepless nights practicing. The right clients are ones who can fully appreciate the value of a good artist and are willing to compensate them accordingly for their services. 

Ars MAG began as an idea between a couple of college students from Shepherd University in West Virginia. In 2016, these students bounce ideas off one another, which started to take shape soon after. They found the word ars, the Latin translation for the word “passion.” They found it a fitting name, and thus, the organization came to life. 

With an incredible amount of potential, the organization quickly took off. In a short span of four years, it has been able to implement numerous events, raise over $50,000 in independent fundraising events, and create more than 500 opportunities per year for various creatives, including visual artists, journalists, photographers, and videographers.

Providing a vision, developing awareness, awarding experience, and capturing uniqueness; these are the organization’s four objectives by which its considerable success and continual growth can be attributable. These objectives create a solid foundation by which the organization can stand by its advocacy, promote creative freedom, and reward excellence at the same time.

The organization takes pride in its brand developing service, incredibly, which has been instrumental in creating countless opportunities for creatives and entrepreneurs alike. In addition to this, Ars MAG commits to artist development, brand development, project funding/sponsorship, and creative direction.

Specially designed to educate entrepreneurs on the nuances of marketing, the brand developing service is a unique brand-building service that touches upon how, who, and where of marketing. The knowledge that the organization imparts onto entrepreneurs serves as a foundation for them to be fully involved and knowledgeable in collaboration and developing their brand.

The responsibility of identifying creatives and their need for resources falls upon the shoulders of the Executive Director. In Ars MAG, that person is Torland Greene, a graduate of Shepherd University and Averett University, with degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. With the drive and ars to contribute to the success of creatives in their respective fields, he has profound knowledge in the business aspect of art, fashion, and design. He has utilized that knowledge to further the industry. Marketing strategies, partnerships, study groups, and fundraisers are other development programs that he takes responsibility in.

For several years now, Ars MAG has been bridging the gap between mainstream platforms and emerging creatives, allowing them to connect and build mutually-beneficial relationships. Given the success it has met in the previous years, the organization can only grow further as time passes.

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