Apostoli Tsilikas Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing With Quantum Advertising

Business owners often view marketing as a necessary investment for growth. But there’s one condition that must happen for that claim to be valid. There needs to be a return on investment. Boasting excellent performance and favorable results, Quantum Advertising guarantees a steady return on every dollar spent on marketing with their guidance. With their expertise and ideas, the firm helps businesses get more clients and profit. 

Quantum is a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency. The company came to life in 2019, and while they’re relatively new, the results they have brought their clients have proven that they can be reliable agents of business growth. 

Since its establishment, the company has helped clients make over five million dollars in additional revenue through their strategies. The company achieves this feat by deploying some of the most innovative approaches to search engine optimization, Facebook ads management, pay-per-click ads management, and web design. Their crown and jewel is a signature appointment booking service that helps filter out bad leads that don’t convert.

Quantum’s flagship system got a Harvard Business Review feature after generating over 122 new appointment requests for an oral surgeon in under thirty days. The process involves developing a 24-7 system with in-house agents calling web-generated leads within five minutes to qualify and book a potential patient.

Today, many of Quantum’s clients have nothing but great reviews for the agency. One client, Maria of Bell’s Market, says, “Being in business for over twenty-five years, I can say that Apostoli and the Quantum team consistently produce month after month. They’ve provided quality resultsrunning my ads, updating my website, and increasing my Facebook presence.”

Before starting Quantum Advertising, founder Apostoli spent considerable time in the corporate world, building his knowledge and business experience. He joined many Fortune 500 companies and learned from some of the best. The marketing expert worked as an analyst for Johnson and Johnson. He also worked for Boeing for a few years and became one of the youngest Industrial Engineers in the entire Pennsylvania region.

A client’s journey with Quantum usually starts with website development. The company helps companies create or refurbish websites into high-converting and glitch-free websites. Quantum also develops landing pages for each product and service that entices people to purchase or book a service. Quantum Agency then manages ads by selecting the best keywords and creating advertising campaigns that bring the best results. 

Quantum also provides search engine optimization, setting up a website in a way that increases organic searches and hits on Google by moving it up page rankings. The firm also helps clients manage online reputation by improving online reviews on sites like Google and many others.

Quantum Agency’s most significant competency has been the stellar returns that clients get from their advertising spend. “Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions,” shares Apostoli “Stoli” Tsilikas, the founder and CEO of Quantum Advertising. “Quantum Advertising Company guarantees businesses more clients, more automation, and more profits.”

To learn more about Apostoli Tsilikas and Quantum Advertising, check out the company website and Facebook page.