Anthony “Ape” Pratt and Company Lead Clients to Win Through Innovative Branding Solutions

For Anthony “Ape” Pratt, founder of Gorilla With A Pen, branding, media management, and consultancy are right up his alley. The CEO and his team strive and excel at being the best storytellers to help their clients win in their respective fields.

Before founding Gorilla With A Pen, Anthony Pratt was a valued United States Army veteran. He was also well-rounded in the entertainment industry and is recognized as a professional in the business, working with former top acts for shows such as British X-Factor, The Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. Today, Anthony is leading a minority-owned company, Gorilla With A Pen, as an authority in setting trends, scaling brands to new heights, catering to clients in technology, sports, and even live events.

Gorilla With A Pen creates opportunities for “socially conscious innovators, businesses, and talents who choose to look at the future differently.” Anthony Pratt and his company serve various start-up companies, entertainment talent, social influencers, and athletes that have been overlooked in the past. The CEO is determined to help each client achieve their vision and become part of the top-tier in their industries. The company has assisted in launching products, actors, entertainment talents, business-to-consumer companies, business-to-business companies, and esports influencers who want to connect with a wider scope of audience and take their brands to greater heights. 

Anthony Pratt has dedicated time and effort in establishing Gorilla With A Pen to be a platform where audiences from all around the world could come together and enjoy great content on entertainment and are keen on witnessing a world that embraces change. Gorilla With A Pen showcases tomorrow’s next trendsetters in entertainment, arts, culinary, and so much more. The in-house team caters to brands of all sizes and grows them into an international force. 

“It’s truly a partnership and a total team effort,” said Anthony Pratt. “We feel that our company will prosper and grow through creativity and flexibility, which enables us to compete with larger companies going forward,” he added. Gorilla With A Pen has been pivotal to some of the most prominent professional athletes, businesses, entertainers, composers, etc. The company has been invited by Comic-Con International to attend the first-ever WonderCon @Home 2020, a historical event that keeps the spirit of Comic-Con alive amid the pandemic.

Additionally, Anthony Pratt has scored a partnership with Six Flags, where Gorilla With A Pen will be introducing new content for their visitors. He has also formed a reputable relationship with top attractions such as The Los Angeles Zoo and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Hollywood. Furthermore, Anthony has partnered with leading female athletes to boost the Women’s Roller Derby scene in Los Angeles in his efforts to support diversity and create more opportunities.

Asked what motivated him to build Gorilla With A Pen, Anthony Pratt fiercely answered, “Someone once told me that I couldn’t.” Anthony had a challenging upbringing in South Central, Los Angeles, where he was constantly surrounded by negativity. “Being a black business owner comes with the same challenges of being a black man in society,” said Anthony. He was ridiculed, underestimated, and doubted by many. Still, Anthony succeeded in overcoming his obstacles and came out with a healthy mind.

Through it all, Anthony Pratt made Gorilla With A Pen an undisputed company with its diversified executives and professionals with years of experience in esports, cosplay, TV and film, voiceovers, real estate, production, and entertainment. Anthony Pratt and his well-rounded team learned and gained valuable knowledge about understanding clients by working for companies such as Creative Artists Agency, Walt Disney, Universal Music Group, RE/MAX, FOX, and William Morris Endeavor. 

Anthony Pratt and Gorilla With A Pen “accepts the responsibility of being an innovator and hopes to influence and inspire through creativity.” Together with its clients, the company is building a legacy that would impact society and stay with it for many more generations. Truly, Anthony and his company are some of the greatest innovators and one of the best-kept secrets shaping the world as people see it today.

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