Andrew Meinster Emerges as Top Property & Casualty Insurance Agent in U.S.

Senior Risk Adviser Andrew Meinster is a man dedicated to guiding his clients to the best insurance policy that will suit their needs at the lowest cost. 

Andrew serves hundreds of businesses across many industries, from trades to professional services firms, backed by an excellent team dedicated to bringing tremendous value to their clients. Aiming to bring his client’s total cost of risk lower over the long term, Andrew Meinster creates solid foundations of trust with his clients and further builds his reputation as one of the country’s top producers. His drive, passion to succeed, and ability to connect with people are the most significant values he had that brought him to his success level in the field.

Most agents rush businesses into making a transaction that they forget to find the best policy customized to the specific needs of the clients. For Andrew, he fosters  transparent transactions where he creates a solid foundation of trust creating  long-term relationships.

Another fact that makes him more interesting is that despite that he has only been in the industry for about seven years, he has a bigger book of business than 99% of competitor agents, many of whom have been in the industry for 20-25 years.

Andrew has found success at one of the oldest family Insurance agencies around. Nottingham Insurance is a 4th generation, family-owned independent agency founded in 1917. As part of its team, Andrew creates customized Insurance programs at the best possible prices for individuals and businesses alike. These programs come to life in a continuous process of consultation, education, and proactive planning with the client’s full involvement from start to end.

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