Ana Dee Goes From Exotic Dancer to Hustling CEO

When she exited high school prematurely, Ana Dee never thought that she would go from exotic dancer to a successful CEO in such a short amount of time. The serial entrepreneur started and scaled three separate venturesnamely, Alien Outfitters, Blades For Babes, and The Horny Stoner—which have all come together to create the strong structure of ever-growing success for their owner

The 27-year-old businesswoman from a small town in North Carolina always knew she wasn’t cut out to be an employee. Even when she dropped out of school and became a dancer at clubs, she would seek independence and autonomy. But the experience would teach her essential skills, such as money management, customer service, and having thick skin when facing people. Fast forward to today, and Ana now owns three successful companies that have grown immensely with time. For instance, her third and latest company, The Horny Stoner, grew by 350% amid the COVID-19 pandemic as the entrepreneur shifted and adapted even in unprecedented times. 

After learning that she inclined toward marketing and sales, Ana Dee started an Etsy store called Alien Outfitters. The fashion line included various items that would accent people’s individuality and teach them to embrace their uniqueness through their clothes and accessories. By the time Ana turned twenty-one, her store had already grossed over one million dollars in sales. The CEO found joy in her success, but her hunger for entrepreneurship was still incredibly insatiable.

Soon after, Ana Dee would start her second company, Blades for Babes, which stemmed from her passion for knife collecting. The store sells a collection of blades and knives designed for women to collect or self-defense. Just like Alien Outfitters, Blades for Babes had a quirky signature to it, often showcasing various knives studded with pink, glitter, and diamonds. 

The idea for a third store came to Ana, and she started to sell tobacco products, adult toys, and her brand of Cannabidiol. She called the shop the Horny Stoner. Despite launching amid a global pandemic, the store has exploded in popularity and raked in a substantial amount of sales in record time. 

After building three independent brands in seven years, Ana Dee decided it was time for her to launch her personal brand. “During all this time I was branding myself on the side, with a topcharting podcast and YouTube channel, sharing my story and teaching young women how to work from home and avoid the mistakes I made,” shares Ana. Today, the entrepreneur and influencer currently has a growing YouTube channel, podcast, and TikTok account. She went viral after her series entitled “#weirdthingsisellontheinternet” took off. Through it, Ana shared “bizarre stories” about how she would sell socks and panties online as a side hustle while she was still a dancer. 

Today, Ana Dee has come a long way from her humble beginnings. Her companies now altogether have a value of nearly $5 million. Her social media accounts now have over one million subscribers. Furthermore, Ana just put in an offer for a $1.3 million warehouse and purchased her beachside home at the age of twenty-four. To say that Ana Dee now has it all would not be an understatement. And with an entrepreneurial drive to continue building her empire, it’s safe to say that she still has a long road of success ahead of her. 

To learn more about Ana Dee and her companies, visit Alien Outfitters, Blades for Babes, and The Horny Stoner websites.