Amber Iselt and Her Admirable Journey from Domestic Abuse to Successful Online Marketer

If there is one impactful truth that successful online marketer Amber Iselt wants all abused women to know, it is that there is hope even when they no longer believe there is. Her journey to get out of a dangerous domestic abuse situation with her former husband is a story of hope, perseverance, and redemption.

Divorced at the age of 21 after several years of abuse, where she experienced having a gun pointed to her head, miscarriages, and difficult deliveries of her two children, Amber Iselt rose above it all to recreate not only herself but also her future and that of children. While she did not automatically have a good life after divorcing her abusive spouse, she still opted to see things from the right perspective for the sake of her young children. Instead of focusing on her debts, joblessness, lack of a college degree, and pitiful state, she looked for a way to be able to work from home and provide for her kids at the same time. What she eventually stumbled upon turned out to be her golden ticket to a comfortable and promising life. 

“I’m an online coach that not only monetized my skill set in dropshipping, but I also help others with building their networks, branding, etc. What I’m really good at is motivation. This is why I’m told all the time to go after a career in motivational speaking,” reveals Amber Iselt. 

Amber Iselt was born in La Grange but raised in Fedor, Texas, a lot of people were doubtful about her new venture, and people started to talk behind her back, gossip about her, and criticize her endlessly. But if there is anything that Amber is really good at, it is that she does not easily give up, and she always fights the battles that need to be fought. After a couple of years of working online, Amber has successfully created a brand for herself and is now helping other people enjoy the same benefits that she is experiencing. 

 “When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant. I connect with my audience. I’ve used attraction marketing for years, and it has worked very well with me. My followers tell me day by day how they can relate to me and love how transparent I am. I don’t treat others as dollar signs. I truly love helping people,” Amber Iselt shares. 

 Looking back, Amber can only attribute her survival to God’s grace and mercy. She could have died due to domestic abuse. Little did she know, God had better and bigger plans for her. Through her life story, more and more people are drawn to the idea of working online from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Amber Iselt’s story is sending out a message of hope, courage, and tenacity to women all over the country who wish to get out of an abusive marriage. She has become a source of encouragement.

At present, Amber Iselt is working on publishing a book about her life after realizing that there are not many books out there that talk about similar things that she went through. She is more confident now to share about the darkest, most painful time in her life. She can only pray that her story reaches the right people and accomplish the task of setting the captives free. 

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