After Finding Her Self-Worth, Niki Srinivasa Works to Influence the Fashion Industry With Inclusion

The fashion world is among many industries in the creative world that are continuously evolving. Niki Srinivasa is one of the many designers who is thriving and innovating the industry. Her passion for the fashion industry started as she grew up. 

In an age of technology, people take in the images and information they see in the media. The norm was being tall and beautiful. Niki was often bullied for her looks, and like many others, she struggled with self-worth. The lack of representation in the media discouraged her for so long.

Eventually, she realized that she wasn’t the problem and that the messages being portrayed were the root of the trouble. A spark lit a fire in her, pushing Niki to become a force for change and champion acceptance, equitable opportunity, female empowerment, and body positivity. She carried these values into her vision, brand, and mission.

She delved into fashion, dedicating herself to finding sustainable ways of creating exciting and unique clothes that make people want to wear and remain environmentally friendly. Whether it is creating fabric from existing textiles to turn into new garments or using natural dye, Niki is always looking to create a sustainable supply chain from top to bottom.

Her journey in the fashion industry began when she collaborated with Modcloth in a round-table discussion. They centered around female empowerment, and Niki was invited to join filming the promo for The Women’s Choice Awards. It was in that event that she showcased her debut collection, which impressed the audience.

She later received an International Design Award at New York Fashion Week, earning the name “one to watch talent” by Flying Solo. She was given the opportunity to showcase her collection in Paris Fashion Week. She would later participate in various media events through companies like Fashion Mingle and Fashion Week Online.

Niki even got the chance to participate in the annual event Vogue Forces of Fashion. After, a flood of opportunities came her way, allowing her to learn from many people and organizations and collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger.

Having found great success, Niki aims to build a global enterprise and revolutionize the fashion and entertainment industries. She has found an opportunity in the sustainable and humanitarian-serving areas which are unique and have largely remained untapped. 

Another area that Niki aims to influence is proper representation in the media. With a new movement that’s continually making people more aware of what they say and do, she feels representation is critical and badly needed for more inclusive approaches that should be adopted in entertainment and fashion.

What makes Niki so unique in the industry is that while others have a competitive mindset, she takes a more collaborative approach. There is often too much room for toxicity in some spaces that is usually counterintuitive. She believes that there is always room for everyone and enough space to go around.

In this time of the pandemic, Niki hopes to develop ideas to help contribute towards those in need and frontliners.

To know more about Niki, you may visit her website or follow her on Instagram.