Achieve Business Goals With Chris Graffagnino

Many individuals credit their socioeconomic success and financial stability to running a business. Most, if not all, cite hard work, sufficient preparation, and luck in achieving their business goals. However, new and young entrepreneurs have to lead their business endeavors with dignity in the face of enormous uncertainty and risk of loss. 

Chris Graffagnino had the same concerns and fears before becoming one of the Top 10 Most Influential People and Top 10 Mentors to Follow in 2020, named as such by Yahoo Finance. His reputation in the entrepreneurship industry rose exponentially due to his various successful capitalist endeavors, mentorship, and business development engagements. 

His first experience at entrepreneurship was at 13 years old when he and his younger brother Michael, under the mentorship of their father, Paul, started a landscaping company in their hometown of Staten Island, New York. At 17 years old, Chris had dozens of clients across the NYC borough and was earning thousands of dollars monthly while in high school. Applying the knowledge and work ethic passed down by his father brought early success in his very first startup. 

Over time, Chris sold the business for a profit and left his first capitalist venture to pursue a career in law enforcement. A few years later, he served in Afghanistan as an infantryman in the US Army National Guard. He was injured while in the Hindu Kush mountains and was awarded the Purple Heart for his service. To deal with his post-combat ailments, he diverted his attention to the private sector and began developing in niche areas of risk management such as evacuation and repatriation services. 

Chris traveled all over the world to develop businesses on and off Wall Street, earning a reputation as a subject matter expert in global security and risk management. In 2016, Chris finally culminated all his years of experience in risk management and business development to co-found a new innovative global risk solutions company. 

Continuing his passion for helping others realize their business ideas, Settle4Success was born. Chris created this 4-week intensive mentorship program to provide a free learning platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to start up their businesses. He introduces four pillars to starting and maintaining an enterprise. These include startup basics, business stability, scaling, and success. He also offers collaborative opportunities to give new entrepreneurs everything they need to become successful in their business endeavors. His entrepreneurship mentoring program also comes full circle as he teaches his mentees to give back to the community while promoting the importance of work-life balance. 

Aside from mentoring and guiding new entrepreneurs, he also gives consultations to business owners from various industries on scaling and profit increasing. He also continues to travel the world, discovers business ideas all over the globe, provides opportunities to entrepreneurs, and collaborates with industry professionals. 

In his website, Chris explains that while many people name entrepreneurship as a professional goal, few have the knowledge and resources to pursue it. Now, it is up to him to bridge the gap and help individuals reach their business goals.

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