Abbey Scott: From Wall Street Exec to Coffee Entrepreneur

With the rise of e-commerce, more and more people are making the shift from pursuing corporate careers to running a business. The rise of the internet has allowed people to start ventures that align with their interests and passions. One such story is that of Wall Street banker turned online coffee store owner Abbey Scott.

Abbey, along with her husband Mike, run Coffee Over Cardio®, an online store for coffee lovers everywhere. The venture started through Mike’s constant encouragement to create a personal brand and Abbey’s love for Coffee. “I fell in love with coffee in high school,” recalls Abbey Scott. “Coffee has always been there for me- on the roughest mornings and the latest nights. Then coffee kind of got expensive. I had to put my foot down.”

Apart from her drive to provide people with a cheaper alternative to a caffeine fix, Abbey also wanted to create a quirky brand that would connect with millennials and give them a sense of ownership. Today, Coffee Over Cardio® is a well-known brand of brew-yourself coffee beans that appeals to the fun and eccentric. They are also best known for their signature flavors, including Chocolate donut, Messy Bun Cinnamon Bun, Birthday Cake, and many more. 

Abbey Scott did not always have it in mind to start a business venture of her own. When she graduated from Holy Cross in 2015 with an Economics degree, she went straight to work on Wall Street’s corporate job. Taking a full-time job at an investment bank she had interned for in the past, her goal was to climb the corporate ladder and become a C-level executive. 

And then Abbey met Mike, who would later become her husband. Mike was always business savvy. He saw in Abbey the potential to build a business and create an entrepreneurial career. He encouraged his wife to give entrepreneurship a shot. Abbey and Mike put together the idea for Coffee Over Cardio®, something that Abbey connected with deeply. They researched, started to design the packaging, and tested various types and flavors of Coffee. 

Coffee Over Cardio® started to fill a gap in the industry. The lack of a female brand for Coffee pushed Abbey Scott to pursue the venture and motivated her to keep pushing forward. 

In 2017, they launched Coffee Over Cardio®, and the rest is history. Today, the brand has a loyal customer base that continues to grow with time. The brand of Coffee’s popularity comes mainly from the coffee packaging, which consumers have grown to love for their colorful and eye-catching designs. They are perfect for keeping on countertops and Instagram photos. The packaging also has one-way air valves that enable customers to smell every coffee variant. 

Today, Abbey and Mike have expanded their collection and included an exclusive membership program. The VIP club gains exclusive flavors and receives a monthly replenishment of beans featuring their latest flavor. The couple has also used their experience and knowledge in health and fitness to create healthy alternatives such as an MCT oil-based creamer that helps people with focus, clarity, and cognitive function. They also have developed an innovative electrolyte-infused drink that helps hydrate people without excessive sugar rush. 

Today, Abbey finds more satisfaction and fulfillment in running her business. She finds joy most in providing high-quality products that bring people enjoyment. On top of running Coffee Over Cardio®, Abbey also helps Mike with his marketing consultancy business that has grown tremendously during the pandemic.

To learn more about Abby Scott and Coffee Over Cardio, visit their website and Facebook page.