4 Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Video Marketing Promotion

4 Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Video Marketing Promotion
4 Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Video Marketing Promotion

Is it really hard to optimize your videos for social media?

Well, it turns out you can dramatically improve your videos by optimizing them with a few different software plugins.

An optimized video we created for a client is now converting 21.7% of my traffic into new email subscribers.

And in today’s post, I’m going to show you what these apps are.. and exactly how you can easily use them for your videos.

Before we get started let’s look at some best practice tips for creating a video that converts customers.

  • Make the video relevant to your product or service
  • Use video as the primary element of your websites landing page
  • Use branded videos, you can include your contact information and other important details
  • Use an appropriate length between 15 – 50 seconds is enough time to keep the user interested
  • Mention the word video in the subject line so users know the options is available
  • Take your video with relevant keywords so it can be found organically
  • Encourage sharing on social media networks and through email


The online video resizer for Instagram and Facebook

This app has a simple concept to optimize your videos for the screen resolution used on mobile social media apps.

Kapwing has a simple concept.

  • Upload your video or paste in a link from a URL
  • Choose the social media platform you will be using the video on
  • The software will resize the video and you can share it from the website

Optimizing your videos for social media networks can significantly improve the likes and social distribution of your brand or product. If you don’t have the time to work with a social media agency to take care of your video marketing, you can start to work on it yourself.

This app also has an added feature to add subtitles to your videos. This works well if your video is ore image-based then audio.

The principle is easy enough for most. You can upload your video and type and transcribe the video content at your own pace with the built-in editor.

Startup Videos – Showcasing the ideas from Startup companies

Are you working on your next video and find you are stuck for ideas. When you create a video it is best to appeal to your demographic. You can do this by playing on the emotions of your readers or thinking outside of the box with a demonstration that will awe your audience.

When you create a video be sure to talk about the most important features of your offering.

This website has a showcase of videos o the following categories.

2d, 3s, app, cartoon, explainer, iPad, iPhone, live-action, motion graphics, music only, screencast, stop motion, testimonial, voice-over and web services.

When you are creating a video there is a strong chance that you have a strong and optimistic feeling about your product.

But here is the problem…

People don’t really care how your product or service works, especially if you are a startup. A startup video should not be about your product, it should be focused on the people that are currently using your product or service.

Your video will be seen by real people, there are people with emotions, tastes, and a very short attention span.

You can use this website to get an idea of how the major companies have created videos to target their demographic user base.


Embed a youtube video into your email

If you are working on marketing your video’s there is no better way to increase your views then by sharing your content through email.

You may already have a database list setup of subscribers from your website or you may be trying some email business lead generation ideas through programs such as hunter.io or duck-soup.

This website will create a screenshot and URL links for you to embed your video into Gmail or another email marketing platform.

Current email marketing involves more than just some copy and a link to your website. It now involves a higher level of communication through video promotion.

It has been shown that marketers who integrate video in email generate 43% higher monthly revenues than those who don’t. This produces a higher click-through ratio and a long time spent on browsing your website.


Convert videos to GIF (Mac users only)

This tool is intended for Mac users only and is used with the Quicktime movie format.

It provides some mains functions which are suitable for video markets who would like to submit GIF versions of their video for marketing reason. This can bring in extra traffic to your video from websites such as Imgur and other GIF sharing websites.

This application can convert your videos to gif by right-clicking on the video file on your mac finder, which will output the gif file into the same folder destination. It also has the function to apply a start and end time along with a maximum frame rate and a number of colors.


Video Amigo

If you are looking to find some data on the most popular YouTubers then this is the website you need to utilize.

You can find information on youtube channels such as:

  • Channel name
  • Total views
  • Subscribers
  • Subscriber conversion rate
  • Library size
  • Views per video
  • Country
  • Language
  • Youtube Category

From here you can select any combination of TVi Classifications to customize Category Rankings.

You can use this as a marketing tool to find out what users are most popular in each category. You can study their videos and see what works and is most popular with youtube viewers.