28 D.Tales Paves the Way for More Black Creatives in Communications

The increasingly widespread usage of the internet in the past few decades has given rise to thousands of digital marketing consultancies for new and old business owners hoping to make it big online and in real life. The company 28 D.Tales Media Group LLC is not a typical marketing consultancy firm. The Black-owned, woman-led communications consultancy firm goes beyond their trade by doubling as an educational hub for students, new business owners, and even seasoned C-suite executives.

The company was founded by Dominique “Nique Marchell” Samuels. 28 D.Tales Media Group LLC specializes in public relations, digital and social media marketing, as well as brand management coaching for mission-driven brands/non-profits, tech companies, and beauty and wellness retail businesses. With experience in utilizing the overlooked details of brands, 28 D.Tales Media Group teaches their clients how to sell their “why” through compelling storytelling tactics using various mediums, e.g., articles, photography, videography, copywriting, email marketing, etc.

What sets the company apart is its double role as an empowering educational platform. Their Instagram and their upcoming membership platform (coming October 2020) both serve as hubs for all things communications for students, new business owners, and seasoned C-Suite executives. Founder Dominique Samuels wanted to establish a company that valued community and service.

During the summer of 2020, 28 D.Tales Media Group implemented its first inaugural internship program, helping eight students who either lost their internships due to the COVID-19 pandemic or who hadn’t ever been afforded an opportunity in the communications and media space. At the end of the course, one intern noted, “28 D.Tales was my first internship in the communications field, and I am so happy it was. Dominique was like a mentor to me and I learned so much.”

Dominique herself is a creative entrepreneur, brand communications consultant, digital storyteller, and African American scholar-practitioner from Trenton, New Jersey, with an eye for detail. After fully realizing her true talent for storytelling, she made a career change to pursue a profession in the art of communication. Started in 2018, fiercely passionate about the way words can influence others and create a better world in which every interaction is mutually beneficial.

In February 2019, at twenty-two years old, Dominique developed 28 D.Tales Media Group. Through details and persistence, she helps bring brands to life by helping them identify their “why” and strategize numerous ways to tell their story, captivating each one’s target audience segments.

28 D.Tales Media Group aims to elevate the social good of organizations to drive change through their strategic communications plans and outcomes that attract and convert their clients’ target audience, inspire action, and cultivate value and community.

The company works to cultivate the community of disruptive organizations and social entrepreneurs to influence change, innovation, and social justice in society. 28 D.Tales Media Group treats clients like family, ensuring every need is met. Through strategic partnership development, forward-thinking, and comprehensive planning, 28 D.Tales is able to provide their clients with viable solutions that incorporate creatively detailed visual and narrative deliverables that educate, inspire, and engage. The company is Black-owned and women-led and intentionally uses their practices to uplift other Black-owned businesses.

In the future, Dominique aims to provide year-round, state-of-the-art internship experiences to help underprivileged Black students to see the power and importance of their role in communications. The trailblazing founder also plans to grow 28 D.Tales Media Group to a staff of fifteen, keeping the small-family feel while taking on larger company contracts with major tech companies.

Learn more about 28 D.Tales Media Group on its website and follow Dominique’s journey on Instagram.