Brandon Medford: It’s About The Success Of Everybody

Brandon Medford
Brandon Medford

When we think of reaching for success, it’s always about the person’s hard work and dedication. It’s still about their efforts to become successful, often magnifying what the person has done, his values, and his sacrifices to be where he is now.

But for Brandon Medford, what people think of success is missing an important piece of what it means. While he has made a name for himself as the CEO and Founder of America’s No. 1 Auto Brokerage, PTG 365, which has grown into a multi-million-dollar automotive business in just a year, success for him isn’t enough if he’s not able to lift others in the process.

Brandon Medford is a great example of how putting everybody in mind when it comes to success can change the way we think and work. It is no longer just about yourself, but about everybody else who you’re committed to helping, and when you reach that level of success that you only dreamed of, you don’t leave anyone behind.

Brandon Medford is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and the No. 1 automobile broker in the US, is living proof that anybody can be successful no matter where they come from as long as they work hard and choose to overcome the struggles along the way.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Brandon struggled and failed, lots of times, to be where he is now. He worked at an early age of 16 at Wendy’s. Even when he was limited to opportunities at that time, he knew he was destined for something bigger.   

When he was 19 years old, it was at that time where he met a Sales Manager that would push him to a direction that would change his life forever. The Sales Manager opened Brandon’s eyes as about car sales. It’s where the money is, and there are business opportunities worth exploring.

From then on, Brandon met his first Sales Mentor, who taught him how to sell at least 25 cars a month. This mentorship taught him a lot that he needed. Because of his hard work and dedication, Brandon quickly became one of the top sales professionals in the country. This opened up opportunities and promotions for him that he never expected.

He has established himself to finally have unquestioned credibility and expertise to speak to people in the higher part of the tier. Currently, he’s the go-to guy for all new exotic cars. He’s done business with Rich the Kid, Swae Lee, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane, and many more. 

While his journey to success has never been easy, Brandon never lost his way and his desire to improve. He founded PTG 365 with his friends,  David Obaseki, and Eric Whitehead, all of whom have ten years of experience in the automobile industry. 

The trio of millennial-aged friends is trying to change the stigma associated with low-income and urban communities by creating equal opportunities to ensure everyone, regardless of socio-economic status or credit standing, can buy a car. 

As in many black communities, the mindset is that they feel like they don’t have a place to become a successful entrepreneur. But Brandon and his friends proved otherwise. There are very few expectations when it comes to a black person making it big. Still, with a real need to represent a community they will be serving, Brandon sees to it they are not just doing it to become successful themselves but to help the community at the same time.

PTG 365 offers a service that a lot of dealerships don’t. They are best known to bring a car to their client’s home even without them ever driving to a dealership. They not only ensure the best deal but also make the automobile buying process easy and hassle-free. Moreover, It aims to help families get their dream cars, regardless of their financial status. 

Because of this success, they have also created the most-watched show on Snapchat called, “Driven” where they sell exotic vehicles to high-end celebrities.

Brandon Medford is not only inspiring millions of people for his business success, but he is also educating motivating people to find themselves and become the best that they can no matter what field they’re in.

So whether you’re going for success anytime soon, just like Brandon, don’t forget that success is best achieved with everybody else in it. Brandon always states he wouldn’t have come this far without building a successful team. 

Today, Brandon Medford has started a branding, marketing, and consulting company to offer all businesses the secrets to growing a healthy and successful brand just like he did.