How Roy Y. Gagaza Helps Retirees Protect Their Assets with WealthWize

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After retiring from the military after 24.5 years, Roy Gagaza knew he wanted to continue serving his community, even if his active military service was completed. With his military career focused on protecting his men as an officer, he knew he wanted to continue that focus in the financial realm. He began creating a series of educational seminars and later added webinars focused on helping other individuals approaching retirement or already in retirement to protect their assets and principal. This became the basis for WealthWize; his education platform focused on helping people help themselves to protect their retirement assets and better understand the financial world.

How Roy Y. Gagaza Helps Retirees Protect Their Assets with WealthWize

After graduating with a business marketing major from San Jose State University, Roy Gagaza knew that after his military career, he would need a plan for his post-service civilian life. With a heart and mind dedicated to service, protection, and community, he provided education seminars and after 22 years as a Financial Professional began developing the foundation for WealthWize, Roy Y Gagaza’s series of educational seminars that he eventually took to YouTube webinars, a smart move given the restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic put into place. His background in business put him in a key position to enter finance or other business specialties, but at the same time, he knew that his drive to help others meant that he wanted a more personal connection with his clients.

WealthWize was focused on helping individuals plan their finances more carefully around their retirement to allow for regular highs and lows in the economy. “The biggest mistakes occur five years before and after retirement. People get in their “red zone,” believing they’ve made it. And they begin to say: “Let’s go on that cruise. Or let’s go on 12 of them.” But there needs to be a fine balance, and there needs to be a plan in place before doing that,” Roy Gagaza stated in an interview with Think Advisor. “The key is to develop spending plans instead of retirement plans. Most people have too high of a projection when taking out 10 percent of their assets annually. That’s too high.”

Rather than focusing on investment strategies, Roy Y. Gagaza helps clients move from aggressive growth to preservation, all while providing sound advice to help conserve assets and principal while reducing risk. He focuses on protecting his clients from issues that could impact their retirement plans, delivering a clear vision of their future if they’re not careful with their retirement savings and assets. By providing this level of protection and forethought, he’s built a strong client base on trust and referrals, where clients introduce him to families who need help with their finances. “I’d rather build a business of referrals than have a few big clients,” he believes.