7 Simple Tricks To Help Concentrate When Gaming

Gaming is often seen as a passive activity, but in reality, it requires too much concentration. Players need to be able to keep track of multiple moving parts, plan their next move several steps ahead, and react quickly to unexpected changes.

This can be mentally taxing, and even experienced gamers sometimes need to take breaks to clear their head. Additionally, a lot of games demand good hand-eye coordination, which some players may find difficult. As a result, gaming is not always an easy pastime – it requires dedication and practice to succeed. 

However, the rewards can be well worth the effort, and gamers who master these skills often find themselves feeling more confident and successful in other areas of their life.

Tips To Increase Your Concentration While Gaming

Luckily, you can do a few things to help boost your concentration levels when gaming. Continue reading to find out.

1. Understand Why You’re Playing

Whether you’re trying to relieve boredom or stress, win a competition, or just have fun, you need to understand that your motivation for playing can help you focus on what’s important. If your goal is simply to have fun, then don’t worry about making mistakes—just relax and enjoy yourself. 

However, if you’re trying to win, then you’ll need to be more strategic in your gameplay and pay close attention to the details. 

2. Choose the Right Game

Not all games are equally suited for concentration; some are more fast-paced and require quick reflexes, while others are slower-paced and require more strategic thinking. 

If you’re having trouble focusing on the game, it might be because the game you’re playing is too demanding for your current concentration level. So, try something easier to ease into it gradually in that situation. 

3. Take Breaks Often 

It might seem counterintuitive, but taking short breaks every 20 minutes or so can actually help improve your overall concentration levels. That’s because our brains are not designed to focus intensely for long periods—after a while, we start to tune out and become less effective at retaining information. 

By taking breaks, you give yourself a chance to rest and reset so you can come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything the game throws at you. 

4. Find a Comfortable Spot

When we’re not comfortable, it’s harder for us to focus on what we’re doing because our minds are constantly wandering off to think about things like how uncomfortable we are or about doing something else. 

Instead of sitting in an awkward position or on an uncomfortable chair, find a spot where you can relax and be comfortable, so your mind doesn’t wander off as much. 

5. Limit Distractions

One of the most common reasons people have trouble concentrating is because they’re surrounded by distractions that prevent them from focusing on the task. If possible, find a room where you can close the door and limit noise distractions by turning off the TV or radio.

You should also limit visual distractions by decluttering your workspace. Put away any items that might catch your eye, and divert you focus away from the game. 

6. Try using music or white noise. 

Some people find that listening to music or white noise helps them concentrate by providing a constant low-level sound that helps drown out other distracting sounds. 

If this works for you, make sure to choose music without lyrics so that your brain isn’t tempted to start singing along instead of concentrating on the game.

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7 . Practice Regularly 

Just like with anything else, concentration is a skill that improves with practice. The more often you play, the better you’ll get at ignoring distractions, making split-second decisions, and staying focused during intense moments. 

So, don’t get discouraged if things take a little while to click — keep at it, and pretty soon, you’ll be playing like a pro! 


Concentration is key if you want to up your game and play like a professional—but it’s not always easy to achieve (especially when there are so many potential distractions). 

However, by following these tips and tricks, hopefully, you’ll be able to start paying closer attention during gameplay so that nothing gets past you!

Apple and Tesla stocks drop in 4th quarter

Apple: Apple and Tesla are two of the biggest tech entities in the United States, but they are currently dealing with problems with their stocks.

The two companies face significant headwinds in China, which concerns investors.

Apple’s shares fell more than 3% when concerns about the iPhone lineup in the December quarter grew louder.

Meanwhile, Tesla fell by 12% on Tuesday when the company reported that deliveries were below analyst expectations.

China’s influence

The two tech giants’ stock decline can be attributed to challenges occurring in China.

The country accounts for 17% of Apple’s sales and 23% of Tesla’s revenue, which makes it a significant market for the two firms.

Daniel Ives, the senior equity analyst at Wedbush Securities, addressed the companies’ woes, saying:

“China is the heart and lungs of both demand and supply for both Apple and Tesla.”

“The biggest worry for the Street is that the China economy and consumer are reining in spending, and this is an ominous sign.”

He continued:

“In 2022, the worry was supply chain issues and zero Covid-related issues, 2023 is the demand worry and this has cast a major overhang on both Apple and Tesla, which heavily relied on the Chinese consumer.”

iPhone factory problems

Investors are keeping an eye on Apple’s fiscal first-quarter results, which will likely be released later this month and cover the December holiday period.

In October, the largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China, suffered a Covid outbreak.

Foxconn, which runs the factory, set restrictions.

By November, workers protested over a pay dispute, and many employees walked out.

Foxconn attempted to entice them back with bonuses.

Since then, things have settled down.

Reuters reported that the factory was almost back at full operations on Tuesday.

The situation highlighted Apple’s dependence on China for iPhone production.

Following the Covid restriction, the tech giants announced that the factory was operating at a significantly reduced capacity.

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Evercore ISI analysts estimate Apple’s December quarter endured a $5 to $8 billion revenue shortfall.

However, Refinitiv consensus estimates the company could report a 1% annual revenue decline in the December quarter.

As a result, investors who expected a strong showing for the iPhone 14 have grown worried.

However, Apple faces more than just supply chain issues.

China recently overturned its zero-Covid policy in an effort to reopen its economy.

However, there have been Covid-19 outbreaks in large parts of the country, which could influence the demand for iPhones.

IDC research manager Will Wong addressed the issue, saying:

“The key challenge is expected to be on the demand side, especially since resilient high-end consumers may have started to shift their spending to travel while some may have shifted their focus to medical supplies.”

“The shift in spending will pose a key challenge in the short term.”

Tesla delivery

The Tesla share price drop occurred due to a miss in vehicle deliveries.

405,278 cars delivered in the fourth quarter fell below the expectation of 427,000 deliveries.

Demand in China and the supply chain played a role in the decline.

Throughout 2022, Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory endured Covid disruptions.

However, analysts also pointed out concern over Chinese consumer demand.

“Tesla will point to supply disruptions and lockdowns as the main problem in China in 2022,” said Bill Russo, the CEO of Shanghai-based Automobility.

“While these are real headwinds, it cannot hide the fact that demand has softened for a variety of reasons, and their order backlog is 70% smaller than it was prior to the Shanghai lockdown.”

Shanghai underwent lockdowns in late March 2022 as the government attempted to control a Covid outbreak.

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Investors have grown concerned that Tesla would decide to cut prices to entice buyers, pressuring margins.

In October, Tesla slashed Model 3 and Model Y prices in China, going back on the prices it made earlier in 2022.

However, another hurdle Tesla faces in China is rising competition from domestic rivals, including Nio and Li Auto.

In addition, there are lower-priced competitors which will launch new models this year.

“Tesla’s models have been in the market for a while and are not as fresh to the Chinese consumer as other alternatives,” offered Russo.

“What we are learning is, EV product life cycles are short as they are shopped for their technology features.”

“Buying an older EV is like buying last year’s smartphone,” he continued.”

“They need new or refreshed models to reignite the market. Just pricing lower can damage their brand in the long run.”


China risks loom over US tech giants Tesla and Apple as share prices plunge

Retailers have Grim Expectations with the 2023 Market

The end of their fiscal year falls in January, a crucial month for many retailers in the market. However, according to industry analysts, retailers should exercise extra caution this month, as shoppers will change their spending habits to be more realistic.

When consumers visit establishments in January, they typically have gift cards with them. A retailer’s whole inventory is also depleted to be ready for the arrival of new merchandise for the coming fiscal year.

A recession is anticipated to start in January, which would also mark a turning point for the economy.

The better-than-expected Christmas results, though, have merchants and market analysts expressing their satisfaction. A slower and poorer Christmas shopping season was anticipated by market participants months ago.

Market sales increased 7.6% from November 1 to December 24, per MasterCard SpendingPulse. Business owners and other industry experts were happier to see that restaurant sales in November rose 7.1% year over year. Despite the cheery atmosphere, analysts predict this would only persist for a short time.

For instance, people’s credit cards could be maxed out, which might mean that purchases will be halted for a while. In addition, people’s savings have been reduced due to the expenditures they made over the holiday season.

Several merchants, including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom, indicated that in the weeks leading up to Christmas, foot traffic inside their stores decreased by about 3.22% compared to the same period last year. The present rate is 5% less than it was prior to the epidemic. Retailers are terrified by this trend.

“It seems like a lot of the brands are anticipating a bigger thud in January,” noted SW Retail Advisors president Stacey Widlitz.

According to Widlitz, several retailers have chosen to provide more gift cards to their consumers to boost sales over the holidays. Urban Outfitter, for instance, gave customers who purchased $200 or more 50 dollars.

Because there has been a slowdown for several months, she claimed that many firms use this tactic to persuade clients to purchase. In addition, due to more price-conscious consumers, other stores like Walmart anticipate an increase in sales.

“Sometimes these quarters work out where the very end of December and January end up being stronger when people are particularly price sensitive. So that’s kind of what I’m expecting,” said Walmart CEO Doug McMillon.

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Retailers prepare for another year

Economists are monitoring consumer indicators as 2023 approaches. Thus, statistics and other observations might support retailers in making operational choices that could increase sales or avert severe losses.

Furthermore, higher interest rates are anticipated as the Fed maintains its aggressive anti-inflation strategy. It might benefit the costs of goods and services if the Fed effectively limits inflation. According to official figures from early December, the increase in costs was less than they had anticipated.

“Cooling inflation will boost the markets and take pressure off the Fed for raising rates, but most importantly, this spells real relief starting for Americans whose finances have been punished by higher prices. This is especially true for lower-income Americans who are disproportionately hurt by inflation,” explained Navy Federal Credit Union corporate economist Robert Frick.

“The Fed could dismiss the better-than-expected October as just one month’s data, but the further slowdown in November makes this new disinflationary trend harder to dismiss,” added economist Paul Ashworth.

Retailers and customers continue to be concerned about price fluctuations in the market. Nevertheless, the fight against inflation is still uncertain. Despite the worldwide scarcity, food costs are still greater than they were in the past, and petrol prices have been out of control.

In addition, Widlitz advises consumers to be careful with their spending because significant credits should soon be added to their cards.

“Everyone gets through the holidays in denial, and February 1, when you get your [credit card] statement, or January 15, whenever it comes, it’s like, ‘Oh!'”

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Spending more over the holidays

Retailers were astonished by the number of holiday shoppers from Black Friday through the New Year. Retailers had naturally anticipated a lower demand. Nevertheless, they were shown to be mistaken as a crowd of people marched into stores to make their holiday purchases. The GenZ generation had the most turnout.

“One standout this Black Friday was the high turnout of Gen Z in stores. Younger consumers flooded the mall, treating Black Friday as a social event. They came early, they came with friends, and they came to shop,” said economist Kristen Classi-Zummo.

“Over Black Friday weekend, we saw shoppers of all ages but certainly saw a strong showing from a youthful crowd, and some of our strongest anecdotal sales reports came from top Gen Z brands and fashion department stores,” said Joe Coradino, CEO of PREIT, a mall operator.

“Promotions aren’t the draw for these shoppers. Instead, one in three shoppers aged 18 to 24 looks at social media first to do their shopping research,” added Classi Zummo.

“At the same time, this generation is also open to finding inspiration in other channels, including browsing in stores. And we saw that over Black Friday. So they will get the must-haves on their wish list, regardless of price, and maybe put back the nice-to-have items.”

“Mostly beauty items and electronics. Their top retailers were Best Buy, Sephora, Ulta and TJ Maxx. Gen Z and their spending, by and large, are all discretionary. They aren’t burdened as much by bills, so they’re not thinking as much about inflation and prices,” said Brian Mandelbaum, CEO of a consumer data company.

Photo Credit: Gabriela Bhaskar for The New York Times

Source: CNBC



Behind the Viral Messi Photo

Argentina won the World Cup this year. So naturally, thousands of shots have appeared online to pay homage to the Argentian team who won the highly-sought championship, especially its star player, Lionel Messi.

The most viral Messi photo was that of Shaun Botterill, where Messi sat on Sergio Aguero’s shoulder while he was holding the World Cup trophy above his head. A simple but proud smile is etched on his face, and his eye gleam with happiness as he valiantly gives another win Argentinians would be proud of. Messi uploaded the photo on his Instagram account, which is now the most-liked photo in the social media site’s history. The image overtook another most-liked photo by the photographer who took Messi’s shot.

Botterill said several photographers positioned themselves in front of the stand near the advertising boards. After the ceremony bestowing Argentina with the World Cup, the team’s captain went over to their fans, leading hoards of photographers to rush into the Argentinian team wanting to capture the glorious and proud moment.

“I almost got trapped, but I got trapped in the right place. I think if most of us [photographers] are honest, you always need a bit of luck, and I had a bit on Sunday night. Messi was just there, and he didn’t move that much. Sometimes you get pushed around, and he just was doing all the bits, one-handed, two hands on the trophy,” Botterill recalled.

“We had no idea what was going to happen at the end. You can plan for the trophy lift, but you can’t plan for the runaround, and you don’t know how chaotic it’s going to be. I was pretty close to him. I’m probably like two meters away maximum,” he continued.

“It is quite a weird feeling, and it’s a bit surreal, you go: ‘Holy s**t,’ he’s right there where you want him to be, and that doesn’t happen often. Even his hands coming up [with the trophy], I think the way he’s holding it and smiling, he’s definitely got a moment with the fans.”

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Several versions of the Messi photo

Aguero, a former Argentinian player, carried his friend on his shoulders; Botterill knew it was the perfect moment to capture. So he immediately grabbed his equipment, took a shot, and sent it to his editors. Coincidentally, his son, another aspiring photographer, was at the editing desk that night and replied to his father about editing the photo he sent. Botterill recalled his son saying that the picture he took of Messi was good. Botterill said he had versions of the image he wished Messi uploaded other than the one he did on his Instagram account.

“I do remember thinking: ‘Blimey, how the hell have I ended up where I am?’ Because in those situations, you’re governed by where the masses are pushing you. When I look back, you can’t believe that guy is in front of you on the shoulders of Sergio Aguero, holding up the World Cup, showing that to his fans,” he said.

“It’s got that impact, hasn’t it? It’s got the happy face; it’s got the joy, the trophy and it kind of looks chaotic.”

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An unexpected feat

Botterill is not highly-immersed in social media. So initially, he needed to learn that the photo he took of Messi had already made history in a social media application. This Wednesday, Meta founder and the owner of Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Botterill’s photo is already the most liked on Instagram. As of the latest count, the Messi photo has garnered 72 million likes and is still rising. Instagram’s most well-liked photo before Messi was a photo of an egg that got 57 million likes.

“That’s the funny thing for me because I’m not on Instagram. I wouldn’t even know how to crop an Instagram picture. So for me, it’s hilarious, the fact that you’ve got this 55-year-old bloke that’s not on Instagram, and he’s got two boys who think it is the funniest thing ever,” Botterill said.

“The youngest one said: ‘It’s at 62 million, dad.’ I’m from a little town in Northampton, so it’s quite bizarre. It’s kind of crazy because I didn’t really have a clue what was going on. It’s only when a colleague messaged me and said: ‘Oh, have you seen how many likes [your photo has]?'”

“So it’s slightly ironic that all of a sudden I’m this old guy not on social media that, obviously on the back of a great footballer, has put out a picture that’s been picked up a bit. So it’s quite funny really – I got off the plane and didn’t know what the hell was going on.”

Going into his passion, he said that 36 years in the industry did not bore him. He explained that the feeling he had decades ago is still the same feeling he has now, like someone who had just started capturing the world of sports’ most memorable scenes. Botterill covered the World Cup for the first time in 1967 and another in 1994. Botterill said he wants to enjoy the moment and share it with people worldwide.

“I think when you get a picture of a player or a sports person that is really up there, you know, they can debate whether is he the greatest ever; is it Pelé? Is it Maradona? But the bottom line is he [Messi] is up there, so if you get a really nice picture of a great player, it’s kind of a nice feeling.”

“He’s a great, he’s fantastic, he’s unbelievable. So that kind of gives you the buzz, to get a really good picture. Everybody else can decide what they think about the photo, but it’s a really nice picture of one of the greatest players ever, so that’s nicest bit for me. This is why you got to work.”

Sony to Branch Out Into the PC Space with 2 Monitors and 3 Headsets

Sony’s Playstation has been a staple in the gaming industry for decades, often standing out despite the competition in the industry.

While they remain the leaders in gaming, Sony has shifted its focus to adapt to modern trends – particularly in the PC sector.

The company recently revealed that it is launching its own gaming computer monitors and headsets, hoping to make its mark in the PC gaming market and go beyond the PlayStation brand.

The PC gaming lineup is called Inzone and will feature two monitors.

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The Inzone M9 monitor is the pricier one of the pair and retails at $900. 

Inzone M9 monitors feature a 27-inch display with 4K resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, justifying its price.

The Inzone M3 is the more budget-friendly of the two, retailing at $530. While it sacrifices screen resolution, the M3 will have a higher refresh rate.

Sony will release the Inzone M9 in the summer, with the M3 to follow a little later in the winter.

Meanwhile, the brand will be releasing three headsets – the Inzone H9, Inzone H7, and Inzone H3. 

All three headsets are available for pre-order, but Sony is yet to provide a release date.

The Inzone H9 is the high-end model of the three, retailing at $300. It is a wireless headset with noise-canceling technology and features an “ambient sound” mode that picks up on the user’s surroundings.

The Inzone H7 is the mid-range device in the lineup, pricing at $230. Although it lacks noise-canceling features, the H7 more than makes up for it with its battery life, which can run for up to 40 hours (8 hours more than the H9’s 32 hours).

The entry model, the Inzone H3, retails for $100. It is also the only wired device in the lineup, requiring a cable plug to work.

Sony’s decision to delve into the PC gaming hardware space pits it against some of the more prominently established brands like Lenovo, ASUS, and Razer. However, it also allows the company to branch out into the esports space.

“The market has been expanding with a higher interest in gaming with the spread of e-sports tournaments and the advancement of gaming entertainment,” said Sony head of game business Yukihiro Kitajima.

“With Sony’s strong history of high-end audio and visual technology products, we believe this new line will offer even more options for those looking to upgrade their current gaming systems.”

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