How To Be Strong for Your Kids After a Divorce

Dealing with a divorce is hard enough, but when you have children, it can be even more difficult. You not only have to deal with your own pain and heartache, but you also have to be strong for your kids. They are probably going through a lot of emotions themselves, and they need you to be there for them. Here are some tips on how to be strong for your kids after a divorce:

Acknowledge their feelings

Your children might feel scared, confused, or even angry after a divorce. Acknowledge their feelings and let them know it is okay to feel that way. Let them express themselves and talk about their feelings. It might even be helpful to get them some counseling so they can talk to someone else about what they are going through.

Spend quality time with them

Make sure you spend some quality time with your kids every day. This can be tough if you are working full-time as well, but it is essential to carve out some time for just them. You can play games together, read together, or take them out for ice cream. Just let them know that you love them and are there for them.

Don’t badmouth the other parent

Do not badmouth the other parent in front of your kids. Even if you are angry with them, try to stay positive when you are around your kids. They need to have a good relationship with both parents, and if you say negative things about the other parent, it will only make things harder for them.

Be consistent with discipline

Divorce can be chaotic for kids, so you need to try and keep some sense of normalcy in their lives. One way to do this is by being consistent with discipline. If there are rules in the house, ensure everyone follows them. This will help your kids feel safe and secure during this time of change.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

As aforementioned, dealing with divorce can be tough, and while you might be trying to be strong for your kids, remember to take care of yourself too. Make sure you are taking time for yourself and doing things that make you happy. Whether it’s reading, doing jigsaw puzzles or playing games at Sloto, find what relaxes you and takes your mind off the stress of divorce.  You cannot be strong for your kids if you’re not taking care of yourself first.

Seek out support

We all need a shoulder to lean on from time to time, and this is especially true after a divorce. Seek support from friends and family members who can help you through this tough time. You can also join a support group for people who are going through a divorce. This can be a great way to meet other people who understand what you are going through and can offer advice too. Talking about your feelings can help you deal with them better.

Sometimes, you do not even have to speak; having a loved one close to you makes all the difference.

Don’t rush into a new relationship

It might be tempting to jump into a new relationship after a divorce, but it is best to take things slow. You need time to heal emotionally before you start a new relationship. Plus, it is not fair to the person you are dating if you are not ready for a serious relationship.

Therefore, to be the best version of yourself, focusing on taking care of yourself first is important. Only then can you be ready to bring someone else into your life and love them wholeheartedly.

Give yourself time to grieve

Divorce is often a loss, and it takes time to grieve the loss of your marriage. Allow yourself the time and space to grieve the end of your marriage. Do not try to bottle up your feelings; they will only come out later in a more destructive way.

Avoid negative talk

After a divorce, it is easy to get caught up in negative talk. You might find yourself complaining about your ex or talking about all the ways your life is better now that you are divorced. But this kind of talk only brings you down and makes you feel worse. Instead, try to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Be easy on yourself and your kids

Lastly, remember to be easy on yourself and your kids during this time. Divorce is hard for everyone involved, so be kind to yourself and your children. Things will get better with time, so try to focus on the positive aspects of your life and the love you have for your children.

Wrapping up

It is normal to feel overwhelmed after a divorce, but remember, your children depend on you. They need you to be strong for them during this difficult time. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so ensure you take care of yourself first.

Seek out support from friends and family members, and do not hesitate to join a support group. Avoid negative talk, and give yourself time to grieve the loss of your marriage. Be easy on yourself and your kids, and things will eventually get better.


How to Achieve Cognitive Enhancement

There has never been as many demands for our attention as there is in today’s modern world. We are constantly distracted by messages, emails, advertisements, and other digital media thousands of times a day. We often stay up late on our phones even after a full day’s work, consuming even more digital content and cutting into our natural sleep cycles. Millennials are the most sleep deprived generation in history, which is a root cause of prolonged mental fatigue. Many people report feelings of brain fog and lowered attention spans, which is often induced by our distracting environment. 

Many people around the world have resorted to caffeine in order to improve their focus and increase their energy. Caffeinated drinks are popular in countries such as the UK, Japan, and the United States, where the average person consumes about 100 liters of caffeinated beverages per year. A lot of caffeine advocates claim that it increases alertness, elevates mood, and provides the necessary energy to attack the day. However, caffeine has plenty of drawbacks, which 40% of people have experienced from conventional sources. These effects can include altered sleep patterns, spikes in tolerance, and unhealthy consumption habits. 

Relying on caffeine is not sustainable in the long term, due to higher risks of heart health, digestion issues, and dementia. Many consumers have been drawn to 100% natural methods of increasing alertness throughout the day. A popular method is to biohack our behavioral patterns to be more productive, such as incorporating exercise into our routines to boost energy and to manage clutter in our work area. Natural substances such as vitamins, herbs, and amino acids can be great to add to our diet and serve as “brain food”. These natural methods reduce the need for caffeine and limit some of its harmful effects. 

Brain health is extremely important to not just our mind, but also our body’s overall functionality. It can create good sleeping habits, reduce stress, and make us more social. For these reasons, WakeUp! has been created as a patented formula to improve our brain health with very natural ingredients. This formula is designed to improve our cognitive functions and to increase focus throughout the day. By working with our body’s biological clock, WakeUp! can help users avoid the same crash that caffeine induces and keep someone alert and concentrated for many hours. 

WakeUp! contains some very powerful vitamins that are proven to support brain health. Green tea, guarana, and elderberry are some of the natural ingredients. This mix begins to improve focus and concentration within minutes and the effects can last up to 2 hours. When used consistently, brain processing speed can actually be built up over time. Along with all of the benefits of this formula, there is none of the downsides that come with most caffeinated goods. There is no increase of heart rate or blood pressure, the withdrawal effect, or built-up tolerance. WakeUp! can enable users to remain alert and productive throughout the day in the most natural way possible. 

What the FIFA World Cup Means for Iran

Iranians strive to enlighten FIFA World Cup fans about their country’s hardships as Iran fights internal unrest.

Iranian national football players competing on the international stage reportedly objected to singing the national anthem. Before games begin, players will sing their respective national anthems as customary. They competed against England, whose players joined when the country’s anthem played. Iranian football players, meanwhile, remained motionless and silent. The gesture represented the Iranian’s current difficulties rather than just the game.

Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian, became a casualty at the hands of the nation’s police a few months ago. Her death started numerous public protests that lasted for months, up until the present marches through the streets of the nation. The police held Amini because she allegedly donned her hijab incorrectly. The Iranian authorities used violence in reaction to the protests. And according to accounts, hundreds have been slain and detained.

“There’s a long history of Iranian authorities using these trials to make their points. Yet we have only seen protests intensifying over the past decade, not going away, and the calls are becoming more progressive and more radical, not less,” said Tara Sepehri Far from Human Rights Watch.

“No one is happy about it, and everybody wants to see a change. What the people want is nothing special — it’s just freedom. I don’t want to say go fight for it because I don’t think violence is the right way, but something needs to change, and this has been going on for too long,” said Saman Ghoddos, a midfielder for Iran, in one interview.

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Iran informing people at the World Cup

Iranian civilians have struggled under a 40-year tyranny, yet their national football squad traveled to Qatar to play. Other supporters of the cause objected to this. Others believe that the national team may have a chance to inform the world about Iran’s challenges if they compete on the international scene.

“I am so disappointed, so heartbroken by these. The lack of common sense, lack of empathy and insensitivity shown in these pictures is genuinely disheartening. The photo op is FIFA’s requirement, but the poses are not. There is a clear absence of any sense of awareness.” said Sina Saemian, a football journalist from Iran.

“The perception has changed about the players, the national team itself. People call it the national team of the Islamic Republic and not the national team of the people of Iran,” added Omid Namazi, a former assistant coach of the Iranian team.

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‘Show people what’s going on’

Some organizations and advocacy groups wrote to FIFA several months ago requesting that it prevent Iran from competing on the international scene. FIFA, however, clarified that politics and sports should be treated as independent endeavors. They also said Iran would be permitted to participate in the World Cup.

“We’re not the United Nations. And we’re not the world police. I don’t know the blue helmets. I’ve heard about it, and from my point of view, I don’t know if it’s the right direction. Because I always think that football should be outside politics and should not be involved in that,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino explained.

“But I don’t think it’s the right move to kick out Iran from the World Cup, but maybe we can put a light and show people what’s going on.”