Like Nastya Builds an Ecosystem of Brands for Children and Parents All Over the World

The  Like Nastya YouTube channel has officially reached over 100 million subscribers, becoming one of the most subscribed and followed channels for kids and families. More than its massive subscriber count, the channel has also become one of the top 5 most viewed YouTube channels in the world, with over 81 billion views, beating out Kids Diana Show and the official WWE channel. 

Like Nastya was initially launched in 2016, focusing primarily on children’s content. Each video tells the real-life story of Nastya Radzinsky as she takes trips to amusement parks around the world, unpacks toys, and lives the exciting life of a young girl. Since the channel’s inception, the content has steadily evolved into entertaining content that covers important social issues. 

The channel’s evolution has paved the way for children and parents to learn more about social topics such as bullying at school, relationships with parents, and tips on making new friends. Families all over the world have religiously tuned in to these videos, helping them realize that they are not alone in facing these prevalent societal woes. 

Apart from the wildly popular YouTube channel, the Like Nastya Instagram account also garnered over 500,000 followers in 2022. The Like Nastya brand consists of a Miami-based family, 8-year-old Nastya Radzinsky and her parents, Yuri and Anna. According to Nastya’s father, the videos have strongly resonated with their audience. 

“When working on content creation, there is no room for burnout or boredom. Market penetration is very high. For example, nearly every 3rd child out of 10 in the age group from 0 to 10 years old watches the Like Nastya channel in the United States and India, every 4th in Mexico and Indonesia, and every 5th in Brazil and Vietnam. Being a creator and an influencer is a big responsibility,” said Yuri. 

“We are always open to the new, and it is a great pleasure for us to provide subscribers with new formats. For example, we work closely with a psychologist, Ph.D. with specialization in child psychology, to deliver not only fun but also useful content for our followers,” he added.

With such a vast social following, Like Nastya has consistently upheld its social responsibility to the world, helping families address the many key concerns that children continuously face to this very day. “It is important to understand children’s barriers and address them. We are also listening carefully to Nastya’s suggestions for videos. She perfectly understands what is relevant for her age. Regular content uploads and a strong team are also important for success,” explained Anna Radzinsky. 

The channel’s success comes as no surprise. It didn’t take long for the audience to be drawn to Nastya’s natural enthusiasm for the world around her. Since starting as a series of funny home videos, the YouTube channel has quickly grown into a serious business with an ecosystem of brands and a dedicated team of professionals working behind the scenes. 

With the massive growth of the brand, the project has brought together a team of 50 people from Europe to South Africa. The team is responsible for daily content creation, uploading new videos thrice per week. The Radzinskys have resorted to hiring screenwriters, trendwatchers, producers, and montage and motion design editors to cope with the massive demand.

There are also different departments that are currently working on the project, such as content and social media, digital products, merchandising, innovations and experimental products, operational management, legal, and finance. Nowadays, with the unprecedented growth of Like Nastya, it has become a renowned brand that includes a YouTube channel, mobile applications, social media, events, and partnership projects with global brands such as Mattel, Nickelodeon, and Spin Master.

With a mission to make the channel’s content more accessible to a global audience, the Radzinskys have also added several subtitle options to the videos such as English, Spanish and Arabic. The Like Nastya project currently has 21 channels in 19 languages. The most viewed content is the content made for children aged 2 to 8 years old and their parents.

Ultimately, Like Nastya has become a global sensation. With Nastya herself becoming a popular figure for children all over the world. Nastya is widely recognized by millions of subscribers from the US, India, the Middle East, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, and many other countries. In the near future, the team hopes to strengthen the bond that Nastya shares with her fans, fostering a stronger connection to her audience and the emerging ecosystem of brands.

ClinicalAssist Brings Humanity Back to Healthcare with Groundbreaking Ai Technology

Across the country, healthcare workers find themselves under increasing amounts of pressure and stress. While medical professions have historically been challenging, the global pandemic and associated outcomes have presented doctors and nurses with more difficulties than ever before. As a result, more professionals are leaving the field each day, with many changing jobs, switching industries, or resigning altogether.

With burnout reaching unprecedented levels within the healthcare field, experts are searching for ways to keep great professionals in the industry while providing them with a greater work-life balance.

At ClinicalAssist, they have developed the technology to support nurses and doctors, assisting them with administrative tasks while enabling them to focus on what truly matters – delivering the highest standard of care to the people who need them most. As a result, patient outcomes improve, medical costs decrease, and professionals have the opportunity to return to the reason they entered the field in the first place. It is a system that has the rare ability to provide positive impacts on the patients, the healthcare workers, and the hospital itself.

Led by Dr. Azad Kabir, the revolutionary ClinicalAssist is a virtual medical assistant for healthcare providers, instantly generating critical alerts for abnormal clinical data. Powered by cognition computation and artificial intelligence, ClinicalAssist is designed to reduce human error, improve patient safety, and help healthcare providers increase their productivity while decreasing stress.

The ClinicalAssist can speak with patients admitted to the hospital, collecting relevant health history data and evaluating common symptoms. By allowing ClinicalAssist to assume more administrative tasks, providers can generate more cost-effective treatments, reduce unnecessary testing, ultimately increase the hospital’s revenue. Perhaps most important, allowing ClinicalAssist to help gives healthcare providers the gift of time – they are now free to focus on patient communication and on generating a personalized, highly-tailored treatment plan.

As Kabir explains, ClinicalAssist makes an important difference in real-world hospital settings. While technology often has the unfortunate reputation for creating distance between people and de-personalizing the experience, ClinicalAssist has the opposite effect. By allowing ClinicalAssist to collect and analyze health data, providers can work faster and more effectively than ever before.

“ClinicalAssist works easily in the background, so imagine a nurse and doctor walking into the patient’s room, they no longer have to bring a chart or manually write anything, so they can have a real conversation with their patient,” Kabir says. “They can ask ClinicalAssist to give vitals or any laboratory data and it is done instantly. The physician can approve additional labs or  a diagnosis and treatment plan, based on ClinicalAssist generated medical records.”

One of the largest causes of burnout in the medical field is that healthcare providers feel they lack enough time and resources to effectively provide care. With ClinicalAssist, the hours spent charting every patient can now be reallocated in more meaningful ways. It is a breakthrough that is poised to change how hospitals, primary care clinics, speciality clinics or urgent care clinics operate.

ClinicalAssist works hand-in-hand with healthcare providers, lessening the burden that so many feel. It promises to improve patient outcomes as well as reduce provider burnout, an innovation that is changing healthcare for the better.

To learn more about how ClinicalAssist helps healthcare providers improve patient care and reduce stress-related burnout, visit

Mitchell & Ness Teams Up with Icons in Sports and Entertainment

Mitchell & Ness partners with some of the most well-known figures in sports and entertainment, including LeBron James.

Fanatics serves as the parent corporation of the brand. Mitchell & Ness joins Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, LeBron James, CJ McCollum, James Harden, Devin Booker, Odell Beckham Jr., Joel Embiid, Rich Kleiman, Rich Paul, Steve Stoute, and Scooter Braun, according to Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin.

Mitchell & Ness began as a modest shop in Philadelphia in 1904. The firm acquired agreements with leagues and sports clubs throughout the years,  producing vintage jerseys and apparel collections for various major sports leagues. Fanatics opted to purchase 75% of the firm last February. The remainder was given to a celebrity group. Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Maverick Carter were the cohort members. The transaction was valued at $250 million, according to the company.

The firm increased their revenues by 30% this year, bringing its total worth to $350 million. According to Rubin, the firm will soon generate billions of dollars in revenue.

“Adding owners like we did today is a great step towards doing that. So we’re really excited to get people that are making culture to be to owners and band together with us on this,” he said.

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Mitchell & Ness boasting new owners

Fanatics, now the largest Mitchell & Ness stakeholder, evolved from a simple retailer of jerseys and t-shirts to a sports destination for millions. As a result, it quickly gained a foothold and is now worth $27 billion. Fanatics also acquired several companies, including Topps and other sports betting firms.

The company has already captivated numerous musicians, including Jay-Z. Fanatics management wants to slingshot it and turn it into “the most diverse and culturally relevant consumer brand through their influence and status as tastemakers.”

“Fashion is cyclical, but classics are forever. Mitchell & Ness is a true classic. I’m proud to play a small role in bringing it back and, in some cases, introducing the authenticity and quality of the Mitchell & Ness brand to a new generation,” the rapper said.

According to Rubin, Jay-Z was crucial in allowing him to recognize Mitchell & Ness’s cultural and quality excellence.

“Athletes, celebrities and artists are sick of just getting checks; they want to make money from equity. So they want to be partners in these businesses,” Rubin added.

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An excellent brand for sports

LeBron James has a unique connection to the brand. In one incident, the young LeBron approached a man wearing a Mitchell & Ness Houston Oilers jersey. The two liked the discussion since they shared a fondness for the jersey and its narrative. Rich Paul, the man he talked to, eventually became his agent.

“LeBron James and Rich Paul came together by their love for Mitchell & Ness,” said Rubin.