The Rise of NFL in Canada

The NFL season hasn’t been easy for athletes or supporters, but the number of Canadians tuning in to watch the games on TV has increased by double during week eight. Since early 2017, Sunday daytime viewing in Canada has decreased by 8 percent in the early evening and by 13 percent in the mid-evening. This jump in attendance may be surprising given that year-on-year levels have been less than normal. Therefore, this year’s growth has more than compensated for the losses of the prior years.

So what’s behind the NFL’s recent rise in appeal in Canada? You may also be thinking about how to put up a fantasy football squad and which players are the best bets for the season. 


What You Need To Know About NFL Betting

There is a football league in Canada, the CFL, however, the NFL has been gaining in interest over the previous few decades in this nation. Upwards of 50% of football supporters in the 18-44 age bracket exclusively watch NFL games.

The NFL’s development has been greatly aided by the introduction of sports gambling in Canada. As long as Canadians had access to provincial lottery organizations and licensed stores, they were permitted to place NFL bets. Parlay and pool-buying programs, which were formerly confined to single-game bets are anticipated to stimulate additional expansion. 

Betting on a football match can enhance your spectating experience a lot. This is because when you place a wager on a team there is an element of risk involved thus making the match more exciting. When choosing to bet on football teams, you should conduct research on the teams playing and the kind of bets offered much more before placing any bet. Betting experts specializing in the NFL recommend checking out information on how to bet on football games from CA in order to find the best NFL betting sites to use in Canada.


What is the NFL’s Popularity in Canada Compared to That of the CFL?

There is a national football league in Canada, the CFL, but many Canadians are now following the NFL more frequently.

While the CFL remains a popular choice in many Western Canadian provinces, the NFL is gaining popularity there as well, with more than half of Prairie residents tuning in to watch the NFL.

It’s also worth noting that Ontario appears to be some of the most potential locations for NFL expansion, with 50% of the region’s football fans watching the NFL, compared to only 1/5 of those who only follow the  CFL. A look at these numbers, given that Alberta has just one NFL club, is somewhat shocking. This proves that the NFL has a rising influence in Canada, even though many Canadians are devoted to their own teams.


Odds for NFL Wagering

The NFL is the most common sports league to wager on in the United States at bookmakers. Increasing numbers of Canadians will be placing bets on NFL games as the NFL seeks to accept sports betting.

Regulated and taxed sports wagering in Canada has already opened up new avenues for football enthusiasts, including the ability to wager on individual games. As well as gambling on the final score, NFL fans may also take advantage of twists, players, and futures betting opportunities in addition to straight-up game betting.

A look at many of the top popular NFL wagers and how football supporters may reap the benefits of them while betting online is provided further down.


Betting on NFL Point Spreads

In the eyes of many, the NFL is a gambling sport. Due to the wide disparity between the strengths and weaknesses of each NFL club, point spreads are employed to provide a more fair playing field for bettors on both teams.

One team is given an advantage in order to win the match by a particular margin of success.

For a wager to win, the team selected as the favorite (+) should win by a margin greater than the expected margin of win. A wager on the outsider (-) must be resolved as a victory if the team wins outright or loses by less than the predicted point spread.

NASA’s Artemis I Mission Encounters Another Problem, Takeoff May be Delayed by Months

After a second problem encountered by NASA’s launch team last Saturday, the Artemis I may not make the full mission as planned.

The vessel is slated for future missions — in September and October. However, with the new conditions giving doubts to the team, there may be delays with the aforementioned schedules. According to NASA, the delays could be from days to a couple of weeks, depending on the assessment from the launch team of Artemis I.

Jim Free, the associate administrator from the Exploration Systems Development Mission Doctorate of NASA, said, “We will not be launching in this launch period. We are not where we wanted to be.”

The vessel, composed of the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System rocket, needs to be brought to and checked by the Vehicle Assembly Building, where it will await a waiver from the US Space Force before it is cleared for its next mission.

The administrator of NASA, Bill Nelson, said that the scrubs the team encountered do not mean Artemis I is a failure. He told the media that Artemis had already been checked and reassessed by the Vehicle Assembly Building 20 times before its planned launch.

“We do not launch until we think it’s right,”said Nelson. “These teams have labored over that, and that is the conclusion they came to. I look at this as part of our space program, in which safety is the top of the list.”

The scrub that hindered the mission

Three hours before its planned launch last Saturday, Artemis I received a call for scrub from the members. A liquid hydrogen leak was discovered by the members. The team then checked and spent time resolving the issue.

Liquid Hydrogen is an essential requirement for takeoff since it is used as one of the propellants in the rocket’s large core. The leak within the Artemis I system suspended the takeoff of the vessel even with several troubleshooting initiatives undertaken by the team.

A small leak found in the same area was also found prior to the Saturday takeoff, but the one they found on the day of the launch was much bigger. According to the initial diagnosis, the soft seal of the liquid hydrogen connection might have been damaged due to overpressurization. However, the team said they need to make more assessments to ensure that everything is accounted for.

One of the other problems

Artemis mission manager Mike Sarafin had to make sure that all was in order before the launch was called. And in doing so, permitted to delay the takeoff numerous times because of several issues that arose. The hydrogen leak is just one of many problems the Artemis team dealt with.

Issues with the rocket’s cooling system, persistent leaks, and other minor issues were causes for the delay. Artemis I had been suspended twice because of these problems.

NASA said that the bigger leak on Saturday prompted the team to “close the valve used to fill and drain it, then increase pressure on a ground transfer line using helium to try to reseal it.”

Despite efforts to stop the leaking, it reoccured, leading the Artemis team to call off the launch plan. Further, weather officer Melody Lovin reported a 60% chance of favorable weather conditions.

The Artemis I and its goal

NASA has prepared for this mission for a long time because, if successful, NASA could set the conditions for another manned mission to the moon and, more ambitiously, to Mars.

Nelson said, “As we embark on the first Artemis test flight, we recall this agency’s l storied past, but our eyes are focused not on the immediate future but out there.”

“It’s a future where NASA will land the first woman and the first person of color on the l moon. And on these increasingly complex l missions, astronauts will live and work in l deep space, and we’ll develop the science and technology to send the first humans to Mars.”

Source: CNN

VMAs Celebrate Music and Art, Get to Know the Winners of Each Category

The bests of the entertainment industry have gathered once again for the MTV Video Music Awards. The award-giving body holds its annual awards night to celebrate memorable and catching artists. From the melancholic lyrics of an English song to a catchy tune of on-the-rise KPop music, the VMAs bring together only the finest.

This year, the 2022 MTV VMAs was held in the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, last August 29. “Queen of Rap” Nicki Minaj, along with LL Cool J and Jack Harlow, will be hosting the event.

Donning the stage before the announcement of the winners of the categories are performances from Lizzo, Eminem, Bad Bunny, BLACKPINK, and Panic! at the Disco. And, of course, it is expected that artists will be wearing the outfit that best shows their projected identity.

Countless artists and groups have been nominated in a total of 25 categories. Republic Record’s All Too Well (10 Minute Version) by Taylor Swift was nominated for the Video of the Year, as well as Doja Cat’s “Woman”, Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers,” “brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo, “As It Was” by Harry Styles, “Way 2 Sexy” by Drake ft. Future & Young Thug, and Lil Nas X’s “INDUSTRY BABY.”

For Artist of the Year, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow, Harry Styls, Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Bad Bunny were nominated.

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KPop groups have also been nominated for various categories. Girl quartet BLACKPINK was nominated for Group of the Year, Best KPop Group, and Best Metaverse Performance. Up-and-rising KPop group SEVENTEEN was also given a nomination.

When Taylor Swift and company were called on stage to receive her win for Best Longform Video, the singer-songwriter announced a new album this October 21, which sent Swifties into a frenzy. What a way for the Grammy-award-winning artist to drop the announcement. Meanwhile, the Album of the Year went to former One Direction member Harry Styles for his “Harry House” album.

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Here is the full list of categories and the respective winners of each:


Taylor Swift — “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) — Republic Records 


Bad Bunny — Rimas Entertainment *WINNER


Billie Eilish — “Happier Than Ever” — Darkroom / Interscope Records


Dove Cameron — Disruptor Records / Columbia Records 


December 2021: SEVENTEEN — “Rock With You” — PLEDIS Entertainment / Geffen Records


Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow — “INDUSTRY BABY” — Columbia Records


Harry Styles — “As It Was” — Columbia Records


Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Baby — “Do We Have A Problem?” — Young Money / Cash Money / Republic Records 


Red Hot Chili Peppers — “Black Summer” — Warner Records


Måneskin — “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” — Arista Records


Anitta — “Envolver” — Warner Records


The Weeknd — “Out Of Time” — XO / Republic Records


LISA — “LALISA” — YG Entertainment / Interscope Records


Lizzo — “About Damn Time” — Atlantic Records


BLACKPINK The Virtual | PUBG — YG Entertainment / Interscope Records


Taylor Swift — “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) — Republic Records


Harry Styles — “As It Was” — Columbia Records


Taylor Swift — “All Too Well” (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) — Republic Records


Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow — “INDUSTRY BABY” — Columbia Records


Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow — “INDUSTRY BABY” — Columbia Records


Doja Cat — “Woman” — Kemosabe Records / RCA Records


ROSALÍA — “SAOKO” — Columbia Records




Jack Harlow — “First Class”


Harry Styles — “Harry’s House”


Source: CNN

Artemis I: NASA’s Precursor for Another Manned Space Flight to the Moon 50 Years After Apollo

After almost 50 years, humanity is now again preparing for a manned flight to the moon. With the help of a team of experts and scientists at NASA, the famed Apollo mission will soon be superseded by another ambitious flight to the Earth’s natural satellite – the Artemis I.

The Artemis program, named after the twin sister of Apollo, will make its way to the moon and land on where Apollo last ventured. The team is expected to travel across unexplored lunar regions. Looking ahead, NASA hopes that the Artemis missions will make it to the surface of Mars.

For the first time, humans would discover what is in the shadowy regions found south of the moon. The Artemis mission intends to find a stable area where astronauts could stay for extended periods of time and use findings to help in plans to shoot to Mars.

Over a month ago, NASA’s rover discovered stable pits on the surface of the moon where the temperature is stable and could support human life. Unfortunately, due to the volatility of the moon’s surface, astronauts have had a difficult time staying on the moon’s surface for a long time. However, with the discovery, NASA is confident that the Artemis I could achieve what it came for.

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What the Artemis I mission is

The Artemis launches on August 29. To ensure the safety of possible humans going into the intended region, the first flight would be unmanned but highly observed. NASA will lead the operations of Artemis I and check every factor that could help the agency come up with measures and countermeasures to guarantee smooth flight of the manned missions of Artemis II and Artemis III.

The subsequent missions will be based on the findings of Artemis I. NASA says that Artemis II will be launched in 2024, then Artemis III the year after.

The liftoff will commence at around 8:33 a.m. and 10:33 a.m. ET this August 29 from Florida. As expected, Americans would make their way to the Kennedy Space Center, where people could see the spectacle as the mission will start.

After liftoff, Artemis I will embark on a 42-day voyage where it will travel 40,000 miles beyond the moon, thanks to the Orion spacecraft. If successful, the journey will be farther than what Apollo has achieved. It is important that NASA oversees the mission since Artemis I’s path would be the same journey that the manned Artemis II will take.

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NASA’s pride

“As we embark on the first Artemis test flight, we recall this agency’s storied past, but our eyes are focused not on the immediate future but out there,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

“It’s a future where NASA will land the first woman and the first person of color on the moon. And on these increasingly complex missions, astronauts will live and work in deep space, and we’ll develop the science and technology to send the first humans to Mars.”

The Space Launch Rocket System propelling Artemis I to the moon is a design based on all the information and data from the Apollo mission. The rocket could carry the craft a thousand times farther than the low-Earth orbit location of the International Space Station. Further, the rocket will speed up the Orion up to 22,600 miles per hour.

“It’s the only rocket that’s capable of sending Orion and a crew and supplies into deep space on a single launch,” said the program manager of the SLS, John Honeycutt.

“It’s the powerhouse side of the vehicle where it’s got the primary propulsion, power and life support resources we need for Artemis I. Re-entry will be great to demonstrate our heat shield capability, making sure that the spacecraft comes home safely and, of course for future missions, protecting the crew,” added the Orion program manager of NASA, Howard Hu.

“Artemis I shows that we can do big things, things that unite people, things that benefit humanity — things like Apollo that inspire the world,” Nelson added. “And to all of us that gaze up at the moon, dreaming of the day humankind returns to the lunar surface: Folks, we’re here, we are going back, and that journey, our journey, begins with Artemis I.”

Source: CNN

The Mental and Physical Benefit of Swimming, a Good Activity During a Scorching Summer

The country has experienced one of its hottest years on record this year. So naturally, many Americans would want to visit bodies of water as the temperature rises to escape the oppressive heat currently wreaking havoc on the nation.

Swimming has been shown to be a great substitute for a variety of physical exercises. Swimming guarantees a full body workout, and just 30 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 45 minutes of a full workout on land, claims Swim England. In addition, recreational swimmers can burn up to 400 calories per hour, nearly twice as many as they can while walking for the same amount of time.

Water sports are the ideal form of exercise for people with minor injuries and the elderly because they have less of an impact on the body than walking does. In addition, swimming has been found to have more positive effects on people’s wellbeing.

The Swimming and Health Commission of Swim England discovered in 2017 that regular swimmers have a 28% lower risk of dying prematurely and a 41% lower risk of dying from heart disease and stroke.

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The water can help people mentally

According to scientific research, people’s stress responses decrease when they are close to the ocean or any other body of water. Dopamine, the feel-good hormone, is released when you take a cold bath in the water. Additionally, research from the University of Portsmouth in the UK reports that the anti-inflammatory effects of cold water may lessen the propensity for anxiety and depression.

According to Dr. Mark Lieber, being close to the “blue environment” has a transformative impact. “My first thought as I dove under the surface of the water was that I felt a little more buoyant than usual, likely due to the added pounds brought on by quarantine,” he said.

“But as I continued to glide through the water, my initial concern about weight gain was replaced by a feeling of catharsis, as though the water were cleansing me of the stress that had accumulated during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Stroke after stroke, I could feel my mood lifting, my mind clearing and my body loosening.”

The benefits of swimming for the mind are especially important in the UK, where Swim England found that nearly 500,000 people live with mental health conditions but see doctors less frequently.

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A proof that swimming benefits the body and the mind

The founder of Mental Health Swims, Rachel Ashe, is a prime illustration of how water can improve mental health. Ashe turned to running after receiving a mental health diagnosis four years prior because she was determined to help herself. She encountered difficulties along the way, such as slipping on ice during winter runs and found it challenging to maintain her exercise regimen.

Her mental state deteriorated after she stopped running, but she persisted. Instead, Ashe took part in Loony Dook, an annual gathering of swimmers who want to cross Edinburgh, Scotland’s chilly waters. She discovered her new passion here.

“It was very painful, and I didn’t enjoy it. But the very alien feeling of connection with my body after living unhappily in my poorly mind for such a long time was a real epiphany moment for me,” Ashe recalled.

Ashe then began to assemble others, encouraging them to give swimming a try and experience swimming’s benefits for themselves. She also founded Mental Health Swim at this time. Ashe was able to persuade thirty people to join her in just six months; as of right now, the group is up, swimming, and expanding.

“I have learned that my differences are a strength rather than something to be ashamed of,” Ashe said. “I never thought I could do the things I do today.”

“I will always have a mental illness, but I am much better at looking after myself these days. I still have big feelings, but with medication, therapy, outdoor swimming and healthy, happy relationships, I am doing really well.”

Source: CNN