Tesla to Shut Down Berlin Factory for Two Weeks to Expand Factory Space

Tesla has been one of the most in-demand vehicles for the past couple of years, and its popularity has caused CEO Elon Musk to shut down production at the Gigafactory in Berlin just to make time to upgrade the factory and add a shift.

The increasing gas prices have prompted people to find alternatives to gas-dependent vehicles, creating a higher demand for electric-powered Tesla vehicles.

In turn, the company is prioritizing production to meet customer demand.

While Tesla’s factories have been hard at work, the ramps at Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas have some of the more significant ramps and only recently started production.

The factory in Berlin is showing positive progress with its 2170 cells, enabling a battery infrastructure that Tesla has grown accustomed to. Gigafactory Berlin also reported a production rate of 1,000 Model vehicles per week last month.

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Meanwhile, the Texas factory is not nearly as consistent due to difficulties ramping up production of the 4680 batter cell and structural battery pack. However, the factory ramped up production significantly in the last week of June thanks to Tesla’s shift to building Model Y Long Range with 2170 cells at the plant.

Tesla is expecting its Berlin factory to catch up, and it is reported that the factory will be shut down for over two weeks while it receives an upgrade.

German publication Bild reported that Tesla would be ceasing operations temporarily until the facilities get an improvement.

“Tesla therefore wants to interrupt operation for two weeks starting next Monday,” wrote Bild. “It is unclear how many of the 4,500 employees will be sent on vacation and how many technicians will remain to convert production.”

Bild also reports that Tesla will be adding a third shift and hold electric motor productions at the factory instead of importing them from Gigafactory Shanghai.

“According to employees, after the break-in production, work should be carried out in three instead of two shifts,” the publication elaborated. “In addition, Tesla could then start manufacturing the drive in a neighboring hall.”

Despite the improved factory space, Berlin is tasked with finding employees.

Tesla has faced the issue of hiring and retaining employees for months, with salaries speculated to be the primary problem. The local union, IG Metall, was tipped to be involved, but Tesla increased salaries by 6% to address the concern.

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Role of B2B lead generation & data collection in a business success


The process of locating the perfect clients for your service or product and then attracting them to make a purchase is known as B2B lead generation. It is a crucial task for B2B sales and marketing teams.

Importance of Data Collection & Lead Generation in Business: 

Any successful business relies heavily on leads, which might mean the difference between pushing forward and remaining static. Suppose the correct value offer is sold to the right audience. In that case, a business will almost certainly take on bigger numbers of clients and experience massively favourable results on the bottom line with a continual stream of new leads flowing into an ever-expanding pipeline.

What kind of technology is useful for generating B2B leads?

The technology significantly aids in developing B2B leads for most sales and marketing teams. Cold calling and outbound emailing are examples of sales activity that can be automated. Online content management systems and social media are essential to marketing initiatives like blogging and social media.

CRM systems can store interactions with B2B leads. A company’s CRM data can be analyzed to strengthen commercial ties with clients and spur further sales.

Sales and marketing technology have significantly increased recently, particularly in the B2B industry. Various tools and solutions can now assist nearly any B2B lead-generating task. They are frequently provided using the software as a service, or SaaS, approach. A company’s technological stack, often known as its tech stack, is its whole set of tools.

B2B lead generation Process: 

You need a comprehensive lead-generating process if you’re serious about boosting sales. Processes bring together the marketing and sales teams and provide salespeople with a tested structure.

We know that the method sales and marketing teams employ to convert prospects into clients is known as B2B lead generation. What exactly do these actions involve?

Step 1: Locate B2B sales prospects

Finding the contact details of potential customers is the initial step in most B2B lead-generating tactics. Contact information is frequently obtained internally, created by a lead generation business, or purchased from a lead database.

Step 2: Locate leads

Reps contact leads using a list of high-quality leads through cold outreach, social media, or by responding to queries.

Step 3: Choosing and pursuing top-notch leads:

Reps gauge the likelihood that they will make a purchase when dealing with them. They will determine which stage leads are in the purchasing process. These phases consist of Awareness, consideration and conversions.

Where can I find B2B data collection?

When it comes to data sources, sales and marketing teams who require high-quality information on B2B companies in their target market have two choices:

1: Using internal resources, conduct internal research

2: Use a provider of B2B data.

A specialized staff (or a few members of the sales or business development teams) that works nearly solely on web research for companies and contacts is typically how in-house research is done. This is time-consuming, expensive, and typically unsustainable for startups and SMBs. Hello Pareto is a great B2B lead generation and data collection solution.

However, a B2B data supplier is ideal for occupied sales teams. These platforms compile accessible information on businesses, contacts, and other topics. They then provide your team with access to the specific data they require at the precise moment and location in which they require it. B2B data suppliers can be a lifesaver for SMBs and lean startup sales teams.

Monkeypox Vaccine Demand Increases Amid Low Supplies

Monkeypox is a highly contagious viral disease that can cause skin rash and fever. The Centers for Disease Control have already confirmed over 1,400 cases across America, with many more likely to be recorded in the next weeks.

The director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, said that there’s an imbalance in supply and demand for Monkeypox vaccines, which has led to long lines at vaccine clinics. The epicenter where most outbreaks happened, New York City, is mainly impacted by this problem because clinics in the city tend to have more concentrated pockets of lines without enough vaccine shots to administer.

Health and Human Services officials are increasing their efforts to increase the supply of the vaccine.

“We know that this is frustrating,” Dr. Walensky said in a call.

Walensky said that the supply of vaccines would increase in July and August, which is a perfect timeline since those infected experience symptoms within three weeks after exposure. She expects more people will flock to the hospitals for vaccination and testing centers to be diagnosed.

The U.S., with the help of commercial labs, can now test up to 70,000 specimens per week. These specialized tests, overlooked by partner labs like Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics, are available for orthopox, a family of viruses that includes Monkeypox, among others. An official at the CDC, Dr. Jennifer McQuiston, said that if a person tests positive for orthopox, it is highly likely that the individual is also positive for Monkeypox.

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There are no other effective tests for Orthopox except the sampling done on the liquid coming out of lesions that a patient develops after contracting the virus. It can be tricky because you need to wait weeks before getting results, which means there’s only one way to diagnose the certainty of the presence of the virus – when you have actual lesions on the skin.

The most recent cases of Monkeypox have been found in mostly gay, bisexual men and males who have sex with males. However, it’s also important to note that this infection can spread through sexual activities.

The Center for Disease Control reports that there are now 11,000 confirmed cases of Monkeypox in 55 countries worldwide.


The U.S. to receive more vaccines

It is reported that U.S. authorities have already shipped a total of more than 300,000 vaccine shots to several states. Now Bavarian Nordic, a Danish manufacturer, has tied with the U.S. government and plans to ship 786,000 shots of the vaccine once there is approval from the Food and Drug Administration. According to Dawn O’Connell, an official from the HHS, the FDA would have given the approval at the end of the month.

The U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) have placed an order for 2.5 million doses of the Jynneos vaccine, with the first shipment expected to arrive next year. This means that there will be nearly 7 million total stocks of vaccines available in America in 2023.

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The older vaccine for smallpox, ACAM200, is still an effective way to protect against Monkeypox. However, high-risk individuals like pregnant women, older people, people with illnesses, and people with skin diseases are highly advised not to receive the dose. Side effects can cause health complications.

“It’s critically important for states and jurisdictions to quickly and accurately report all of their cases through CDC recommended reporting,” Walensky added. Once suspected of exposure, individuals are recommended to visit the nearest medical facility.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends avoiding intimate contact with partners if Monkeypox symptoms are present and refraining from sexual contact.

The best way to stay safe from infection is by avoiding crowded places that require prolonged contact with other people, like parties and galas.

Source: CNBC

South Korean Tech Giant Samsung Holds 50 Million Unsold Units

The global economic crisis has had an effect on all industries, and Samsung is no exception. Despite its status as one of the top two mobile devices in the market, the South Korean entity is also witnessing a decline in demand.

The smartphone industry is currently experiencing a major crisis, with demand decreasing and the threat of another recession looming over them.

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IDC (the International Data Corporation) recently projected a decline in smartphone shipments by 3.5% for the year. 

Another report revealed that Samsung currently has millions of unsold phones in stock, showing that the prediction is in effect.

Samsung has over 50 million phones in their inventory as reported by media outlet Elec. Comprising the majority of the surplus units is the mid-range Galaxy A series.

According to sources, Samsung hopes to ship 270 million phones this year, highlighting an 18% failure rate for their sales goal with 60 million unsold phones

The South Korean tech giant Samsung appears to have overestimated sales in the first half of this year, as their inventory is at an all time high. Unsold inventory typically accounts for 10% of a company’s total shipment.

Elec reported that Samsung has been experiencing a decline in production. The number of phones produced in January and February decreased from 20 million to 10 in May, which made sense considering inventory growth in the middle of a drop in demand.

While it isn’t confirmed, Samsung is reported to cut smartphone orders by almost 10% this year, reducing the number from 310 million units to 280 million, according to South Korea’s Maeil Economic Daily.

The smartphone industry has been experiencing some major problems, but it’s not just Samsung. Other developers are lowering their expectations amidst the inflation and supply chain disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Although there is an economical crisis, the tech giants still plan to make big announcements in the second half of 2022 with Samsung announcing its new models in August while Apple will follow up in September with the revelation of the iPhone 14 lineup.

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Cosmetic Industry Titan Revlon Files for Bankruptcy

Revlon, one of the most iconic and long-running brands in the cosmetic industry, neared over a century of production but was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday. The near-century-old brand explained their decision comes from “macro-economic issues,” with “legacy debt” challenges and supply-chain disruptions as some of the defining factors.

As a result, Revlon will be receiving $575 million in debtor-in-possession financing to support the brand’s day-to-day operations.

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“Today’s filing will allow Revlon to offer our consumers the iconic products we have delivered for decades while providing a clearer path for our future growth,” said Revlon President and CEO Debra Perelman in a company statement. “Consumer demand for our products remains strong – people love our brands, and we continue to have a healthy market position.”

Despite solid earnings in the first quarter of 2022, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic left a significant impact on the company that was far too overwhelming to mitigate for Revlon.

The reports show Revlon hit its highest first-quarter operating income in six years with $479.6 million in net sales, a year-over-year increase of 7.8%.

CEO Perelman admitted that supply chain challenges still affected the company, citing Revlon’s strategy to double down on “core” brands and implement an aggressive digital strategy. As a result, the company saw a $67 million net loss in the first quarter.

Revlon was previously acquired in 2016 by former rival brand Elizabeth Arden in a deal reported to be around $870 million. The purchase left Revlon as the parent brand forward-facing and on the NYSE as the ticker symbol.

“We expect to benefit from greater scale, an expanded global footprint and a significant presence across all major beauty categories and channels,” said Revlon in 2016. “As a combined organization with net sales of approximately $3 billion, this acquisition will help to further accelerate our growth trajectory, position us among the top beauty players and unlock far greater upside than either company would have realized on a stand-alone basis.”

Revlon was founded by Charles and Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman in 1932. It later went public in 1996 on the stock exchange. Since its founding, Revlon has housed top brands, including Britney Spears Fragrances and Christina Aguilera Fragrances.

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Mortgage demand lowest in 22 years, economic downturn a catalyst

The ongoing inflation and mortgage rate hikes in the country have led to a dramatic decline in home purchases.

Mortgage application volumes are down 6.5%, which is the lowest on record in over 22 years. Meanwhile, contract interest rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with loan balances increased to 5.40% from 5.33%. In addition, the points increased from 0.60 for loans that need a 20% down payment.

The economic climate has had an adverse effect on refinancing demand. Refinancer’s interest in obtaining a new mortgage was 75% lower than last year’s number.

An economist at the MBA said, “While rates were still lower than they were four weeks ago, they remained high enough to still suppress refinance activity. Only government refinances saw a slight increase last week.”

In recent data, the number of people applying for mortgages to buy homes has gone down by 7%. This is 21% lower than last year’s data.

“The purchase market has suffered from persistently low housing inventory and the jump in mortgage rates over the past two months. These worsening affordability challenges have been particularly hard on prospective first-time buyers,” the MBA economist added.

Mortgage rates are always fluctuating, but it seems like this time around, they’re changing more than usual, and it’s constantly on the upswing. Mortgage Daily News said mortgage subscribers and providers would feel the effects of these changes in aggressive ways with hurtful results for both parties alike.

The chief operating officer of the Mortgage Daily News said, “There’s some chance that the upper boundaries of that range end up being a ceiling for rates, but that will depend on inflation and other incoming economic data.”

“With a key inflation report set to release on Friday morning, the potential for volatility remains high,” he added.

Source: CNBC

World’s biggest trial for four-day work week setup to be participated by 70 companies in the U.K.

The U.K.’s decision to ease Covid restrictions has led 70 companies in the country to announce that they will spearhead the experiment in the hopes of perfecting a four-day work week.

3,300 workers will take part in the initiative for six months without any pay cuts. The company involved are varied from restaurants to financial firms.

4 Day Week Global, 4 Day Week U.K. Campaign, and Autonomy came into partnership with universities like Oxford University, Boston College, and Cambridge University for the program.

Companies decided to join the program because they want their employees, who are currently struggling with economic depression, Brand Manager of Pressure Drop Brewing Sienna O’Rourke said in a statement.

“The pandemic [has] made us think a great deal about work and how people organize their lives,” O’Rourke said in an interview. “We’re doing this to improve the lives of our staff and be part of a progressive change in the world.”

Iceland is the first country to implement such an innovative strategy. Participants report increased well-being and productivity without any decrease in workflow or satisfaction with employers, which proves these programs can work.

In 2020, many countries experienced lockdowns. Companies implemented the remote working setup to cut down on commuting costs; however, workers requested greater flexibility in the workplace – that is why the four-day working schedule was brought into the limelight.

The government-backed trials will start this year in Scotland and Spain, said the CEO of the 4 Day Week Campaign.

The CEO of 4 Day Week Global, Joe O’Connor, has told the press that the new work schedule they will try to implement is more effective than traditional Monday-to Friday working days since there is already evidence that point to increased productivity even with shorter work time.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies are recognizing that the new frontier for the competition is quality of life, and that reduced-hour, output-focused working is the vehicle to give them a competitive edge,” he said.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies are recognizing that the new frontier for the competition is quality of life and that reduced-hour, output-focused working is the vehicle to give them a competitive edge,” he explained.

The trials will be successful if they can take care of workers’ well-being and make gender equality a reality in the workplace, as well as increase the productivity of all workers.

Source: CNN

Monkeypox Outbreak Now a Global Health Emergency as WHO Raises Alert Level to the Maximum

The World Health Organization has now labeled Monkeypox as an international emergency. Recently, the outbreak was given the highest alert status, which means that it is urgent and requires immediate attention by all countries across the globe.

With the declaration, scientists at the WHO have recognized that the virus and its outbreak is a potential threat to countries across the globe. They plan on coordinating with world leaders in order to scale down the rate of spread and prevent it from entering new country borders.

However, the WHO cannot force countries to follow its protocols. Instead, it only disseminates recommendations and guidelines that can be used as a starting point for developing a plan of action in response to an emergency or crisis situation.

Last month, it seemed like the WHO was hesitant to declare the Monkeypox outbreak as an international emergency. But with the unprecedented rise in cases and concern that more may go unnoticed or unreported, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was compelled to take action.

The emergency committee meets before giving the highest level for an outbreak. If they feel that the conditions are right for one, they endorse it to the director general; however, in the case of Monkeypox, the committee did not reach a consensus on whether or not to issue a highest-level alert. Tedros, in his authority as the Chief, was the one who declared it.

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“We have an outbreak that has spread around the world rapidly, through new modes of transmission, about which we understand too little,” the director general said. “For all of these reasons, I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.”

To date, over 16,000 positive cases of the virus have been recorded in 70 countries. This is an increase from June to July by 77%. Many transmissions can be attributed to same-sex activities, according reports by WHO.

Africa is the only country in which people have died from this virus so far, with a confirmed death of five infected individuals. Other countries are reporting zero deaths.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that patients who contract Monkeypox usually recover in two to four weeks’ time, with a few rarer cases taking up residence at longer times.

Those who are infected with the Monkeypox virus experience symptoms like fever, fatigue, and many other ailments. The most obvious of these is a rash that spreads over their body – it looks likes bumps with fluids on the skin and, as per patient’s reports, can be very painful too.

The spread of the virus is unusual

According to experts, it is unusual for this virus not only to be spread across regions where it had never broken through before but also at a time when most cases are low in West and Central Africa, where it is endemic.

The United States has seen over 2,500 confirmed Monkeypox-infected individuals coming from 44 states, including Washington and Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, the WHO considers Europe as the epicenter of the outbreak, composing over 80% of the total cases worldwide.

It is not certain where the spread of this virus began, but according to experts, it could have been anywhere. A UK patient traveled from Nigeria before being diagnosed with the virus.

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The United States and Canada then followed suit, detecting Monkeypox within their jurisdictions.

The World Health Organization was last compelled to issue a global emergency when the Covid-19 strain struck countries in January 2020. The outbreak then became pandemic levels due largely because it spread so quickly and extensively.

The lead expert on Monkeypox, Dr. Rosamund Lewis, says that the recent outbreaks are far from being categorized as a pandemic and more research needs to be done before drawing any conclusions about whether it is one or not.

However, experts are concerned that the virus could permanently take up residence in countries where it has already been introduced.

According to the head of the WHO’s health emergencies program, Dr. Mike Ryan, “This transmission has been occurring in African countries in two particular zones over a large number of years, and we don’t fully understand what’s driving transmission in those countries.”

“There’s a lot more investigation to do and a lot more investment to make in understanding that problem,” he added.

Source: CNN