Obed Dominguez – The An Entrepreneur Who Dare To Do What Nobody Had Thought Of

Obed Dominguez, who founded Sunforce Solar has had a great run in a short span of life. He is originally from Mexico where he started his life until he moved to the United States at the age of 5. There he went on to live in Los Angeles, California. He spent his formative years there until he moved to Las Cruces in the year 2009. This was a life-altering decision for him as he started his journey into technology and innovation from then and there itself. Science and technology became his new best friends and that’s how he approached the basic tenets of his life thereon.


Sunforce Solar

His company, Sunforce Solar, gives out technical solutions to problems related to solar energy. He has been working on several projects now that showcase his company’s aptitude for solving modern problems related to solar energy. Solar energy conversion and storage have also been a prime focus for Obed for a long time now and he has been working diligently on it for quite some time. He is also very much interested in helping others to achieve whatever they want to achieve in their life.


Services offered by Sunforce Solar


SunforceSolar is trying to give out efficient solar solutions to several industries including the residential market industry. He takes his work as a CEO as someone who caters to the needs and demands of consumers and ensures the proper grievance redressal in order to attenuate better revenues for the company. Obed has been pushing his coworkers too to have such an attitude in order for them to take their company to newer heights.


Obed’s Professional Life 

Obed had been hopping from many jobs due to the lack of interest in the conventional path of a career that many have taken before him in this field. He had been looking for a niche that will satisfy his thirst for knowledge and science. He got into a call center job thinking it will at least keep him financially afloat. But then he saw the perils of doing such a job and left it. So he started applying for sales positions in different solar-based companies.  He met initial failures like almost anyone with big dreams has had to face.


Initially, he appeared as a pushover in his new sales job Due to which his sales targets were seldom met. But as he slowly understood the tricks of the trade and started negotiating hard, his sales profile really boomed and his sales figures improved drastically. This was something that was truly remarkable and Obed remembers this even to this day. The biggest lesson he drew from this is that if you truly believe in your product, then you can bargain hard with your customers, which then translates to better sales figures. Trust in your product is one of the basic requirements of the sales industry which feeds off all other variables around us that can keep us away from our specified target.


Why is Sunforce Solar different?


On being asked what is that one quality that makes Sunforce Solars stand out in the crowd, Obed says that it is their ethical moorings that make them quite unique in the marketplace of solar industries. Almost everyone is aware of the various types of unethical tactics adopted by industries just to make a few more bucks quickly. But Solarforce Solars is one such company that has never ever compromised on their service to their customers and maybe that’s the reason why the company has achieved so much in such a short span of time. Obed says he and his team have never left a client’s home without ensuring all the solar appliance connections are failsafe and working perfectly so as to not give their clients any reason to complain or be dissatisfied with their job. This has been the biggest strength of Solarforce Solars for which they are truly proud.

iPhone 14 Announcement Reported to be September with Pro Models Receiving Top Priority in Upgrades

The arrival of Apple’s latest iPhone lineup is always one of the most anticipated events of the year, and this year, the company will be launching the phones in the autumn, along with the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new AirPods Pro, to name a few.

Apple is yet to formally announce the launch date, but reports have already emerged that the company will follow its usual scheduled month of September.

For years, Apple has consistently unveiled its latest iPhone lineups in September, shipping the devices weeks after the revelation. With many guessing which date Apple will choose, tipster iHacktu ileaks has given the best guess.

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On June 22, iHacktu ileaks tweeted:

“Each test phase of an Apple device is done first in extreme conditions and then there are the test phases of real user conditions so that the consumer can use his device safely,” the tipster tweeted.

“So you have to take into account that often the devices are sold but this year apple will really surprise with the iPhones 14 and 14 pro max.”

“I’m thinking of stopping tweeting after the presentation of the iPhone 14 on September 13 2022,” iHacktu concluded.

According to reports, preorders for the iPhone 14 series will begin on September 16, with shipments following eight days later. 

Apple has made changes to its lineup, removing the iPhone mini series and replacing it with either the iPhone 14 Max or iPhone 14 Plus, along with the usual iPhone 14, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The standard iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro will have 6.1-inch screens, while the iPhone Max and pro Max will have 6.7-inch screens.

Reports say the Pro models will feature the long-awaited notch-less design, replacing them with a pill-shaped punch hole. Meanwhile, the non-Pro devices will retain their notch display.

The Pro models will also be the only devices getting an upgrade to their chips.

TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that the A16 bionic chip will be exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max phones as Apple looks to boost the proportion of flagship to non-flagship chips by 60%.

The report indicates that Apple will be prioritizing the iPhone 14 Pro units in its marketing strategies while the lower-end models will receive second priority.

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