Rae Karim Sheds a New Light on the Perspectives of Grief

With the world plunged into a state of emergency following the global pandemic, people have dealt with a wide array of feelings. Many have found themselves dealing with depression, and some have become overwhelmed by feelings of grief. While grieving is a normal part of life, other people cannot project the strength to keep  from drowning in it. Refusing to stand by and watch, Rae Karim took it upon herself to guide people with compassion.

Rae Karim is a thought leader gifted with words and pours experience into her work. Her gift has led her to become a bestselling author, sought-after writer, and speaker. But, while she is best known for her ability with words, Rae is more renowned as a champion of grief who helps people overcome and for helping people overcome the overwhelm it often brings. She brings education and her experience to the table, ensuring fellow grievers they are not alone in their journey.

As a grief coach, Rae employs strategies that help grievers navigate their grief journey in the healthiest ways possible. In addition, Rae facilitates grief retreats and conducts workshops on about grief in schools, churches, and organizations. Rae empowers and transforms lives with a commitment to ensure she ignites courage on purpose for purpose in everything she does.

“Not only do I offer individual and group coaching, but I am also an advocate for grief support by way of community engagement,” said Rae. “Such engagement consists of monthly events such as Pen the Pain, an expression of grief through art, workshops that explore the theological perspective of grief, one-day retreats, as well as five-day retreats.”

Rae Karim’s profound understanding of grief allows her to offer grief support services to relieve some task-oriented pressure through planning and officiating services, writing obituaries and programs, and assisting with finalizing business affairs. Although some other brands and individuals offer similar services, Rae uses her personal and professional experience to help others. Having been a pastor, she can expand the range to more than the loss of a loved one, allowing her to relate to and reach many people. 

The experience also increased her capacity for compassion, and she understood that her line of work is as courageous as it is vulnerable. Her take on grief, which spans beyond the well-known but not well-qualified stages of grief, separates her from others. Additionally, Rae also has a unique way of helping people engage grief through grief exploration and expression that prevents them from remaining in a roundabout  regarding ways to release their grief.

Rae Karim’s desire to pursue her endeavors started after seeing many people struggling through and suffering in grief. As a healer, she offers the opportunity to be vulnerable in a safe space that allows people to unpack their grief and learn how to process it in healthy ways. Rae also educates people on the facets of grief, teaching them it’s not just about death and tears.

“As status quo disruptor, I equip and empower people to courageously navigate the grief journey,” said Rae.

While she has already left an impact on individuals, Rae Karim sees herself playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing grief perspectives. She wants to offer a curriculum to educate people in service professions to increase their capacity for compassion and understanding.