Is It Really Broken? Common Phone Problems With Easy Solutions

An estimated 7 out of 10 consumers have an unused device somewhere in their home. When problems arise like a quickly draining battery, a clogged charging port, or even a cracked phone screen, consumers are quick to replace their phones when they could easily get them repaired. Replacing phones can be costly, as each year phones are becoming more technologically advanced and are selling for more money, whereas consumers can save an estimated $330 by simply repairing the phones they already have. So what are some of the most common problems in phones and are they really so simple to fix?

The most common phone problem is a cracked screen. Over 50 million phone screens are broken each year in the US from consumers dropping their phones, sitting on them, or a number of other things. These cracks can lead to problems with the screen sensitivity and can make it more difficult to press the right buttons or see the information that is being displayed on the screen. For these reasons, many consumers tend to get their phones replaced once the screen is badly cracked, but replacing the screen is easy and more efficient. A typical phone screen can be replaced in 45 minutes or less for a fraction of the cost, and there are many companies that can come right to the customer’s doorstep!

Hard drive replacements are also common fixes. Phone storage can be used up and damage to the hard drive sometimes means losing some of this storage. Hard drive upgrades improve this storage as well as the performance of the overall device. This is one of the largest problems that results in phone replacements, but it doesn’t mean the phone is broken. A harddrive upgrade can be completed successfully for less than $110 typically, a sharp difference from the cost of replacing the entire phone. This is true as well for battery replacements. Replacing the battery carries the same low cost, and the benefits make it worth it. Paying a small amount can mean increasing the lifespan of a phone by up to five whole years! This saves hundreds of dollars since in those five years customers won’t have to be replacing their phones.

Another common problem with phones are charging port issues. Headphone jacks, charging ports, and USB ports can often become clogged with dirt or other materials and cause them to not register when it is being used. This can especially be a problem when it comes to the charging port because it means the phone is unable to be charged effectively. Oftentimes these ports don’t need to be replaced, but simply cleaned out. Many times this can be done free of charge, and the phone will be working perfectly again.

With these simple fixes, it is apparent that replacing phones is often an unnecessary waste of money as well as time. With supply chain disruptions happening across the globe, new phones can take weeks to be shipped in, and for a higher cost than past years. Replacing phones is not only quicker, but extremely cost efficient. Consider taking that unused device and repairing it rather than buying a brand new phone every year.