Former Federal Convict Turned Superstar Ayana Bean Shares Her Inspiring Story to Give Voice to the Voiceless

More than anyone else, it is the personalities who rose above adversities and conquered insurmountable challenges are the ones who hold power to serve as pillars of strength for many aspirants coming from similar backgrounds and are wishing to achieve many promising milestones in the years to come. These established authorities continue to prove that success is not reserved for those who have the resources to climb the pinnacles of greatness. Standing as one of those industry leaders who drive change, spark action, and impact lives, Ayana Bean uses her fast-growing platform to send across powerful messages of hope, love, and positivity.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Ayana Bean is no stranger to trials, challenges, and tribulations. Although this emerging personality had to spend most of her life contending with the harsh reality that came with climbing the pinnacles of greatness while coming from humble beginnings, Ayana continued to strive for excellence and persevered. As she stands at the forefront of her multiple cause-oriented pursuits, she hopes to become a beacon of hope for several struggling women across the globe.

Over the years, Ayana Bean has come a long way from being a state and federal convict for fraud to becoming a highly accomplished personality across the realms of music and entertainment. After spending a year in federal prison, Ayana decided to turn her life around, choosing to become an advocate for at-risk women across the world. Years down the road, this multifaceted personality has managed to cement a stellar presence across the industry, working for several major record labels, such as Def Jam Records, Sony, Eone, Interscope and many others.

With her incredible style, magnetic charm, impressive discography, and unparalleled abilities, Ayana Bean has become not only an established authority for music and a champion for women but also a trendsetter whose style has influenced numerous individuals around the world, making her the ultimate ambassador across a wide variety of brands. Every milestone she has achieved over the years emphasizes Ayana’s potential to dominate the scenes one pursuit at a time.

Although Ayana Bean has successfully solidified a reputable stance across the trade, this emerging power player continues to transcend limitations and exceed expectations by sending across a powerful message that helps young women thrive during these trying times. As a matter of fact, the rising star’s story is being told on BET’s American Gangster Trap Queens with the goal to end the struggle of women who have experienced trauma in the past and encourage them to rise above adversities. On top of that, Ayana has recently established a nonprofit organization called A Year and a Day Foundation in order to materialize her vision of impacting lives across the world. Through her cause-oriented initiatives and fast-growing platform, she aims to provide avenues where she can give a voice to the voiceless and the underrepresented.

As she continues to cement a stellar reputation across industries, Ayana Bean hopes to help more women in the years to come. Wielding the power of her own story of success, she wants to push women towards the pinnacles of greatness despite the adversities that may come along the way.

To know more about Ayana Bean, you may visit her website.

Fueled by a Passion for Fitness: Why One Personal Trainer & Health Coach, Morgan Rees, Hopes to Redefine the Fitness World

With social media more prevalent than ever before, it’s become all too common to see “fitness influencers” providing tips and suggestions without fundamental knowledge of the health and fitness industry. While they might not mean any harm, misinformation can cause many problems for those looking to become healthier while getting in shape. One personal trainer and health coach, Morgan Rees, hopes to redefine the industry by taking a science and education-based training approach to help her clients reach their health and fitness goals.

“A lot of what you see on social media is people advertising for fitness or dieting products that aren’t safe or effective. Unfortunately, social media users often fall into these scams without realizing that the people posting aren’t always health and fitness professionals, so the information they’re posting may be inaccurate,” shared Rees. “When I’m working with my clients, the first thing I like to do is help them learn how to stabilize their bodies. I want them to learn how to use different muscles throughout the body simultaneously to get the most from their workouts. The goal is to burn calories, build muscle, and ultimately become healthier.”

As a health coach and personal trainer, Morgan Rees takes fitness seriously. She knows it’s not only about wanting to look good but about feeling your best both physically and mentally. It’s the reason why she works hard to help her clients achieve countless goals through a healthy diet and exercise regimen. “I’ve learned a lot over the years and have the knowledge and experience to help my clients reach their goals. We go over these goals in the beginning, whether they want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve their endurance,” said Rees. “I keep my clients accountable for their hard work and effort required to make healthy lifestyle changes possible. My clients improve their movements and begin living a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t just benefit them now, but also in the future.”

Sure, social media fitness influencers may make claims that using certain products will provide promising results, but they’re often getting paid to say those things to the public. Morgan Rees wants people to be more aware of this when starting their health and fitness journeys. She firmly believes that with the right approach, anyone can learn how to treat their bodies with better food choices and regular exercise..

“Making lifestyle changes doesn’t come easy, but I prepare my clients for the work that needs to go into getting in shape. They understand that it’s a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but they trust me and know that we are working together towards the right path,” said Rees.

Her unique training approach has helped her gain more opportunities in the fitness industry while working with dozens of clients that see individual results. Those interested in learning more about her science and education-based training approach and how it works can follow her on Instagram or visit her on the web!