Veteran-Owned Business New Phase Blends Brings Trustworthy CBD Solution to the Market

Fast-rising innovations and markets like the CBD industry can show a lot of promise, but it also comes with a glaring set of issues. In Cannabis circles, misinformation seems to be a growing concern as businesses tend to use lofty and unauthorized claims to boost sales. Amid the noise, one company, New Phase Blends, looks to go against the flow and show a better way. 

Veteran-owned Business New Phase Blends is an online CBD shop that provides 100% organic third-party lab-tested hemp products. All their offerings come from their GMP-certified production facility and carry an exclusive commitment to providing legitimate products that meet as many regulatory standards as possible. In addition, the company emphasizes legitimacy and truth as guiding values because it believes that education is key to a thriving CBD market. 

“There are a ton of CBD companies that will tell people ANYTHING to get a sale,” shares New Phas Blends CEO and Founder Dale Hewett. “I’ve seen numerous sites tell people that CBD will cure cancer. I’ve seen websites tell people that CBD used in soap will cure psoriasis or eczema. This practice is bad because you set the user up to be disappointed.”

Duly, company owner Dale Hewett has chosen another path—to educate people on proper CBD use and realistic and proven claims to combat misinformation made primarily to turn a profit. Many users have turned to New Phase Blends for that dedication to the accuracy of information. 

To further strengthen that level of customer trust, Dale has applied for a patent for two of his products: the New Phase Blends Gummies for Sleep and CBD Sleep Aid with Melatonin. These two products currently have pending patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office filed in May 2021. 

Apart from its sleep aid products, New Phase Blends carries other products as well, including topical CBD balms to help with pain, high-strength CBD soft gels, CBD acne creams, CBD oil for energy, and so on. New Phase Blends also provides a vast library of reads, including a CBD Essential ebook and a knowledge hub filled with CBD FAQs and verified information, which it updates regularly. The company also has a list of clinical trials of its products published on its website to provide buyers and CBD enthusiasts with all the necessary paperwork to show the legitimacy of its products. 

Dale Hewett started New Phase Blends after experiencing the positive benefits of CBD and hemp products firsthand. He served in the military as a Captain of the United States Army before experiencing a spinal cord injury that would put him in much pain as he recovered. Dale turned to CBD products, which helped manage the pain and put him on a path to full recovery. Today, he shares his belief for the product through New Phase Blends and hopes to help people who struggle with health and other issues while also responsibly educating people on CBD usage and benefits in the process. He believes that sales come only from properly educating the market, and the consistent growth of New Phase Blends over the years is a testament to that.

To learn more about New Phase Blends and read verified blogs, studies, and publications on Cannabidiol products and their usage and effects, visit its website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.