3 Reasons Why Your Business Growth is Slow

Every business goes through varying stages of growth. And in the course of enlarging, companies go through ups and downs moments. This is true even for the behemoths brands occupying the elite positions in the market industry. However, a brand that records more losses than profits and sluggish progress rather than the opposite has a problem that could totally cripple the business’s success. 

If your business is going through the same rough patch, you are not alone. The following three things are prevalent causes for poor business growth. In the latter course of reading this article, you will learn how to overcome the negative impacts on your brand’s success. 

Three reasons for slow business growth 

These three factors are recurringly present in any business experiencing stagnancy in growth and success: 

     1. Poor Branding 

A poorly branded business will remain behind in the economic scale while competitors move to the fore of market success. Branding involves uniquely distinguishing your brand by creating a message about your business products and services – using logos, content, name, slogans, and other top-tier marketing strategies.  

     2. Non-adaptation to market trends and industry changes 

Market trends are evolving every day with significant influences from technological changes, the dynamic nature of demographics, and changes in consumer priorities and behavior.  

Ignoring the changing industrial practices and market trends will cause your brand to be crushed by competitors and remain irrelevant in the economic space, adversely affecting your business growth. 

     3. Poor collaboration

Another major business pitfall is the inability to release control and properly partner and delegate duties to others. Instead, business owners should be laden with primarily boosting internal growth and setting excellent leadership standards.  

As a business owner, you should be willing to share responsibilities with other experts (like leaving employment and disciplining the workforce to the HR team) to allow you to focus and specialize on growing your profits. 

How to overcome stagnant growth 

For one, you should carve out a niche for your business and focus on the targeted audience who benefit from your products and services. This way, you increase demand and boost your company’s ROI, which is a way to fight the impacts of underdeveloped branding. 

You should also create a team of expert market strategists and analysts that will keep your company moving at the same pace with trending market changes. This way, you remain relevant to your customers and do not lose your targeted audience. For small businesses, however, you can keep abreast of changing trends as an entrepreneur and incorporate them yourself into your brands if you can’t fund the services of experts. 

A business partnership is another way to overcome stagnant growth and kick-start a business success. Getting the right partner to collaborate with might boost your business to get to the desired success level.


While many other factors contribute to a business’s slow-paced progress, the three factors above are significant causes of stagnant business growth. For your business to get to the top of the industry, you should learn how to navigate varying market dynamics. Visit this website for more ways to boost the perceived value of what your brand offers and attract and retain loyal customers. 

Eda Aguilar, the Purpose-Driven Designer Aiming to Empower Women through Her Bold Moves in the Fashion Industry

Passion and purpose often fuel people’s drive to establish a name in their target industry, and the same could be said about Eda Aguilar, the fempreneur behind the widely acclaimed brand Edalou Paris. With these two forces serving as the impetus behind her all-out approach to success, the arduous process involved in translating her visions into reality proved easier to deal with and the journey more enjoyable.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Eda Aguilar was exposed early to the creative world. Mentored by the likes of Ita Medina, Petra Bravo, Waldo Garcia, Caridad Fernandez, Rafi Flores, Emmanuel J. De Jesus, Marcelino Alcalá, and Pedro Avilés, this multi-faceted personality has always demonstrated an artistic flair and the potential to shine in the field of arts one day. While she would eventually graduate with a degree in business administration from the University of Puerto Rico, earn a Master’s degree from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, and spend fifteen years in the realm of banking and finance, the highly accomplished figure never lost her deeply rooted love for her passions. 

Ten years ago, Eda Aguilar moved to The City That Never Sleeps, where her hunger for the arts made her consider the path she was following until then. “I started to ask myself if being on Wall Street for the rest of my life was what I wanted to do,” she recalled. That simple question set things in motion, and today, she stands at the helm of Edalou Paris, a company born from a journey of self-love and a burning passion for design. 

Based in Paris, the accessories label was created to meet women at the intersection of quality, functionality, and conscious style. Boasting pieces conceived with multi-functional and versatile elements, this brainchild of Eda Aguilar has managed to appeal to a wide range of women from the get-go. Additionally, it is through this venture that La Coucou, an award-winning limited series handbag, came into being. “It is a product of our work with artisans, experts, and suppliers in the district of Le Marais, the very same partners that provide a high level of quality and creativity to the fashion houses in Paris,” shared Eda Aguilar. 

It is undeniable that the launch of La Coucou and the achievements it has racked up—from winning awards to gracing a number of runways in Paris and Puerto Rico—pushed Eda Aguilar toward the limelight. But above anything else, what allowed this talented artist to reach impressive heights is the purpose at the heart of her endeavors.

“I am seeking not only to present a line of accessories inspired by my journey of achieving self-love, but also to inspire, guide, and motivate every woman, so they know that it is never too late to achieve what she most longs for,” she explained.

Eda Aguilar continues to draw inspiration from the three cities that stole her heart: San Juan, New York, and Paris. In the years to come, this widely acknowledged designer is set to make bigger waves on an international scale, bringing to life passion projects that are not only intended to shake up the fashion industry but also inspire women and promote empowerment thru her mantra #rockdancelove.

Learn more about Eda Aguilar by visiting her instagram.

M2thaK Revolutionizes the Digital Arena Through the Launch of Ready Playa Øne

he innovative nature of the digital age has proven to be beneficial for creative powerhouses time and again, giving artists, entrepreneurs, established authorities, and young professionals the stepping stone they need to write their success stories. M2thaK is among those who have thrived amid innovation, introducing a new space for dreamers and power players to venture into a new world called Ready Playa Øne. As he continues to stand at the forefront of his promising enterprise, he emerges as an influential force in the industry, breaking barriers and transcending limitations one innovative breakthrough at a time.

M2thaK has been making waves across a wide variety of trades, contributing much to the growth and development of individuals, communities, and industries. His innovative initiatives and efforts of revolutionizing the world have earned acclaim from many highly accomplished personalities, industry powerhouses, and peers, cementing a reputable stance across the trade. With his brilliance, passion, and determination, this multifaceted go-getter is bound to take the industry by storm.

M2thaK has always been a leading personality across the industry, particularly in the realms of music and entertainment. His approach to hip-hop has garnered a lot of listeners across the globe, securing a coveted spot at the summits of a highly cutthroat industry. While his love for music came first, with many milestones achieved in the past, M2thaK’s growth in the industry inspired him to become an entrepreneur, being one of the earliest partners and investors on Youtube. Years down the road, he decided to elevate the playing field by delving into the world of NFTs.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that represent ownership of real-world items, such as art, video clips, music, and many more. These assets use the same blockchain technology that power cryptocurrencies. On a mission to make a mark in the meta-universe, M2thaK used the power of NFTs and his passion for the arts and entrepreneurship and decided to launch an innovative platform called Ready Playa Øne.

Set in the year 2091, Ready Playa Øne boasts colors that exude passion, innovation, and precision. This blockchain technology not only increases individuals’ overall assets but also showcases art in the most beautiful and advanced form. The game represents a world beyond reality, which encourages individuals to unleash their creative side and unfold their passion-driven spirits. Each character in the game is hand-drawn to perfection—the singular outline under layers of amalgamated artifacts speaks to the similarities that bind them together, which are humanity, a shared history, and a vision of a brighter future. Indeed, Ready Playa Øne holds a promise that is beyond ordinary bounds.

Whether people side with humans or humanoids, Ready Playa Øne provides an experience that is out of this world. As it is on its way to introducing itself to the meta-universe, the emerging enterprise is bound to set the bar high.

While M2thaK has already reached impressive heights, he vows to continue materializing his vision of a better world through the launch of Ready Playa Øne. Through these promising developments, this power player is set to inspire the next generation of trailblazing individuals worldwide.

To know more about M2thaK and Ready Playa Øne, you may visit their website.

The Paradox of Choice, a Much-Maligned Good Thing

Any digital media business will automatically run with the belief that more choice is a benefit for their customers yet statistics, opinions, and news reports all seem to indicate that entrusting consumers with a decision is about as dangerous as entrusting their neck to the world’s most dedicated axeman. Consumers cannot make decisions, the mantra goes, which is why shopping sites invest so much time and money into making their choices for them, via emails and other recommendations. 


Hyperbole aside, having a choice can be simultaneously a positive and negative thing. A 2000 study from Iyengar et al that crops up online from time to time discovered that giving people a choice of six and then 24 jars of preserves reduced a customer’s likelihood of purchasing from 40% to 3%. Put another way, the vast walls of orange juice that appear in US convenience stores are actually scaring away people who came along just to purchase orange juice.

With all the above in mind, it’s hard to see how choice can serve as a positive aspect of the customer journey. However, this has no bearing on reality at all. When was the last time that a grocery store stocked only one variety of apples or a single brand of chips? Of course, the answer is “never”. The problem is that all the above is based on a subjective belief (“I cannot choose because there’s too much to choose from”), whereas business plans are drawn up around objective desires.

An Overall Need for Choice

At any point in time, collectively, viewers of Netflix will want to watch every popular series or movie on the platform. While recent trends in horror and sci-fi have influenced the company’s present direction, it makes no difference to the audience’s overall need for choice. So, while it can be difficult and even stressful for an individual to decide on which movie to watch, removing that obstacle would likely produce a slump in subscriber numbers, simply because what those people want to watch isn’t available anymore.


Video game platforms like Steam have produced plenty of memes about choice, too, especially because its popular sales mean many users’ games libraries now have hundreds of products in them. The wider gaming industry struggles with the same ‘problem’. The online casino software provider Pronet Gaming notes that its stock of games exceeds 6,500 individual titles from more than 90 different developers. This vast catalogue means that new operators can open with a huge number of experiences on the very first day.

It’s an old phrase but, in terms of shopping and entertainment, the needs of the many do outweigh the needs of the few. Kellogg’s wasn’t telling the whole truth when the company claimed that it doesn’t make cereals for “anyone else”. The smoke and mirrors are important, though, as 71% of customers resent impersonal interactions and 47% of people will retreat to Amazon if they’re not being recommended items that they like. Forbes notes that consumers will even pay with their data to be ‘known’ by a business.

Overall, it’s important to appease the collective while not forgetting the individual.

CEO of CW Petroleum Corp Chris Williams: Taking the Customer Experience from Good to Great

Chris Williams, CEO of Texas based company CW Petroleum Corp (OTCQB: CWPE), knows that every decision a company makes impacts how the intended audience will view that company. He explains that, as an entrepreneur, you will need to harness your values and goals in order to better serve your customer base. Williams knows that his strong dedication to providing a unique customer experience, as well as instilling this value within every team member, has helped with CW Petroleum Corp’s overall gross sales increase in 2021 when compared to the previous year. 

Williams has over ten years of experience in the energy industry under his belt, first getting his start alongside S&P Global Platts. Under the direction of the world-renowned leader in crude oil and refined product publications, Williams was able to see the ins and outs of how a company in this particular industry was run. With new ideas waiting to be put into motion, Williams decided to start his own venture in the energy industry and CW Petroleum Corp was born. Starting in 2015, the company broke new ground by announcing they would be bringing biodiesel and biodiesel fuel blends to the market, as well as proprietary EPA-approved ethanol-free gasoline. While Williams sought to expand their offerings to their intended clientele, he also made it clear that the customer journey was at the forefront. He explains, “We have premier customer service, coupled with our niche product offering. That was one of our key focuses when we first began developing our company…”. He dives in further, highlighting that premiere customer service is not an easy feat for a company to accomplish, but it is necessary in order to scale your operations. 

Williams knew that in order to take his customer service from good to great, he needed to recognize that every person on his team played a unique role. Williams explains, “The customer service element of any company is paramount. I think a smaller company when starting out can provide greater customer service, but in a large mega company it is more difficult for them to provide that same level of service”. By keeping his team relatively small, Williams is able to completely manage and build relationships with each team member to ensure that goals are aligned, as well as proper training protocols are performed when it comes to customer service. This ensures that every aspect, as well as every stage, of the operation is streamlined with optimal customer support. 

Williams lends much of his success to the team members that make up the backbone of the company, speaking on the growth that CW Petroleum Corp saw in the past year, “We are encouraged by the results announced today that continue to show an upward trajectory in the growth and robust financial health of our company. We remain working alongside a Global Investment Bank to raise capital to expand our footprint throughout new markets in the United States and work towards our ultimate goal of qualifying for the NASDAQ”. CW Petroleum Corp saw an overall gross sales increase of 21%, proving the company is on an upward trajectory. Williams is optimistic about where the company is headed and is hopeful for the future for CW Petroleum Corp. 

Mimoza Thaqi: Dominating the Beauty World

From her impeccable fashion sense to her dazzling posts, Mimoza Thaqi consistently delivers, inspiring her audience to feel beautiful and empowered.

Originally from Kosovo, Mimoza Thaqi moved to London with love for fashion by her side. Equipped with this passion, Mimoza started modelling at the age of 17. With a strong social media presence and a feed to impress, Mimoza has certainly made her mark in the beauty industry.

Putting her passion into her hard work, Mimoza swiftly moved up the ranks as a beauty influencer with her ever-innovative beauty tips and awe-striking style. If her Instagram profile wasn’t enough to convince, her list of experiences proves her worth in the industry.

Not only has Mimoza Thaqi covered Slovenian national newspaper, but she also went on to model for RedBull as well as several clothing lines including Boohoo , Plt, Loungeunderwear , KatchMe , Hidden , RebbeliousFashion, Airinum , Nasty Gal. Her modelling career didn’t just end there; she continued to model for LyreFitness and Orphica cosmetics.

Innovative beauty tips, impeccable fashion sense, style ideas, Mimoza Thaqi consistently delivers her talent, charming her audience throughout. As she travels around the world draped in the best styles, her professionally taken pictures to strike awe in the hearts of her audience. Inspiring a feeling of want and admiration and allowing her followers to be habitually glued to her profile.

Armed with skill and passion, she moved on to dominate the beauty world with her new clothing brand MimozaLuxe continuing to inspire her audience around the world. MimozaLuxe, London is about glam, style, empowerment, tasked to give you the confidence to do you. To be confident and empowered in your own body through style and comfort. Mimoza Thaqi has a goal to dazzle up the world in her style inspiring boss women around the world with big dreams.

Follow Mimoza Thaqi on Instagram

What Are the Best Crypto Trading Bots? Useful Insights for Traders

What are crypto bots? Why should you use them to reach better results? Cryptocurrency is a great activity both for trading and investment opportunities. But the market is volatile, and the changes are common for the trading industry. If you decide to enter the industry, you do need to work on your attention and patience. Or don’t you?

Automatic crypto bots have entered the market and opened new opportunities for traders. By using safetrading.today crypto trading bots trading activity may bring better results and make the process efficient. What are crypto bots? What are the best opportunities that can offer you? Let’s get into it together!

What Are Top Crypto Trading Bots?

There are different bitcoin trading bots but they follow the same principle. These are specifically designed online tools that can perform various crypto trading tasks on behalf of the trader or investor. The best crypto trading bots are real helpers. When a trader decides to use a Telegram bot, the best results are already promised. How do these auto bots work? They perform several basic processes on behalf of the human:

  • The first is the data analysis process. Analyzing the information and providing the statistics are two paramount processes necessary for successful trading activity. You can ask for the general results or there’s an option to get refined results for better analysis.
  • The best crypto trading bot can predict the possible risks. The forecast is based on the analyzed data. Safetrading.today bot will scan the information about the current situation on the market and present the necessary data. Thus, you will know whether you should invest now or wait for some time.
  • The last crucial process is managing the assets. A crypto trading bot can buy or sell crypto using a specific strategy. In some cases, buying in bulk will bring you more results. But sometimes you should go for immediate deals. This is what a Safetrading.today bot can execute easily.

The advantages of using a Bitcoin Bot are clear. You free your hands and rely on a smart tool to help you execute the transactions smartly. But you should still be careful. The market in some cases may be very unstable. And a bot can’t take complete responsibility for the final results. So, you shouldn’t leave your assets alone and rely fully on the online program.

What Are the Best Bitcoin Trading Bots?

It’s time to find a Bitcoin trading bot for beneficial work. There are different platforms. You can find channels on Telegram and use them for statistics and necessary analysis. Online platforms, such as Superlagos or Ichibot also work well. If you want to see the results fast, you should go for Safetrading.today which is perfect for beginners, too. The website will take you to the world of automated crypto tools and help achieve impressive results with the given assets. It’s time to try the best online bots to win more.