Richard Branson: Business Mogul, Industry Leader, Spaceman?

Source: The Guardian

Virgin Group of Companies owner and ground-breaking executive Richard Branson has added another entry to his colorful resume—spaceman. This feat comes after he and an assigned crew for Virgin Galactic completed a suborbital test flight on Sunday as part of preliminary works to join the privatized race into space. 

The sub-orbital trip began as Virgin’s twin-fuselage carrier jet named VSS Unity took off from the company’s spaceport and launch site near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The launch happened at 8:40 AM local time and put the seventy-year-old Mr. Branson on a concise list of billionaire CEOs to join the space race hands-on.

“I have dreamt of this moment since I was a kid, but honestly, nothing could prepare you for the view of Earth from space,” shared Branson after his jet landed safely. “It was just magical. I’m just taking it all in; it’s unreal.”

Virgin Galactic mounted and launched the test flight to demonstrate its air-launched space plane and discover whether it would be ready for passengers looking for an ultimate thrill outside the bounds of the Earth’s gravitational pull. The plane flew just above fifty miles and gave Richard Branson and the crew over three minutes of weightlessness on top of a majestic view of the Earth’s horizon from one of the highest vantage points known to man. After the flight test, the spacecraft safely returned to Virgin’s New Mexico launch site, completing a successful flight. 

Sir Richard Branson is an English magnate, investor, book author who started the Virgin Group, which now controls over four hundred companies across various fields. He showed entrepreneurial prowess from a young age and started his first business venture at sixteen years old, a magazine called Student. In 1970, Branson would begin a mail-order record business that would later become Virgin Records. He also started Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Rail Group, Virgin Trains, and many other ventures. 

The latest feat for the group of companies is the founding of Virgin Galactic, an effort to join companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon to privatize space travel. The company started back in 2004 and set up a base in Mojave Air and Space Port in California with a lofty goal of taking the first steps into space tourism.

By entering the 86-kilometer or 53-mile point above sea level, Richard Branson reached the edge of space. Joining him on the VSS Unity on July 11, 2021, was Beth Moses, Sirisha Bandla, and Colin Bennett. The feat has made Sir Richard the first-ever billionaire and owner of a space company to ever travel to the edge of space. 

“To all you kids down there, I was once a child with a dream looking up to the stars,” Branson said in a video. “Now I’m an adult, in a spaceship with lots of other wonderful adults, looking down to our beautiful, beautiful Earth.”

Virgin Galactic is on a mission to give anyone the chance to experience space by becoming one of the pioneering space tourism companies in history. The flight of VSS Unity is one bold and significant step into that future.

Keith Ross Nelson on Bringing Happiness and Building Relationship through Timeless Banter

There is nothing as irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor in all the world, effortless in its ability to brighten a dark day instantly. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most therapeutic activities recommended for its healing power. For this reason, standup comedian Keith Ross Nelson uses his good humor to put a smile on everyone’s face, making the world a happier place. 

For over twenty-five years, Keith Ross Nelson has been widely acknowledged in all fifty states in America as a top-rated comedian with a remarkable skill to fill a room with laughter. Moreover, the star has emerged as a well-respected connoisseur of comedy.

Determined to bring laughter to the next level this highly talented individual has appeared on “Entertainment Tonight,” “Hulu’s Comedy Time,” and has starred in the TV show Electives. More than a standup comedian, this multifaceted personality’s creative flair also revolves around writing, acting and directing. He has made on-screen appearances on Amazon Prime’s Not for Nothin, which he co-wrote, co-starred, and executive-produced. He even appeared in hit independent movies Mobsters and Mormons and The R.M.

Gaining recognition as a modern-day renaissance man, Keith was featured in “Who’s Who.” In addition, many popular publications such as L.A. Wire, New York Weekly, U.S. News, U.S. Reporter, LA Times, Entertainment Monthly News, Miami Wire and many more have written glowing articles about his outstanding skill as an art performer.

Away from the silver screens, Keith is also a very talented athlete who held the position as the esteemed champion of Masters High Jump record for seven years from 2000 to 2007. In 1998, he also finished second in the World Masters Nike Championships. His other accolades include three National Championships, two outdoors and one indoors. He was ranked number 1 in the world outdoors in 2000 and number 1 indoors in 2006. An athlete through and through, he also has a third-degree black belt in kung fu and is working on getting his. fourth.

Keith’s unique talents are timeless. His comedy material is intelligent and smooth, transcending generations. He is well-loved by all age groups and has been considered a son, a brother, and a father figure by his diverse audience. His accomplishments as a man with remarkable skills embracing authenticity with good humor have helped build solid connections and meaningful relationships.

Merging the universal language of sports and comedy, Keith Ross Nelson is a man dedicated to bringing happiness and joy to everyone. In the coming years, Keith hopes to continue his passion for bringing laughter, helping people forget their troubles by doing standup comedy nationally and internationally.

To learn more about Keith Ross Nelson, his comedy, acting and outstanding work, visit his official website. can also stay updated with him and share moments of laughter with him by following him on Instagram @Keithrossnelson

Natasha Oates Impacts Families by Promoting Emotional Healing through The UP Company

Two-time award-winning therapist, relationship expert, and entrepreneur Natasha Oates is transforming families and healing leaders, which she believes will elevate communities in the long run. She advocates for individuals who are known to be the strong one in their family and on the job, knowing quite well that they are often the ones who carry the most burden and at times need support. Knowing from personal experiences that the strongest ones are often the most neglected and overlooked, she is making an effort to reach out to them. Reaching them to care for their emotional health also helps them better lift up their own families and make incredible moves in their careers.

One of Natasha Oates’ strongest attributes as a therapist is her ability to bring troubled couples closer to each other after teaching them to rediscover one another with respect, trust, and a deeper kind of love. She is the founder of The UP Company, which offers counseling services, coaching, and retreats that help with anyone’s need for inner healing. The UP Company has stood in the gap for numerous individuals in dire need of therapy but could not afford to pay. A partnership with local universities, including Liberty University, UNC Charlotte, and NC State University, has resulted in free and reduced-fee counseling services for those who need it the most.

Mostly, people are drawn to Natasha Oates because of her warm and easy-going demeanor, making them feel secure and comfortable to trust her with their greatest struggles in life. In addition to connecting with her clients, she also prioritizes her own needs and personal journey. In doing this, her clients can easily relate to her, seeing that she is also a normal person who is not exempt from life’s biggest blows. This kind of approach allows her to help her clients from the standpoint of someone who has had personal experience on the matter and the proper training to help them process their situation. And over the years, Natasha Oates has successfully employed unique strategies that help her clients heal themselves and their relationships.

Creating her personal brand as a committed therapist was inspired by her own personal struggles in life. Natasha Oates experienced the burden during the 2007 recession that caused her caseload to skyrocket. She reached an all-time high-stress level as she was drowning in her workload. She received very little support from her employer back then, and she eventually discovered she was pregnant.

“Enough was enough. I jumped back into school to pursue my passion for helping others through therapy,” Natasha Oates revealed. “Putting my helpless infant in daycare was not okay for me. This became the catalyst of my decision not to return from maternity leave as an employee but to be able to live and work on my own terms,” she added.

Natasha Oates finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from North Carolina Central University. She has a Master’s Degree from Gardner-Webb University and is a well-respected Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

With the momentum she has gained over the past years, Natasha Oates is confidently bringing her practice to the next level in the coming years by creating more meaningful experiences for couples and women. She is moving towards providing unforgettable retreats, invigorating conferences, and even date nights for couples who seek to reignite the fire within their marriages. She also looks forward to offering these services on a global scale.

Natasha Oates believes that there is so much work that still needs to be done as a result of the stress brought about by the pandemic. The good news is, people do not need to seek their emotional healing alone. Instead, they can be guided by her effective program and have a life-changing experience that will help them flourish. Ultimately, helping to create a resilient generation that is able to withstand crises is the end goal that Natasha hopes to achieve for numerous people who struggle with their life situations. All it takes is to teach them that it is okay to ask for help.

Learn more about Natasha Oates and The UP Company by visiting this website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook.