Nicola Smith Jackson Teaches Time-Tested Wealth and Life Principles to People Who Want to Get Results

Becoming an effective and productive entrepreneur who is well-equipped to manage and grow money is an achievement that necessitates training and guidance from those who are well-versed on the matter. Finding the right person for the task can be challenging when there are numerous trainers and coaches out there who offer a wide variety of possibilities. Experienced entrepreneur, trainer, and motivational speaker Nicola Smith Jackson stands out from the crowd because of her sincerity, compassion, and genuine interest in teaching people time-tested wealth and life principles that guarantee unmatched results in the end. 

With over 25 years of experience in finance and business, Nicola Smith Jackson has come a long way from the college dropout and overworked stylist she once was. She rose above her life’s biggest challenges, from burying three children at the age of 23 to overcoming the obstacles that came along with being a female leader of a multi-million dollar business offering tens of thousands of financial services. Throughout her colorful career, she has led more than 450,000 sales representatives combined in over 30 countries. 

Nicola Smith Jackson is dedicating most of her time to helping and teaching aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs financial intelligence and financial intuition to help them develop the necessary mindset and skills to become recession-proof. One of her approaches is to help people understand their options and possible access to be able to manage and grow their money from active to passive income. Another approach she passionately uses is showing entrepreneurs how to adopt the combination of mindset, essence, and strategies of new and old money in a very simple way. She then teaches them how to apply this new knowledge to get results easier, faster and simpler. 

These valuable life and money lessons are things that people can benefit from long-term and can also be passed on to their children, employees, and business partners so that they, too, can enjoy and reap the benefits of financial freedom. It is for these reasons that Dame Nicola Smith Jackson wants to reach out to female entrepreneurs, who statistically show make 80% of decisions in the household. For her, empowering these women who are surrounded by numerous responsibilities in and out of the home can help them achieve success in a more strategic manner with compromising their values, health or family time.

Over the years, she has successfully elevated her skills and capabilities by investing heavily on training. Additionally, she is well rounded in her financial and entrepreneurial expertise. She has acquired licenses in the insurance and real estate industry.  She is a Certified Coach of the John Maxwell Team, Certified Life Coach by the Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching, and Certified Professional Coach through Strategic Learning Alliance. Nicola Smith Jackson is a Tony Robbins Platinum Partner and part of the Jay Abraham Pinnacle Circle. 

She is an instructor at Business School Excellerated , counted as one of the top female network marketers in the world, inducted in the Million Dollar Hall of Fame as one of the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing, and the first to accomplish the highest position of Pinnacle Senior Vice President in a company.  She implements the accumulated knowledge and strategies to help her students garner what it takes to thrive even in a challenging economy. 

Aside from running her business and coaching,  Nicola Smith Jackson also hosts her own 5-Star Podcast called Power Start Your Day that has more than 1,100 episodes to date.  This inspired her to create The Pink Millionaire Club, a community of women making an impact in their respective industries and also thrive in self-care and their family life. Teaching them how to build a Money Mansion, her brainchild which is a recession-proof financial ascension program that teaches how to make, manage, and multiply money. 

Nicola Smith Jackson is also the author of various financial resources, including Power Moves Planner and Financial Vision Kit. 

Just as she has experienced success as an entrepreneur, trainer, and motivational speaker, she hopes that through her life and her influence she can also inspire others to become the best version of themselves. Being able to do this in this lifetime gives her an immense amount of fulfillment, knowing that she has empowered people to live their best lives. 

Learn more about Nicola Smith Jackson by visiting her website. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 

Identifying the Hidden Threat

When people think of cyber criminals they typically think of complex computer geeks who know how to code.  We think that in order to perform such complex tasks like hacking and identity theft that these people have to be geniuses.  Yet, while this may be true for those on the FBI’s most wanted list, your typical average cyber criminal could just be your next door neighbor, or it could be yourself. 

In this day and age we share almost everything. From what we ate for lunch to the announcement of the birth of our first child, our wedding date, and even our vacations.  While this is perfectly acceptable and often encouraged, it often opens us up to be wide open to online criminal attacks.  By putting this information out there we make it ridiculously easy for cyber attackers to waltz through and steal your information. 

Knowing where you keep your information and what information you let live online is the pivotal way you can protect against people using it for nefarious purposes.  Attackers can try to impersonate you but if you leave out pertinent details then they will never know the full picture.  This tactic is a very strong defense against the online cyber criminal. 

Another tactic that you can use to arm yourself against cyber attacks is to invest in software that is designed to help lock down your information.  These softwares are specially designed to help protect you and the data that you share online from falling into the wrong hands.  These types of software can be extremely beneficial and lifesaving because they can protect you beforehand instead of after the fact. 

These softwares can also help you protect yourself from a common unseen threat: phishing. Over 97% of people surveyed cannot effectively recognize a phishing attempt.  This means that an individual could unknowingly give information or money to aid a party that might take advantage of them.  Phishing can be something as innocuous as a fake email from your long lost aunt or as sophisticated as a message from your boss that uses their real email address. 

 These attempts can be increasingly hard to decipher so it is always best to use caution when reading and replying to your online messages.  If you can, try to invest in a software that can do some of the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to worry about missing some fine detail that could cost you a lot of time and money. 

Cyber criminals are getting more savvy as time goes on. This makes them harder to track and identify.  However, if we remain vigilant and allow ourselves to use caution along with our sharing then we shouldn’t have to worry about becoming a target.  Now, it is more important than ever to blend caution with online charisma as we continue to reach out and expand our online world.  If we can reach this happy medium we can continue to live securely and happily in our online sphere. 

Cybersecurity also has a parallel in basketball such as in the 50-40-90 club – it’s all about identifying the hidden threat, not just the fanciest high scorer.  Learn more in the infographic below: