Dr. Naè Thompson Maximizes Public Relations for Indie Artists with Creative Strategies

Dr. Enaysha Thompson, affectionately called Dr. Naè by her peers, is pushing the boundaries of music marketing. She is maximizing exposure for indie artists through creative public relations strategies that focus on self-sufficiency.

As the founding principle, senior publicist, artist manager, and visibility strategist of NTPR Agency and Management Group, Dr. Naè Thompson exhibits remarkable expertise and vision. She channels these skills and talents into helping independent artists with their career development, marketing, events organization, and media relations. In an industry that is rapidly becoming saturated, Dr. Naè’s laser-sharp instincts set her apart from the competition.

She first recognized her passion for public relations in 2003 as a student at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. At UOP, the young Dr. Naè Thompson had the distinct experience of being an education/psychology transfer student. Her heart has always been geared towards the music industry, enabling her to empathize with indie artists. She knows firsthand what it feels like to try and traverse one’s journey without enough understanding of the business. “I completely changed directions and graduated in 2005 with a BA in Public Relations and Music Business Management,” explains Dr. Naè.

For the past 16+ years, Dr. Naè Thompson diligently established herself as the public relations superstar for indie artists. She later completed another bachelor’s degree in education and two master’s degrees: one in Executive Leadership from Liberty University and another in Public Relations Strategies from Full Sail University. Her wealth of academic and professional experiences provides her with a unique insight into what artists face and what they want to happen in their careers.

Dr. Naè Thompson walks alongside her clients as they navigate the choppy waters of public relations. Through NTPR Agency and Management Group, she protects them, grows their visibility, and amplifies their voices, projects, and business ventures worldwide. The company’s focus is on empowering indie artists’ self-reliance — teaching them how to maintain and facilitate their own PR efforts. NTPR Agency and Management Group’s unique approach involves not just talking about PR but actually showing clients how to do PR.

By helping them build on the foundations of the business side of their creative endeavors, Dr. Naè Thompson assists artists in taking control over their career trajectory. She hopes to provide them with tools to release music from a media perspective properly. For this reason, she focuses on giving clients strategic and actionable plans. In addition to traditional print, broadcast, and digital platforms, Dr. Naè’s work has made its impact on press campaigns, award shows, and high-profile events.

With the inevitability of change, Dr. Naè’ Thompson’s NTPR Agency and Management Group maintained its position as the industry leader by evolving daily. The agency’s data-driven system allows it to pivot to new media opportunities. NTPR also guarantees visibility by cultivating relationships with journalists, editors, reviewers, radio programmers, industry executives, and tastemakers. In prioritizing relationships, Dr. Naè has connected artists with major partners.

You may visit the agency’s website for more information on Dr. Naè Thompson and NTPR Agency and Management Group.