Maryam Dimson Redefining the Fashion Industry with Gold Coast Apparel NYC

With a particular interest in fashion, tourism and lifestyle, Maryam Dimson is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from New York City. She recently graduated from Pace University with a degree in Hotel Hospitality and Tourism Management. And to put the skills she learned to good use, she founded Gold Coast Apparel NYC. 

Gold Coast Apparel NYC is heavily influenced by culture. On the name, Maryam explained that her family’s roots are from Ghana, which is also known as the Gold Coast hence the first part of the name. They are based out of New York City, and it is a city that showcases the hottest fashion trends and is the melting pot of world culture.

The mode of operation at Gold Coast NYC Apparels is to visit a particular region to collect designs based on the native and cultural patterns. Upon returning to New York, Maryam then uses the collected patterns and designs to design new apparel styles. According to her, the brand’s first collection will heavily feature West Africa, specifically Ghana, Nigeria, and Mali. “Not only do we feature clothing that represents the region, but for every region, we go to customers to learn about the highlighted counties and unique facts about the countries as well,” she explained. 

Gold Coast NYC Apparels is on a mission to create an affordable, fashion-forward, and sustainable brand that embraces countries and traditions. According to Maryam, “We want to make the world’s hottest styles…with a twist! Regardless of shape, style, or gender, we want our brand to be for everyone! We want to introduce the world to the beautiful continents of the world and its culture, so the brand’s tagline is ‘Influenced by Culture’ because we are all influenced by culture. It shapes the world, and it shapes who we are, and people should embrace that.”

The brand targets very fashion-forward and trend-conscious people because this is the audience that pays extra attention to owning the most up-to-date and fashionable clothing and accessories but at an affordable price. Those looking for the next best thing will find it with Gold Coast NYC’s masterstroke of incorporating cultural attires into their clothing.

Maryam points out that the concept and ideas behind Gold Coast Apparel are unique and not, like many other African-inspired fashion and designs. At the same time, she re-educates people in the counties on the significance of some of these fashion items and trends. “I am creating trendy clothes like those sold in Fashion Nova, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, but I’m adding a cultural touch to it,” she concludes.

Ahead of the official launch, Maryam believes she is creating a brand for the future—a brand that is set to redefine the fashion industry for years to come. 

The brand is set to launch in September and you can follow their Instagram page or Facebook for updates, sneak peeks, and more.

Astronaut Boy Incorporated: This Music Label Ensures Underserved Upcoming Artists Find Their Voice

With over 100,000 artists entering the entertainment industry every year, it’s almost impossible for an upcoming dreamer to stand out. Luckily, since its founding, Astronaut Boy Incorporated (ABI) has upheld its mission to generate noise for novice artists and help them find their voice amid the harsh jungle.

Astronaut Boy Incorporated was founded by Adrian Howard in 2015 as a music group that represents artists from all walks of life. Its mantra, “We stay on the moon,” elevates the group from the rest of the pack as it uplifts each artist within its circle to produce out-of-this-world music, surpassing common standards formerly set by their predecessors. The label is currently based in Aurora, Colorado but is welcoming artists from across the country.

“Our goal is to spark the fire in our youth and show them anything is possible. Also, giving the less fortunate artists a chance to shine and the ability to use our platform for them to be heard,” shared Adrian Howard. Instead of filing music in stagnant stacks as other labels do, Astronaut Boy Incorporated ensures that the music of their artists gets in the right hands—music managers, bloggers, influencers, and DJs, to name a few. The label also has access to prominent magazines nationwide, guaranteeing that artists get the noise they deserve as they enter the music industry. 

Astronaut Boy Incorporated records and features hip hop, R&B, and pop artists who want to make their mark in the music industry but do not necessarily know where to start. Over the years, ABI has remained true to its three crucial messages. The first is partnering with local artists. The second is communicating and amplifying the true essence of hip hop and its dynamic momentum. Lastly, ABI strives to promote and sign disadvantaged artists from underserved communities. 

It is the label’s primary mission to unearth undiscovered gems in the music industry and revive authentic hip hop among the hearts of American listeners. Astronaut Boy Incorporated carefully mentors its artists to reach and utilize their maximum potential and become household names in the music scene. 

The artists signed in Astronaut Boy Incorporated are labeled as the AstronautBoyz. One of whom is Bwillz, better known as Willz, one of Denver’s most celebrated artists. Willz is recognized for dropping punchlines and metaphors in his tracks, giving listeners a blast from hip hop’s glorious past. Willz signed with ABI in 2015 and has been making waves in the music scene since then. His debut album, Property Over Monopoly, has captivated listeners all around Denver and signified a promising future for the artist.

Additionally, Astronaut Boy Incorporated pays its success forward by giving back to the community and advocating for worthy causes that plague various artists. Its founder, Adrian Howard, continues to lead the label to donate proceeds of their merchandise and records to worthy charities in an effort to uplift the overall living condition of their community. 

Astronaut Boy Incorporated separates itself from other existing labels because it goes beyond ensuring that artists achieve financial success through their music. Above all, the label fosters personal and spiritual growth in every way possible, ensuring that every artist has a solid foundation that is not cemented on something as fleeting as monetary success. 

To learn more about Astronaut Boy Incorporated, visit its website and Instagram.