DJ GQ Emboldens Aspiring Musicians to Achieve Success Amidst Adversities

In any industry, establishing one’s reputation can be a daunting task. While some people may have reached the summits of their chosen fields with the support and resources needed to battle adversities along the way, there are others whose path to success is filled with insurmountable challenges and unforgiving naysayers. One such individual who single-handedly maneuvered his way towards the fulfillment of his dreams is Gary Hardie.

More popularly known as DJ GQ, this inspiring go-getter has been making waves across the realms of music and entertainment. With his exceptional talents and unwavering determination to succeed, DJ GQ has seamlessly climbed the pinnacles of greatness with grace and finesse. His tale of trials and triumphs only proves that anyone can translate their visions into full-throttled actions if people put their hearts into making it happen.

Hailing from the palm-studded beaches of South Florida, this talented personality of Cuban, Chinese, and Jamaican descent has earned countless praises for his stellar approach to music. From creatively combining hit tracks from Billboard’s Top 100 to creating music of his own, DJ GQ captures the hearts of many listeners across the world with his compelling beats and unforgettable melodies. Not only does this emerging artist produce music that garners much traction across the music and entertainment realms, but it also leaves listeners and enthusiasts wanting more.

Throughout his career, DJ GQ’s track record falls nothing short of magnificent. His excellent efforts in developing his craft have led him to collaborate with some notable figures in the entertainment industry, from Akon and DMX to Mr. Vegas. He has also been a DJ to countless music events, such as Kevin Lyttle’s concert tour. Since then, DJ GQ has elevated his position in the music landscape, emerging as the first Top 40 Mixer in Y100.

Proving to be an unstoppable force, DJ GQ recently dropped his first EP entitled “Is It You” last October of 2020. The EP’s versatility and outstanding beats quickly captured the curiosity among listeners and enthusiasts that it rose as number one in iTunes’ Reggae charts in the first two hours since its release. It also ranked number ten in the Billboard Top 100 Reggae charts in the second week from the song’s release date.

Today, this emerging powerhouse continues to cement his reputation in the music industry by playing for specialized mix shows on Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio on SirusXM and for syndicated shows with Hollywood Hamilton. DJ GQ also runs a bar primarily located in Lauderhill, Florida, specializing in serving craft beer.

If there is anything that people can take away from DJ GQ’s journey, it is his unparalleled drive to chase his dreams and climb the summits of success. He serves as a genuine attestation that any aspirant who wishes to make a name for themselves can reach the pinnacles of greatness with passion, precision, and dedication. As he continues to stand at the forefront of his successes, GQ hopes to inspire the next generation of hopefuls never to give up, no matter how difficult it may seem.

To know more about DJ GQ, you may visit his website.

Spencer Washington: The Millennial Entrepreneur Who Is Dominating the Digital Business Space by Creating Opportunities for Others

Many entrepreneurs, even seasoned ones, struggle to take their businesses into the digital space. Others have sought the help of business coaches and courses but still found themself unsuccessful. With years of experience in multiple business ventures, Spencer Washington knew that he had to step up to help his fellow entrepreneurs. Thus came the birth of ProLaunchPlus, an all-in-one solution that enables entrepreneurs to successfully build, launch, and scale a powerful online business for themselves.

Spencer Washington is a digital entrepreneur and business strategist. Currently residing in South Florida, the 28-year-old has had an amazing career run so far, creating and managing multiple companies that generate over seven figures annually. Spencer began his career in high-end sales and marketing, and after helping to establish several brick and mortar, service-based businesses, the entrepreneur decided to create his own online company.

In 2017, GoodsForGlory was born. A clothing brand that raised awareness for worthy causes and various non-profit organizations, GoodsForGlory marked the beginning of Spencer Washington’s journey in the e-commerce space and fueled his desire to create more companies. Over the next two years, Spencer launched both a virtual fitness academy and a digital consulting company, and in the following year, introduced ProWriterPlus to the market. The latter is a fully-digitized company that provides a wide variety of white-label solutions for clients in various industries and has garnered several awards in the online content space.

Even amid the pandemic in 2020, Spencer Washington remained relentless on his mission to provide solutions to other entrepreneurs who want to make it online successfully. ProFunnelsPlus & The Funnel Vault program were launched last year for entrepreneurs to harness the powerful technology of fully-automated sales funnels in their business. This timely solution kept businesses on top of their game, especially with the shift of consumer behavior. 

Furthermore, in early 2021, Spencer Washington began ProLaunchPlus. The company has successfully paved the way for entrepreneurs to become efficient in the digital space. “I think that one of the biggest reasons for my success is the realization that every sale that we make is not just another number but is a real person with real hopes and dreams that is looking to us to solve a problem in their life. Every product, program, course, or service that we offer is created not just to meet our client’s needs but to go so far above and beyond exceeding their expectations that they can’t imagine life without us,” said the founder.

To date, Spencer Washington has served a pivotal role in the success of over 20,000 entrepreneurs and businesses in over 120 countries worldwide. Spencer and his team are able to ensure high success rates among their programs and the entrepreneur shared that the key is providing clear and tangible blueprints that enable their clients to build, launch, and scale their businesses online in the most efficient and effective ways possible. 

Spencer Washington grew up in a supportive family, but the entrepreneur shared that there was never enough money to meet their needs. He also witnessed how people struggle to make a living through regular jobs. Since then, he has been driven to create an impact and inspire people to do what they love while simultaneously working smarter.

Asked what he can share with aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own online business, Spencer Washington provided 3 key questions that, he claims, you must establish before anything else. First, Who are you? Before anything else, you need to get 100% clarity on exactly who you are—your unique story, passions, strengths, and expertise—and then use that information to create your authentic brand. Second, aspiring entrepreneurs should evaluate who they want to help with their business and what problem they want to solve. Lastly, an entrepreneur needs to identify and build-out their unique world-class solution to their customer’s problem.

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