Tito Tahan on Paving the Way for Aspiring Artists

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In an industry already saturated with established names and prominent figures, production and coaching have proven to be reliable pillars of a successful music career. At its core, this duo is about making significant waves in a plethora of releases. And for this reason, Tito Tahan addressed himself to the challenge of creating a platform that goes beyond having one’s music available for consumption and dives deep into making a meaningful impact on the listeners’ lives. 

Aside from covering the areas of availability, reachability, and exposure, Tito Tahan is also acclaimed for guiding aspiring artists and enabling them to take center stage. As someone who has always been passionate about adding value to musicians’ careers, he is immensely fueled by his determination to make these people’s dreams come to fruition. His vision includes strategies that transport music from its creator to intended listeners in the most remarkable way possible. 

On top of being an American multi-platinum music producer, Tito Tahan is also an investor, coach, sync licensing expert, writer, and all-inclusive creator. This multifaceted figure is of Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent and is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is most known for producing music for TV networks and production companies such as BET, MTV, OWN, TV ONE, HBO, and Lionsgate, to name a few. 

Photo by @BrandosBranding

In addition, Tito Tahan has contributed to many projects by being an A&R for notable artists, including Onyx, Vado, JR Writer, and many more. As a result of the said position, he has produced records for iconic Hip Hop artists like 50 Cent, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and 2 Pistols.

Tito Tahan’s comprehensive approach is a result of his business acumen. Having graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business, he has earned excellent writing skills and proficiency in speaking. His education has even allowed him to communicate in multiple languages like English, Spanish, and Arabic articulately. More importantly, this marketing authority’s professional and personal experiences have enhanced his ability to maintain old connections and develop long-lasting relationships. 

Having established a reputable standing in the industry, Tito Tahan knows what it takes to build a name for oneself due to his years’ worth of experience in the music scene. His in-depth knowledge about the dynamics and inner workings of the field has spotlighted the factors that can bring artists and musicians to the top. He also provides one-on-one professional and personal development experience in music creation, marketing, and business.

When Tito Tahan was asked about his secret to success, he shared that much of his accomplishments stem from the values of continuous growth, stable development, unparalleled professionalism, outstanding relationship-building, and long-term planning. Because of his steadfast adherence to these beliefs, he gained the confidence that made him thrive in a highly competitive environment. Thus, he took it upon himself to influence others into doing the same.

Photo by @BrandosBranding

In the coming years, Tito Tahan hopes to continue conveying the message that pursuing the path of a musician takes a whole of dedication and commitment. He wants to shed light on the tips and tricks that would catapult aspirants and dreamers to the summit of their careers. Lastly, he wishes to be the bedrock on which countless artists’ confidence to soar high is rooted. 

To know more about Tito Tahan, you may visit his website or follow him on Twitter

Charity Brown’s Now Answer Group Prepares Classic Entrepreneurs for Greater Heights

Prior to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were aspiring entrepreneurs who, with a mixture of uncertainty, excitement, and pride, had taken their first steps into the world of entrepreneurship. In the span of a few weeks or months, their brand-new enterprise would suffer the economic impacts of the pandemic. Small business owners felt that hit the hardest⎼some struggled to keep their businesses afloat, and others sunk altogether. Charity Brown’s assistance in keeping businesses afloat and thriving made her stand out and shine, especially during these trying times. 

Charity Brown is the Now Answer Group CEO, a company dedicated to applying advanced technological tools to streamline operations and optimize various businesses’ performance to facilitate their growth and increase chances for success. While there is an initiative that the Now Answer Group has begun helping business owners who found themselves overwhelmed with the challenges posed by the pandemic, the truth is it has been instrumental in the transformation of numerous businesses of varying sizes.

The CEO has been described as “adaptable, insightful, and people-centric” and “uniquely qualified to guide business executives through the minefield of various growth challenges.” These qualities have been refined by 18 years’ worth of catering to diverse enterprises and addressing unique demands as she worked with varying small to medium businesses valued between $1M and $350M. She utilizes her expertise to maximize a business’ profitability by streamlining operations and applying the latest technological advancements immediately available in the market. 

With Charity Brown’s work, she has contributed to world-class proficiency in financial reporting. She has leveraged her expertise to develop a universal high-level multi-tool training program, paving the way for entrepreneurs to transform their businesses. She endeavors to realize the vision of broadening the reach of Now Answer Group and providing value across the board with the help of her trusted team of highly-qualified professionals.

The team is composed of entrepreneurs with over 100 years of combined experience in applying the most effective business strategies and the best tools in the industry. Making sure to keep themselves within reach of their clients, they teach entrepreneurs precisely what they need to start and scale their business. Under the team’s guidance, they have seen million-dollar companies rise throughout the years of partnership and collaboration with different CEOs.

Now Answer Group’s hybrid programs dial work while dialing into business Credit , Cash Flow and Financial KPI’s and critical policies and procedures, among other facets, easing access to optimized collective endeavors with the minimized incidence of internal issues such as miscommunication. Mastery of the newly-implemented techniques will leave the companies with optimized operations, maximizing their chances of continued growth and success.

Charity Brown is dedicated to preparing the classic entrepreneur for greater heights, and to this cause, she is paving the way for businesses to advance in these trying times. She opens the doors for more aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from her expertise by offering invaluable strategy sessions at no cost for the next few weeks. These sessions are designed to troubleshoot challenges any business may face. Learn more about this opportunity by visiting the Now Answer Group’s website.

YSCooks: Leveraging Technology to Educate, Engage & Reward Students For Making Healthier Dining Choices.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle lies as one reason behind people’s preference for convenience and instant gratification. Individuals and families prefer eating food that can be quickly prepared or served with the need to cook at all. More often than not, this implies the consumption of fast, processed, and less healthy food options. Eating patterns which has led to an obesity trend that is far from desirable. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, 1 in 5 children in America are obese.

This problem led to the development of YSCooks, a technology platform focused on educating, engaging and rewarding students for making healthier food choices. The  nutrition education platform  targets educating students in grades 1-12. YSCooks has also quickly gained popularity with students  because the subscription-based technology creatively integrates a reward system into activities on the platform — a system that gives students incentives every time they explore healthier food choices. 

The self-paced education experience offered by YSCooks can either supplement a child’s school curriculum or an afterschool enrichment program. At YSCooks, every effort is in line with the mission of helping students appreciate the importance of good food choices for overall wellbeing, and make informed decisions about what they eat each day. 

According to Ms. Brown, a mother of 3 whose children participated in YSCooks pilot “ My kids absolutely love YSCooks. The challenge was really engaging. They will finish breakfast and immediately go into the fridge looking for something nourishing to prepare for lunch”.

Apart from parents, community leaders who collaborated with YSCooks to provide their young patrons access to the platform also appreciate the much needed innovation. “Our library has a strong commitment to providing high-quality health and wellness programming, so we were delighted to be able to provide our young patrons and their families with a fun and engaging way to learn about nutrition, all from the safety and comfort of their own homes.  YSCooks was easy to work with and their interactive platform helped our local children learn about leading healthier lives and validated the healthy choices they are already making.” Suzanne Klein explained.

With expertly curated content, and a curriculum carefully prepared by a scientist, students are in for an exceptional learning experience. As YSCooks fulfill its goal of lending young people a hand in discovering the joy and pleasure of creating nourishing meals while developing an appreciation for the importance of food, it is setting a pace for the use of robust technology for nutrition education.

According to Dr. Julia Olayanju the innovator behind YSCooks: “ It is important to create an engaging educational tool that will make it easy for the next generation to learn about food and its importance to their overall well-being. Employing expertly prepared video instructions, peer support, competitions and prizes we are helping the next generation make informed healthier dining choices.”

In the coming months, YSCooks plans to expand its provision of nutrition education to schools. Providing support to educators in enriching students’ knowledge of and experiences with food. It also aims to strengthen and refine its inherent competitive advantages to ensure that students learn, have fun while creating lasting memories with their families through nourishing dining experiences. To bring YSCooks to your school or to subscribe visit its website.

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company Aspires for Healthy Environment

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company is one of the cleaning businesses, which is essential, especially in the global health crisis, or simply just maintaining the health and safety of the clients, customers, or family members. Cleaning businesses offer various services, including disinfecting, vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, floor mopping, and waxing. Recently, cleaning businesses, such as the Blue Cloud Cleaning Company, are becoming highly recommended in companies or at home.

It is a professional commercial cleaning business servicing in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, and surrounding PA areas within a 75-mile radius. Aside from the usual services, the Blue Cloud Cleaning Company disinfects bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. It also offers move-in and move-out cleaning services for various properties in Pennsylvania. 

According to the owner Kimberly Cloud, her decision to put up a cleaning business opens opportunities for her employees and enhances the strength in general. This is all because they have offered 100% satisfaction from their clients. Headed by Kimberly Cloud, the company takes pride in providing attention to detail, professionalism, and timeliness. 

Based on research, employees achieved happiness in the working environment when the workspace is fresh, clean, and free from dirt and dust. A clean environment helps individuals smell the fresh air and can assure that it is healthy to breathe. It is already known by many that polluted air is a risk to human health. Several business owners may give importance to the benefits and impact of healthy indoor air. Still, the cleaning company emphasizes that breathing dirty, unhealthy indoor air can diminish individuals’ productivity and can also affect their cognitive function.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone must heighten a clean environment. Cleanliness must be reinforced by handwashing with soap and keeping every room in the house or the office clean. Maintaining a place where it is free from bacteria and viruses must be given attention. Blue Cloud Cleaning Company strives for that kind of excellence.

Kimberly Cloud assures that their company gives premium quality on their services for they emphasized that an environment, whether at home or in office, must be environmentally-friendly. Over the years, the Blue Cloud Cleaning Industry has developed a vast scope of procedures and services to resolve any cleaning problem. The company’s goal is to maintain a clean, sanitary, and safe space for everyone, including visitors, guests, and others.

The company offers three major cleaning services. The first choice of cleaning service is that the company does commercial cleaning for office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, schools, churches, and any other commercial properties in Mountain Top, PA, and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. The second choice is the Blue Cloud Cleaning Company provides quick and low-cost move-in cleaning and move-out cleaning services for properties. Lastly, they provide disinfecting and sanitation services using registered products and equipment proven to kill any viruses and bacteria.

Besides the services, the founder and owner aspire to improve their services and expand their community help. She planned to mentor children with mental health problems and millennials, especially the LGBT Community, about cleaning businesses.

“Everyone who is trying to make their business flourish and is putting in the necessary work to make their business will stay relevant even in the COVID-19 pandemic situation,” she says.

Learn more about the cleaning services that the Blue Cloud Cleaning Company offers through its website.