Nato Guajardo’s Insurance Agency Is Showing People Everywhere How to Make a Living as an Insurance Agent

With more people looking for ways to earn a living from home during the global pandemic today, the prospect of working as an insurance agent is becoming more and more appealing to people. In fact, it’s estimated that by next year, nearly 30% of the global workforce will work permanently at-home as part of their job. The coronavirus has shown dozens of industries they can be just as productiveif not moreby allowing their workers to earn a living right at home.

Therefore, the insurance sales market is exploding in popularity, and rightfully so. Also due to COVID-19, more people than ever before are buying insurance to protect themselves and their families. That’s probably why life insurance policies are through the roof in popularity at this time. 

There has never been a more perfect time to get in on the insurance action, says insurance sales entrepreneur Nato Guajardo. Having worked in the highly competitive and rewarding job field, Nato knows that insurance agents have a chance to earn a substantial income by selling policies to both individuals and businesses. All they need to know how to do is generate quality leads that convert to sales.

“Easier said than done, of course, which I had to learn the hard way when I first got started in this industry,” said Nato. “It takes a certain kind of mindset and mentality to be able to excel in this marketplace, but for those who commit themselves to putting in the work, they are reaping some serious benefits today.”

Nato’s work speaks for itself, as the entrepreneur has secured an impressive $4 million premiums in just a few years. As the owner and manager of his own insurance agency, called the Guajardo Insurance Agency, which he manages with his wife, Nato also spends time teaching his findings and sharing his ways with insurance agents from around the country that want to get in on the secrets of lead aggregation and conversions. 

“In the beginning, I shared my knowledge with people for free because I wanted to make an impact on their lives,” said Nato. “Now I teach courses to insurance agents on how they can follow in my footsteps, scale their agencies, and grow their businesses using automation and other kinds of systems.”

It’s Time to Embrace Digital

Nato went on to say one of the biggest roadblocks stopping agents from being successful today is their unwillingness to learn new technology and automate their workflow. He said it’s important that all insurance agents embrace the new age of digital and all of the helpful tools available at their disposal.

As someone who spent a fair amount of his life finding his true calling after joining the United States Navy, attending college for information technology, and working as an IT expert out of school, Nato knows what it’s like to live an unsatisfactory, boring, and unfulfilling life. Working as an IT employee, he knew there must be more available to him with a potential to earn the money he deserved. He discovered the insurance market and has never turned back.

For those wishing to learn the tricks of the trade with Nato, please visit his website

David Drake, Creative Behind MUZE, on Breaking the Mold With His Distinctive Artistry

Today’s industries are heavily saturated and merciless in terms of allowing aspirants with no competitive advantage to stay in the game. Whether it is in the music industry or the commercial space, anyone wishing to take center stage must be able to distinguish themselves from a plethora of other go-getters who are willing to go the extra mile to pursue their goals and translate their personal and professional visions into reality. David Drake, the creative mind behind the art company MUZE, has set himself apart and continues to prove that he is bound to become a household name in the creative realm.

This graphic artist, who was born at the height of Rubik’s cubes, John Hughes movies, and hair metal, draws inspiration from pop culture. Widely known for his keen eye for the absurd and the sarcastic, he effortlessly counterbalances this particular approach to art with a genuine perspective for motivation and positivity. Today, he has gained the attention of countless enthusiasts, accumulating over 1.5 million dollars through his work, which is heavily influenced by his love for pop culture. 

Widely acclaimed within the hustle art community, David Drake has earned recognition for his signature red lip noir style. Backed by his supporters who have made it possible for MUZE by David Drake to reach impressive heights, he offers a different and original take on the growing “hustle art” trend. In recognition of the numerous websites that have popped up, almost all of which boasting nearly identical canvas art and design inspirations, this artist is committed to breaking the mold.

At MUZE, 100% of the designs available are born out of the imagination and passion of David Drake. Each piece comes ready to hang and is stretched onto a standard gallery wrap, boasting his logo and signature of approval stamped on the back. Additionally, the artistic offerings included in the inventory of this premier canvas art company are designed to speak to the millions of driven individuals worldwide. “They are crafted to resonate with people who are unique in their thinking and understand what it takes to be successful. These individuals strive for greatness in all that they do,” the esteemed creative shares. 

People from all walks of life have gravitated towards the work of David Drake. While his creations have a strong masculine aesthetic, they appeal to both men and women alike. They have also made an impact among those whose interests lie in entrepreneurship, fashion, and pop culture.

Currently, with David Drake at the helm, MUZE is making waves for providing a stylish antidote to the overplayed and overdone online canvas buying experience that has become characteristic of the hustle art community. In the coming years, he plans to continue showcasing his work and the stylish, sexy, and high-fashion vibe that it exudes to stand out even further in the industry. Armed with his talent, passion, and distinctive artistry, David Drake is carving a path toward the forefront of the art and entrepreneurial scene.

Learn more about MUZE and David Drake by visiting its website and Instagram page. 

Worldwide Entrepreneur and Artist Patrick Beck Shares His Journey Towards Success

People often define success as a by-product of a life lived inside out. In Patrick Beck’s case, he feeds himself with the idea that he is enough, and creates a space where he can pour out his potential and abilities to come up with impressive results. 

Once he found a way to realign his potential with the highest good, Patrick knew he was here to succeed. Beck, a worldwide entrepreneur and artist, has lived a story of rags to riches; he started with nothing. At the age of sixteen, Patrick already felt the struggles of being financially inexperienced or limited. After his achievement of multiple degrees in Chemical Engineering, Electronics, and Psychology, he began traveling the world .and found himself capable of unleashing his full potential to help others and himself succeed. 

Years passed, and Patrick has finally tasted the sweetness that comes with his success. He began launching multiple brands that showcase his talents. His endeavors into glass art express  his ideals and his passion. The uniqueness of his glass products allowed him to understand and excel in the business industry. He also has a thriving coffee line that has been embraced by his many followers. His coffee incorporates unique processing machines and mugs. Along with the back-to-back success came the hardship and struggles he faced throughout his journey.

Besides having multiple talents and titles, Patrick is proud to announce himself as the youngest person ever to unofficially begin his run for President of the USA, and on Christmas day no less. Given the offer of becoming a Presidential candidate, his ideas in improving infrastructure have left a global footprint. He also plans a systematic payback dedicated to the local communities. Patrick dreams of creating committees that will involve and provide more jobs to people who need them. The launching of his brands will also improve the lives of the many people involved in producing and distributing these products, keeping well-deserved profits in the communities that were created.

Patrick Beck believes in the power of his creativity. It was harnessing his creativity through his art that has given him the recognition that he enjoys among thousands of trusted influencers His glass sculpture work went platinum over Facebook, in one case garnering almost one million views within an hour of posting. This was the sign Patrick needed  to begin work on more products and excel in each brand. In a separate interview, Beck recalled the source of his strength and motivation. According to Patrick, his motivation stems from the times he spent on the streets, without anything but a strong urge to change his life and live with comfort on his own terms. 

Being an established worldwide entrepreneur and artist, Patrick has proven to the world how the combination of these two roles has made a life-changing impact. His passions motivate him to do more and never feel complacent or content in his current status.

At present, Patrick Beck envisions creating and developing high technology industry solutions to ensure beauty and integrity of the community, humanity, civilization, and nature. 

To explore more about this worldwide entrepreneur and artist, you may check out his coffee line and his glass products

Kevon Daley and Daley Strength Lab on Going Beyond the Physical in Fitness

Most fitness experts focus on the health and result of their studies, practices, and exercise regimen. However, Kevon Daley likes to emphasize the importance of exercise as a means of healing. He has developed a philosophy that aligns with his belief in optimizing human performance.

Kevon Daley, also known as Coach K, is a well-known coach in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Exercise Science. Passionate about health, Daley went on to become a Certified EXOS Performance Specialist. From there, he would amass over thirteen years of experience in the field, developing his skillset to heal those in pain through corrective exercise, mobility, and defining better habits for each of his clients.

The fitness coach carries a philosophy of movement as he believes that everyone is meant to move like an athlete in their own right. Daley was blessed to study the brightest minds and coaches of the highest strength level in the industry, and he was able to create a path for his clients to develop the habits of a high-performing athlete. Seeing his clients do things they never thought they could or would again gave Daley the satisfaction and motivation to continue in his career and help people with their goals, be it weight loss, hypertrophy, mobility, or gain more energy.

Kevon Daley would then launch his company Daley Strength Lab based on a fundamental understanding of how human performance can be optimized. While looking nice and fitting into clothes we like are confidence boosters, Daley strives to help people develop the proper habits to fuel the body correctly, recover optimally, increase their sense of mental space, feel great, and move well.

As a coach, Daley takes a holistic approach to fine-tuning the basics of his clients’ foundation. He often starts with a proper assessment to know their goals, why they want to achieve them, and understand how their bodies move. Daley offers a six-week jumpstart program that is habit/nutrition-based and focusing on resetting the digestive system. Daley Strength Lab offers a 90-day transformation program composed of mindset, nutrition, activity, and recovery for people looking for something more personalized with a full accountability aspect.

What makes Daley such an incredible coach is his passion for the human body. He has the ability to apply everything he learned over the years from continuing education and experience of many different body types allows him to take a detailed approach with anyone who works with him. Daley takes pride in the responsibility of his client’s well being and anything he puts out into the world to provide others with accurate information.

Although he has already significantly contributed to the fitness industry, Kevon Daley still feels he has a lot more to offer. He not only wants to help others reach their goals; Daley wants to help his fellow coaches in the field. With a saturated field in the online market, the fitness expert intends to elevate the market to explode even more. Daley sees himself as the go-to guy for different training models and helping thousands whether they’re online or in person.

To learn more about Kevon “Coach K” Daley, you may visit his website. Daley can also be reached through Instagram or Twitter.