Cookies N’ Kicks Dominates the Shoe Industry

Since its inception,  Cookies N’ Kicks has been making significant strides towards the forefront of the shoe industry. True enough, the company has gained nods and garnered accolades from the world. Now a household name, it continues to provide shoe lovers with top-tier service.  

Located on Melrose Avenue, Cookies N’ Kicks specializes in buying and reselling shoes. On top of that, the company has also become a media company that gained millions of followers on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. But what makes the store special and unique is that they provide delicious cookies to their customers.

Through its social media engagement and online visibility,  Cookies N’ Kicks has emerged as the most followed shoe store in the world. Even though the company has just recently opened, its coverage and impact on shoe lovers still turned out to be phenomenal.

Cookies N’ Kicks is for anyone who loves shoes, and most of all, cookies. Having gained recognition for catering to customers of all ages, the company makes sure to keep everyone happy and satisfied. 

“What makes us different from other competitors is that we buy and sell shoes and clothing in the most friendly way possible,” Eli says. “Here at Cookies N’ Kicks, we truly consider our entire staff a family and get together out of work all the time. Not only our staff, but our customers are treated with a warm welcome and a cookie as if it was their own home,” he adds. 

Cookies N’ Kicks does not limit itself to shoes and treats. The company also aims to spread a positive message to everyone. “Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved creating things on my own,” Eli says. Whether it was for art or class get-togethers, his main objective was affecting the environment that positively surrounded his life. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down, the outbreak has only pushed Cookies N’ Kicks to step up its game. Having tripled its previous years’ revenues in the past few months, the company has shown everyone that it is a force to be reckoned with. “Customer experience is what we prioritize above all else. I think our focus on creating a community for our customers, and social media growth is the reason why we’ve been so successful during a time where most businesses were failing,” said partner Luca Schnetzler.

It has become clear that the store’s main priority is reaching out to other people. By building meaningful relationships and deep-rooted connections, Cookies N’ Kicks was able to show care to other people. The store also provided jobs to people. “The connections I make and the efforts I put into connecting others has been nothing but rewarding. I am truly happy to be doing what I am doing,” he says. 

Cookies N’ Kicks aims to take over the shoe industry through the help of social media. With no plans of slowing down any time soon, the company is committed to taking its diligent efforts to greater heights. And as it continues to expand its horizons, it encourages other people to be relentless with their pursuits.


For more information on the shoe store, visit Cookies N’ Kicks website.

How Luca Alboretti Climbed the Summits of the Real Estate Industry with Humor and Memes

Success favors those who bring something new to the table. As proven by Luca Alboretti, the CEO of ActuallyAgents, extraordinary things began to unfold when he allowed his innovative spirit to run wild. And as a result of his unparalleled creativity, topped with a passion-driven heart, Luca has been gracing the real estate industry with his topnotch brilliance and remarkable finesse.

Hailed for his unconventional methods and witty tactics, Luca Alboretti proves that everything is within reach once a person puts their minds to it. With the milestones that he has achieved, it is a no-brainer how this once ordinary real estate agent became one of the most sought-after entrepreneurs across the industry. And as he continues to set his passion into motion, Luca sheds light on how he brought ActuallyAgents towards the summits of success.

Born and bred with a knack for getting ahead, Luca Alboretti has always been passionate about business and real estate. Ever since he discovered his niche in the industry, he persevered to shape himself into the molds of today’s real estate mogul. However, his journey towards the pinnacles of victory was not filled with sunshine and rainbows. The path was rather thronged with a myriad of difficulties and obstacles. And without a doubt, he had his moments of doubts, fears, and trials. As someone who was on the verge of giving up, Luca did not allow these tribulations to overpower him. However, the human part of his disposition drove him to vent his frustrations through humor and memes.

What started as an offshoot of discontent and exasperation turned into a huge hot pot of laughs and excitement. When Luca Alboretti poured out his frustrations by building a real estate themed meme page, he never thought that he would see his site experience a massive boom in the real estate space. In an interview, he revealed, “I was tired of living a facade of what I thought a successful agent should look like on social media, with a suit and probably leased luxury car, I just wanted to post what interested me.” 

Although his posts and memes were unintended, Luca Alboretti became a popular figure in the realms of real estate. He began receiving a series of queries that ultimately launched his career to greater heights. With his newfound fame, he decided to use this as a secret weapon in building his real estate business.

“When I thought about actually using memes to create business, I thought I might generate a few buyer or seller referrals to add to my bottom line, I never expected this would happen,” Luca said.

With multiple clients, hedge funds, and private placements firms flooding on his doorstep, Luca Alboretti takes the industry by storm. And as Luca continues to use his brilliant ideas to market his company’s services, it is a no-brainer how he is earmarked towards becoming a real estate extraordinaire.

Needless to say, Luca’s path to success may have been a happy accident for some. However, his brilliance, coupled with a tenacious spirit, ultimately propelled him towards the summits of success. Luca hopes to inspire others to bring out their innovative skills in their journey towards achieving their dreams.

To know more about Luca Alboretti, you may visit his website or Instagram page.

Major B2B Swiss Skincare Lab, Eblouir Group, Launches E-commerce

Eblouir Group is a major Swiss Lab mainly famous for its Skin Repair line “Less is More”, focused on minimalist cure and prevention. Established in 2014, this company was first and foremost focused on the professional market B2B, supplying a network of 6000 distributors globally: mostly medical groups, hospitals, hotels, spas, and retailers.

At the time where most beauty brands started going retail and then tried to expand to the B2B market (with more or less success), Eblouir Group did quite the opposite: they launched B2B first and established strategic partnerships within the professional market.

Mr. Vu-Hoang Lê, Co-Founder and Group CEO, shares, “My dream was to create a business that could merge beauty and science, to help people achieve a healthy and radiant skin. In order to be successful, instead of spending big money on ads that will have no benefits to our consumers, we would have to invest heavily on Research and Development, and the testimonies will be our marketing.”

Medical Grade Skincare

In other words, “Beauty is Vitality Revealed.” A strategy that has proven highly successful over the past six years, despite involving zero marketing outside customer feedback, as the company boasts 85% repeat business, thousands of corporate partners, and 140 shops. 

During an interview with In-Corpore, a Swiss Medical Center famous for medical tourism, Mr. Lê explains how the deep collaboration with strategic distributors like hospitals enables the company to invest their R&D where there is the most urgent need in terms of skincare and dermatology. And while Eblouir Group would focus on what they do best (R&D, skingredients, and products), they would entrust their commercial partners to distribute the products worldwide and give them feedback on the future needs expressed by clients or doctors.

Brand Awareness

Victim of its success, Eblouir’s Instagram page has reached 500,000 fans and are eager to learn about skingredients (“ingredients for your skin”), and getting skincare lessons from Swiss doctors. With global pandemic COVID-19, people are staying at home a lot more and are therefore willing to become their own “dermatologists” at home. We could say that 2020 is the year of social mediaand Eblouir Group has taken this opportunity to launch their E-Commerce website.

The beauty business is a $532 billion worldwide, and while the cosmetics industry invests in huge marketing campaigns, the same cannot always be said about their Research and Development. Eblouir Group (Switzerland) has certainly proven that there is certainly a huge demand for medical-grade skincare worldwide, or as they call it “Skin Repair.” We hope that in the future, more brands will follow that trend and keep innovating. Consumers deserve quality over quantity. And from what we know, “Made in Switzerland” is a label highly sought after worldwide, for both high-quality and luxurious products, but also medical and pharmaceutical research.

For more information on Eblouir Group, visit their website and follow @eblouir on Instagram.

Music Artist ‘Lil J’ Sets to Dominate the Rap Scene With Debut Single “Crazy Lil J”

With countless hopeful and talented individuals coming in every year, the music industry remains one of the busiest. Joining the millions keeping it buzzing with activity and bringing energy like no other before, rap artist Lil J recently debuted in the music scene.

Before laying the groundwork for his rise to the top of the charts, John Patrick “Lil J” Harkins IV had always dreamed of being a popular and well-loved rapper. Growing up in Summit, New Jersey, the young music artist was surrounded by great sound. With hard-hitting beats reverberating on the walls around him, Lil J soon discovered an interest and a love for music.

While considering forging a career path in the industry, Lil J kept busy making a name in lacrosse. He was widely recognized as one of the top players in his high school and was quickly recruited for his face-off ability. 

Despite his success in the sport, however, the celebrated athlete realized he could not let go of his dream. John Patrick Harkins IV could not imagine being anything other than a rapper. So, he decided to go for it.

“Last year, I started focusing on rapping for a living,” he shares. “I always wanted to be a famous rapper my whole life, so I decided last year I would start to pursue my dreams of becoming a famous rapper.”

Blessed with an impressive work ethic, a fantastic voice, and musical prowess, the handsome 23-year old took his first step in the industry. After months of passionately developing his craft and finally finding his sound, John Patrick Harkins IV made his debut with “Crazy Lil J” just last December 26, 2020. 

Aside from setting the stage for his future international success, Lil J’s recent debut is also the mark of a dream nearly realized. Having fantasized about being where he is now and further for a long time, the young rapper is ecstatic about his first single.

“I decided to pursue my dream of being a rapper because it would make me happy. I want a job that I would love to do for the rest of my life, and being a rapper would, for sure, make me blissful.”

Working multiple minimum wage jobs for a long time, starting a career in the music industry is a welcome addition to Lil J’s growing portfolio. At present, the rising music artist is working on numerous powerful tracks that will exhibit not only his unique flow but also his discovered brilliance at the 2011 acting camp of the New York Film Academy.

In preparing to dominate the rap scene, the young rapper has armed himself with the two key ingredients to his future success: talent and will. “I am very determined to make it to the top of the rap game and have my picture and name known by everyone around the world. It would be a dream come true for me, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.”

Listen to Lil J’s debut rap song on SoundCloud and his YouTube channel. Learn more about the 23-year old rapper and stay updated on his rise to the top of the charts by following him on Instagram.