Dr. Konstantine Trichas Innovates the Cosmetic Dentistry Industry through Sheer Expertise

Cosmetic dentistry is a field that is only practiced by individuals far and few. Within the Tri-state area alone, there’s a clear lack of dental practitioners that clients can heavily rely on. Fortunately, Dr. Konstantine Trichas operates his own practice as a dominant figure in the dentistry industry, creating some of the most beautiful smiles in the Northeast.

Dr. Konstatine Trichas is an acclaimed dentist who received the special honor of becoming a Fellow at the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), a title that is shared by only 7% of dentists all across the United States. After serving for two decades in the dental industry, Dr. Trichas has attained countless experiences and expertise, allowing him to apply it in his field in rather innovative ways.

Born and raised in Canada, Dr. Konstantine Trichas graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the State University of New York Buffalo, better known as the University of Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine. He then completed his General Practice Residency at Muhlenberg Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and received his Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry.

Eventually, Dr. Konstantine Trichas completed his Advanced Educational Training with the Hornbrook Group. Cementing his training and reputation within the dentistry industry. Dr. Trichas is currently a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and much of his success can be attributed to his immense knowledge of his craft.

Dr. Trichas utilizes his unbridled passion and commitment for dentistry to push its boundaries. As a dental practitioner, Dr. Konstantine Trichas and his team integrate health, function, and beauty through state-of-the-art industry technology. He has made it a mission to provide a safe space for patients to seek dental care services at their own comfort. 

His priority lies in making sure that his clients will feel safe and comfortable throughout the most complex dental procedures. Dr. Konstantine Trichas does all of this by keeping himself up-to-date with the latest technology in dentistry, implementing Chrome-Guided Surgery Technology to make placing implants less invasive and more precise.

Dr. Trichas has fully dedicated himself toward perfecting his craft. He has successfully created the greatest smiles through his company’s facial analyzing systems and procedures. He has close ties with the latest and greatest individuals of the industry, even citing the master ceramist Jason Kim as a close friend. To Dr. Konstantine Trichas, dentistry is more than just an occupation, it is a burning passion and a family tradition. His wife is a board-certified periodontist, and his father-in-law is a dentist and instructor at the New York University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Trichas also offers charitable work to give back to his community. Each month, he provides free dental work to patients in need of dental care. He does this by offering pro-bono work to many people who can’t afford to take care of their own oral health issues.

Apart from giving dental care, Dr. Konstantine Trichas also educates his clients about oral hygiene and helps them understand the core essence of dentistry. He applies a holistic approach to dental care, helping individuals achieve a seamless blend of health, function, and beauty. Dr. Trichas is positively impacting the world, one smile at a time.

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Jimmy Baratta on Giving Back in Esports Through the NACL

Up until recently, no one would have thought that esports would become as big as it is today. There are esports events and tournaments worldwide, and there are even professional players and teams. As a result, the gaming community grew, and there are now several platforms where players and enthusiasts can interact and bond over their shared interests. Jimmy Baratta has helped create a new way to support collegiate esports athletes in this new frontier through his nonprofit league, the NACL.

Jimmy Baratta was trained as a civil litigation attorney. After six successful years working in a prestigious law firm in California, Jimmy decided it was time for him to pursue his love for gaming. “I am incredibly passionate about esports,” he shares, “I have been a gamer my whole life.” After making that decision, Jimmy has successfully shifted careers from law to esports business development.

Apart from founding ICEBRKRSCLAN, a network of content creators and competitive players founded by Baratta in 2017, and consulting for Granderson des Rochers, a high profile entertainment law firm in Beverly Hills, in 2019 Jimmy Baratta established the North American Collegiate League (NACL) with FaZe Clan seed investor David Chen. Jimmy Baratta and David Chen noticed that scholarships are usually only given to traditional sports athletes or academic achievers, and decided to fill a void, so that competitive esports players also can attain higher education. The NACL, they state, is a non-profit organization that aims to support collegiate competitive esports players through scholarships.

Baratta’s NACL now has over 220 colleges and universities affiliated, that compete and participate in NACL events. The NACL maintains broadcast licenses in some of the biggest games in gaming: from Fortnite to CS:GO, Madden, and more. The NACL has hosted tournaments every month since its launch and distributed over $100,000 in funding. The NACL also streams events and tournaments through their partnership with Chinese service Huomao and iSunTV across 8 Asian territories, Latin America, and the U.S. This large fan base gains the NACL nearly 1.5M in viewership, establishing itself as the predominant name in collegiate gaming.

A brief history – the NACL hosted their first event in November of 2019 at the ISM Raceway during NASCAR’s 2020 Championship weekend. NACL ambassador and NASCAR driver Anthony Alfredo led the campaign, where students competed against each other and against NASCAR drivers to claim the esports prize. The event was such a success, it was repeated on March 15, 2020 at Phoenix Raceway, where the NACL showcased NASCAR Heat 4 to the public in a tournament that was crowned with the winner of the LS Tractor 200. Since then, the NACL has shifted its model to support online tournaments, both increasing viewership, participation and charitable reach. 

Apart from his philanthropic endeavors and founding of the NACL, Jimmy Baratta has continued to build a successful career in the esports business. He is currently a consultant for XSET, and fondly calls Clinton Sparks a mentor and friend. Jimmy also sits on the board for The Esportz Network. Jimmy also works with software developer Wizard Labs as head of user acquisition, and is the new VP of Special Events for XR Sports. Besides his corporate roles, he also accepted a position at the University of California Irvine as a professor of esports.

Following his passion has made such a positive impact on Jimmy Baratta’s life. Despite his success, he never forgets his commitment to the community – most evident in the NACL. He wants to encourage young people to see gaming and esports as a positive influence in their lives, now more than ever. To help with that, he has a mentoring program through the ICE clan, and also gives back by providing college scholarships through NACL to individuals who want to use their skills in esports to get a college education. 

In pursuing a career in esports, Jimmy Baratta followed an unconventional route. But his decisions have paid off, and he hopes to inspire anyone else wanting to switch jobs or pursue their passion.

For more information on Jimmy Baratta, you may check his LinkedIn profile.

Symple: A Tech-Forward Brand Making Groundbreaking Innovations

Despite the global crisis and many businesses shutting down left and right due to the pandemic, Symple found a way to establish itself in the business industry. Offering tech-forward smart furniture, it intends to revolutionize home living, one innovative piece of furniture at a time. As it transforms homes into a safe haven that is both comfortable and easy to manage, more and more people are drawn to its remarkable products. 

For Symple, proving ultimate comfort means ushering in the next wave of smart home innovation by offering state-of-the-art furniture that features high-quality materials, beautiful aesthetics, and functionality. The company’s first product, The Executive Smart Bed, is a multi-functional bed equipped with exciting features such as built-in charging ports, storage compartments, Bluetooth speakers, touch lights, and electronic massage chairs. 

The Executive Smart Bed works best not just for relaxation and sleep but also for working on one’s laptop and daytime lounging as well. The bed also comes with two adjustable genuine leather headboards, a sidearm, boot bed foot, hidden headboard shelf storage, built-in electronic lockbox safe, attached size stool and table, built-in extractable computer desk, and universal electronic remote control.

The bed is made up of wear-resistant microfiber leather, deep cushioning, high-density sponge, and a strong solid pinewood frame and skeleton. The bed size is a king bed frame with a width of 8 feet, a length of 8.5 feet, and a height of 2.5 feet. 

It would excite consumers to know that Symple accepts custom designs and features. The company’s main objective is to ensure that the clients get what they asked for. The company is made up of a team of highly skilled workers and partners who are more than able to provide mattresses and in-person installation services. Furthermore, the team members are known for their kind accommodation, creativity, and passion for the work they do. 

Company founder Kody Amburgey was motivated to develop Symple as a result of his passion for innovating within the smart home market. “I’m a multi-time founder, and I love bringing new products to the market. I’m on a mission to make home living more enjoyable and simple for everyone, especially during these unprecedented and difficult times,” Amburgey explains. 

Aside from The Executive Smart Bed, Symple also released other smart furniture such as the Smart Sofa and Smart Recliner. Overall, clients cannot help but rave about the company’s exciting products. After all, nothing compares to being able to enjoy comfort and innovation at the same time. Symple has perfectly combined the two to create a luxurious and meaningful experience for their clients. 

Although it was only recently established, Amburgey is nothing but confident that he and his team will one day make Symple a household name when it comes to smart furniture. In a few years, he envisions the company becoming the number one smart furniture brand in the country that offers a wide variety of innovative products. 

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