Star Bahati Redefining Makeup Artistry in Hollywood

The makeup industry is a billion-dollar industry that has become an integral part of the entertainment industry. Star Bahati is at the center of that, especially in mainstream Hollywood. Over the last 23 years as a freelance makeup artist, she has not only empowered herself but others in the process. She is a skilled freelance makeup artist, and her exceptional skills have earned her some of the biggest gigs in Hollywood. Star Bahati had her makeup training at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College of Cosmetology and then participated in several training workshops for various cosmetic brands.

Some of the brands she has worked with include Mac Cosmetics, Sephora, Estée Lauder, Prescriptive, and Smashbox Cosmetics. She eventually launched her own standalone business to operate as a freelance makeup artist in the greater Los Angeles areas, other parts of the United States, and internationally. Star Bahati is credited for handling the makeup of hit television shows such as MTV’s Ridiculousness, VH1’s Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, R&B’s Divas, and Global Cinema TV. She has also worked on numerous independent films, music videos, theatrical productions, high-fashion runway shows, corporate advertising shoots, and editorial shoots. She has an extensive resume and has positioned herself as a shining light for young people looking to get into the makeup business.

With all her years of experience, Star Bahati never stops trying and learning new things. She seeks knowledge at every opportunity, and this is because she plans to take up mentoring. And she believes she cannot adequately impart knowledge if she is not armed with up-to-date knowledge herself. Many of her clients have learned one or two things from her about the latest makeup tricks and techniques.

Currently, she is working on creating her makeup line. And she plans to establish a trade school for at-risk girls where they can learn the trade and become successful entrepreneurs in the makeup industry. She is currently developing training courses, and according to her, she cannot wait to see the next generation improving on the excellent foundation already laid down for them.

Her family inspires her work ethic. Her siblings are all successful self-made entrepreneurs, and they have all inspired her to keep forging out a path for herself no matter how rough it gets. She has done the business for more than 23 years without showing any signs of slowing down. The beauty industry is dynamic and challenging with new products, new techniques, and ever-changing trends. Any professional makeup artist must keep evolving to stay relevant. Star Bahati has made a name for herself over the past two decades, and she has decided to give back in her little way by helping others rise. Her mentoring program will launch in a couple of years, and it will involve her and other successful professionals training and mentoring aspiring makeup artists.

Star Bahati has proved her mettle as an exceptional makeup artist. And she never allowed anything to get in her way or stop her from becoming a big-shot makeup artist.

Gregory Candelario on Thriving and Staying Healthy With Nutrables.

In a world that is highly driven by a get-up-and-go disposition, people find it essential to stay in tip-top condition. But with limited amounts of energy and resources, one can only do so much. And addressing himself to the current and pressing need to keep up with this fast-paced culture, Gregory Candelario helped found Nutrables —an Arizona-based vitamin gummy contract manufacturing company that values health as much as it prioritizes consumer satisfaction.

Although hustling is an underlying theme for success, Gregory Candelario explains that it should never be at the cost of compromising one’s well-being. And as he ensures that everyone can still pay attention to their health while going after their dreams, the brilliant visionary marches forward with Nutrables. Quickly becoming a top of the line contract manufacturer for some of the biggest brands in the world. According to him, Nutrables strives to strike a balance between high tech manufacturing and quality with great tasting formulations. They now have over fifty formulas.

Understanding how easy it can be to get consumed with the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind, Gregory Candelario set his mental gears in motion and pounded the pavement with his innovative flair. As a result, Nutrables is quickly setting a place in the big box retail market to take on the biggest names in the industry.

Gaining recognition for being a founder and Chief Technology Officer of the nutraceutical manufacturing company, Gregory is fueled by the idea of bringing consumers organic ingredients grown from only the most trusted and reliable sources. When he started Nutrables  he had no idea that the venture he kicked off in a tiny warehouse would soon blossom into a thriving empire.

The company has gone from a 3,000-square-foot building to a 50,000-square-foot facility with another facility that will soon be over 100,000 square foot.  Being one of the largest starchless vegan vitamin gummy producing manufacturers in the country he strives to bring a top of the line facility to answer the growing demand of the consumer market. And seeing how far Nutrables has come, Gregory Candelario promises himself that he will not stop until the company becomes the top innovative Clean label manufacturer of the vitamin gummy industry.

Today, Gregory takes pride in taking the helm of a multimillion-dollar company. He is also glad that Nutrables is brimming with high demands for its revolutionary gummy vitamins that are rich in vitamin C, B12, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, elderberry, immunity, multi-vitamins and many more.

Aside from tasting amazing, Nutrables’ products are also geared to being USDA Organic, Non Project Verified, Kosher, Halal, Gluten Free and Vegan as the basis of the core of the company. In fact, all of the raw materials used can easily be traced to its source and production. And as the whole manufacturing process is transported from the farms to the bottle, Nutrables shows that its products are unlike any other. And bringing nothing short of the best, the company also makes it a point to become the next high tech clean label Manufacturer.

Being at the forefront of Nutrables, Gregory Candelario has successfully charted new territory, not just for the company but also for gummy industry. And committing himself to cater to every go-getter’s needs, he proves that people can reach the top no matter what odds are faced against them.

As one of the country’s foremost pioneers of starchless vitamin gummies, Gregory Candelario invites everyone to step back from their busy lives and give time for their health. More than just a wellness company, Nutrables is a movement that fosters a meaningful lifestyle.

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