Cannon Wealth Solutions Is Setting the Gold Standard for Financial Advice

Cannon Wealth Solutions is changing financial advice as we know it, especially for clients preparing for retirement. The company’s plethora of financial services simplify retirement planning, eliminating the complexities of how financial advice is presented to the general public.

The company utilizes a customer-friendly approach to assist its retirement-focused clients. Cannon Wealth Solutions begins by carefully identifying each client’s needs. By obtaining detailed information, the company offers expert advice in line with the customers’ objectives.

Retirees benefit from Cannon Wealth Solutions’ advisory team approach. This allows clients to receive advice from a wide range of specialists in various areas, such as wealth building, wealth preservation, and taxes.

What follows is the formulation of a financial plan tailored to the clients’ needs. Every recommendation given puts into consideration assets versus liabilities and cash inflow versus outflow. Once they implement a financial plan, Cannon Wealth Solutions reviews the performance of their recommendations. The company checks in with its clients regularly. Cannon Wealth Solutions’ delivery of financial advice and subsequent financial plans implementation highlights the difference between salespeople and fiduciaries.

Robert Cannon, the managing partner of Cannon Wealth Solutions, is the genius behind the company’s distinct wealth management and investment process. He uses his three decades’ worth of experience in the financial industry to place a key focus on creating lifetime income plans for retirement. He has worked with influential investors, businesses, and hedge funds across the United States throughout his career.

Having earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF) designation, Robert Cannon makes sure the primary objective of Cannon Wealth Solutions is to always put clients’ best interest first. This obligation is, after all, the defining characteristic of fiduciaries. Retirees are guaranteed to experience the good faith, care, and loyalty of the financial professionals in Cannon Wealth Solutions.

Before establishing Cannon Wealth Solutions, Robert Cannon earned a Certificate in Financial Management from Cornell University. He has also received numerous licenses and professional designations in the industry, including the prestigious Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA) designation. Given his vast experience and qualifications, it is no surprise that Robert Cannon is considered the “quarterback” among the company’s advisory team.

In conversations with retirees, the financial professionals from Cannon Wealth Solutions use simple language and illustrate crucial points through real stories. The advisory teams’ only goal, dictated by the clients’ best interests, is to help clients understand that prioritizing their retirement protects their future.

By transforming how financial advice is presented to the public, the company effectively delivers the message that retirement can be enjoyed as the best years of one’s life. They customize their conversations based on their clients’ level of understanding. What Cannon Wealth Solutions achieves is a heightened awareness among their clients of essential financial services. As a result, retirees create their retirement shields to protect their income, sufficiently provide for their health, and prepare themselves to enjoy life in comfort and security.

Cannon Wealth Solutions is delivering financial advice and retirement plans the way only a fiduciary can. Visit the company’s website to learn more.

Irex Partners with Intel to Combat Human Trafficking and Create Safer Cities

The statistics around human trafficking and child exploitation are not new; however, the gravity of the issue has only made significant headlines recently. Current statistics show that there are 20-40 million human slaves globally. 1 in 4 slaves are children with 150 billion dollars generated every year. Human trafficking calls have soared 259% since 2008. The problem is continuing to grow at enormous levels. In the first 48 hours, the majority of missing children are approached and recruited by a trafficker. 1 in 4 children are sexually abused globally, which creates a higher risk for these children to be trafficking victims. 

The US is one of the top 3 nations in the world for the national origin of human trafficking, next to the Philippines and Mexico. Calls to the human trafficking hotline doubled during the COVID lockdown, in addition to the emergency hotline. There was also a 98% increase in online enticement reports in the year 2020. We can see the huge impact COVID is having on children, especially because they are not in school.

With the help of Irex’s robust facial detection technology, we can find and track missing children to reunite them with their families. With over 500,000 children missing each year, this technology will allow for instant identification and real-time alerts to law enforcement in an effort to combat this growing problem.

At a recent event, Irex, in partnership with Intel, highlights the power of AI in combatting human trafficking in an effort to create safer cities across America.

With this partnership, Irex will increase actionable intelligence across numerous data platforms to help identify and track missing and exploited children. This technology will also help law enforcement communities to disrupt trafficking networks, bringing justice to today’s criminal traffickers and complicit facilitators.

The event, hosted by Irex co-founder Derek Distenfield, featured an overview of the state of human trafficking, a speech by Intelligence Analyst for Homeland Security Amy Storer, followed by a roundtable discussion with Irex co-founder and CEO Gary Fowler, Q&A, and the announcement of Irex partnerships.

“The most important thing about Amy is that she is an incredible advocate for human trafficking as well as the mission of Irex to provide wide-scale solutions to this growing problem,” said Derek Distenfield, Irex co-founder.

Amy Storer previously worked at Washington D.C Headquarters with collective experience at the National Targeting Center, the Tactical Intelligence Cell, the National Intelligence Watch, and the Office of the White House Liaison. Amy is also a professor and researcher speaking from the heart on a topic that she believes is the greatest crisis in world history.

The round-table discussion panel was led by Gary Fowler, co-founder and CEO of Irex with 25+ years in the field of AI, who was named top ten AI executives and started iconic tech organizations such as and ClickSoftware. 

Other panelists joining the discussion were Kevin Metcalf, a former federal agent turned prosecutor and founder of the National Child Protection Taskforce, which brings together experts, training, and resources that are underfunded in most law enforcement agencies. Kevin Branzetti is the current Deputy Chief of Intelligence at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office over criminal, financial, terrorism, and cyber-intelligence, among others. David Luna completes the panel as a former US diplomat and National Security Official as well as a globally recognized strategic thought leader on transnational threats, international affairs, geopolitical risks, illicit trade, threat finance, and global illicit economies. Amy Storer also joined the panel. 

In this powerful discussion, they covered how each of their operations is developing real-world solutions to human trafficking; however with limited resources, they need all the help they can get. To the naked eye, it becomes increasingly difficult to profile missing children and their traffickers by photograph or current video surveillance. These solutions would expand in accuracy and speed with the use of AI and Irex facial recognition technology. 

There is, however, a fine line between justice and privacy when it comes to facial recognition technology within the public sector. Using this type of technology and raising funds within the private sector could ultimately alleviate the issue of privacy concerns so that we can make the protection and safety of missing, exploited, and trafficked children our number one priority. 

“We must prioritize artificial intelligence for the mission of protecting our most precious resource; our children”, says Irex CEO Gary Fowler

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Sabathil720 Aims to Spark Change in People’s Hearts Through Music

Losing a loved one is hard. The Bronx, New York-born artist Melvin Acquah, best known as Sabathil720, is pushing boundaries as he tries to continue his late brother’s legacy. The artist formerly belonged to a group called The ETMC’s, who parted ways when his brother Thaahum passed away. Today, he wants to make a difference in others’ lives through music.

With the loss of his brother, Sabathil720 is fueled to build what they have both started. Determined to keep the torch on fire, the artist continually captivates music lovers with major, game-changing moves. For him, the hip-hop industry is no longer merely about music but has evolved into a way of life. Various artists have become entrepreneurs, such as Jay-Z and Mark Cuban. The paths of his idols inspired him to create his own empire in the hip-hop landscape.

Additionally, Sabathil720 created his own music label to free himself from the constraints of music contracts. The artist seeks to produce a sound that ensures full creative freedom and artistry. “I have complete freedom to do my own deals and to fully own my publishing which most artists don’t or can’t currently have because of consensual contracts,” shared the artist. “I want to be the first to break out of that concept of contracts. I will be the first artist to not be tied up into contracts,” he added. 

Sabathil720 wants to create music that’s never before heard in the mainstream music scene. He strives to be a voice that will spark a revolution and inspire others to make a stand, release their sentiments, and lead the change needed in the world. The artist is not afraid of venturing outside the mold and challenging the status quo because he knows that the narrative for his community can be better. “I sit on the throne, I am the imperial, and no one, no matter who they are, will not stop me,” the artist said. 

His latest song called “Like Me” is a testament to Sabathil720’s determination to carve his name in the hearts of hip hop lovers worldwide. The song is his way of challenging social norms and stepping out of his comfort bubble on a mission to honor his brother’s name. “Like Me” takes the audience on a journey of unique beats and profound lyricism.

“No matter what it is, no matter what concept you have, the world is yours,” said Sabathil720. “Be your own boss. Show that you care, show the world that you can be different, show the world that you can be the difference and the change that this world needs to see and to grasp new ideas from,” he added. The artist not only sees music as a career but as a way of life wherein he can fulfill a deeper purpose. 

Sabathil720 proves that nothing is too challenging for one to tackle, especially if one is blessed with a wonderful mind from God. Asked where he envisions himself in five years, the artist shared that he sees a life of financial and creative freedom, doing what he is passionate about, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. “Work smarter and not harder as the saying goes and never give up hope,” said the artist.

Learn more about Sabathil720 on Instagram.

Ivreeproductions Founder Sheds Light on Becoming a Beacon of Hope for Aspiring Artists

People get acknowledged for a lot of things. While some are glorified for their brilliance and countless achievements, others are recognized for their service and noble acts. For Ivree Moore, the CEO of Ivreeproductions, her ability to spark a passion within others gave her a sterling reputation.

Needless to say, the music industry is a hot pot of talents and creative spirits. However, only those who are determined and passion-driven can climb the summits of success in such a cutthroat industry. Believing that these skilled individuals need the right amount of push to propel their musical career upwards, Ivree Moore uses her expertise to help aspiring artists turn their dreams into reality. Thus, she created Ivreeproductions, an artist development agency that transforms natural gifts into tangible assets.

Zealously established for budding artists and developing musicians across the industry, Ivreeproductions flawlessly sets passion into motion. With the founder’s exceptional talents and business savvy, this agency has continued to offer opportunities for aspiring hopefuls while attaining progressive development and improved branding. In other words, Ivreeproductions is an agency that is packed with music production, social media management, artist or brand development, and marketing services that ultimately help artists reach the peak of triumph in the realms of music and entertainment.

Rooted in three different locations – Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Shanghai – Ivreeproductions takes pride in its ability to walk the talk. With its 90-day program, the company assures to produce outcomes that take artists towards greater heights. Proving worthy of its reputable image across the industry, its roster of clients includes artists from Major Label Capitol Records, where the company rebrands artists, as well as those from NBC, ABC, and Disney networks. The agency is also contracted with various indie film and reality tv programs across several networks.

However, the overarching success of Ivreeproductions would not have been possible without the founder’s incomparable list of experiences and unparalleled expertise in the craft. Ever since Ivree Moore took a step towards the world of beats and melodic tunes, she has been gracing the music industry with her talents, undeniable finesse, and creative flair. At a young age, Ivree became the youngest violinist to play for the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra and Master Chorale. Throughout her high school years, Ivree studied under the direct supervision of Walter Reed and Carlsbad High School’s internationally acclaimed musical conductors, which led her to attain two prestigious first place trophies and excellent ratings in ten district orchestral competitions across Los Angeles and San Diego counties. 

Proving to be passionately driven by the intricacies of her craft, Ivree then proceeded to finish both her college and postgraduate studies, where she completed a double master’s degree in music production and business from the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. With an impeccable set of skills and talents in her arsenal, it comes as no surprise how Ivree managed to climb the summits of success in her career. Since her launch, she has been working with countless well-known artists, such as Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah, En Vogue, and Destiny’s Child. Seeing that her achievements may benefit others, Ivree decided to help aspiring individuals shape their careers to fit into the molds of success. Hence, Ivreeproductions came into existence.

Imbued with a talent that inspires and a heart that helps others, Ivree Moore is truly someone to look out for. And as she continues to take the reins of Ivreeproductions, Ivree hopes to become a beacon of hope for those who seek to find a place in the music space.

To know more about Ivreeproductions, you may visit its website.