Maaleak Wilbur: the Foster Kid Who Overcame Adversities to Become a Social Media Marketer

Challenges are a part of life meant to test an individual’s resilience and passion. Maaleak Wilbur is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who has been able to turn the lemons life threw at him into lemonades. Maaleak’s story began at the tender age of four when he was placed in the foster care system. While in the system, he went to four different foster homes, three residential homes, a few group homes, and was even in the witness protection program (WITSEC). 

The instability took its toll on young Maaleak as he had no family to call his own, but he persevered, learning to do things by himself. When he was eight years old, he found a new interest in gaming and steadily built his passion. Four years later, he established a vast gaming fanbase with over 30,000 YouTube subscribers in 2012.

 Unfortunately, life was not kind to the teenager, and before long, the young gamer was back in foster care. Because Maaleak could no longer manage his YouTube account, his channel was hacked, leaving him to start from scratch. With an indomitable spirit and newfound determination, Maaleak pushed on. He went live on Facebook in 2013 and gained a new following, attracting an audience of teenagers who fell in love with his personality. Utilizing his page, influence, and innate ability to understand people, he began releasing videos centered on relationship advice and gained over a hundred thousand followers.

Two years later, he widened his social media fanbase to Instagram and Snapchat, instantly amassing a whopping following of 120,000 followers. However, life threw another curveball to test Maaleak’s strength, and he was put in the Witness Protection Program (WITSEC). The program barred him from gaining any publicity for his safety, and all his social media pages were temporarily suspended.

Undeterred, the young entrepreneur waited patiently until he legally turned 18 and left the witness program to return to social media, where he built his brand as a Social Media Marketing Expert. Despite his social media success, Maaleak Wilbur was still on his own and had to work multiple jobs to afford rent. To diversify his income, he taught himself how to trade and invest and poured his money into the Forex market. While doing all this, Maaleak put himself through school and graduated from high school with high honors.

This young social media marketing expert has grown a staggering network of over 50 million followers on social media by making relatable and helpful relationships and educational content through hard work and sweat. In eight years, he has built a strong network by successfully establishing his brand and has transitioned to helping other brands, influencers, and celebrities build their network. At only 20 years old, Maaleak’s impact on social media is an inspiration to others, and he has gotten featured in numerous media outlets. Growing up poor himself, Maaleak gives back to society by donating half of his profits to those in need. His brilliance, charisma, and genuine concern for others are part of the charm that draws him to his supporters.

In 5 years, Maaleak sees himself as a public speaker traveling the world to help people and inspire them. He hopes to write a book in the future, chronicling his story of how he went from being a foster kid to a successful YouTuber and businessman. He hopes to encourage youths to never give up on their dreams and always to keep faith.

You can reach out to Maaleak Wilbur via his website. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok to keep updated with his latest activities.

Shirley McAlpine Is the World-Class Specialist in Leadership and Equity Every Organization Needs

Shirley McAlpine has made a significant name for herself in the leadership industry. Between being chair of the first Black and Asian Leader Windsor Leadership Program at the Windsor Castle and having worked with the largest organizations and brands including: the UN Foundation, Obama Foundation, Civil Rights Corp, IBM, L’Oreal, Shell, BP, KPMG, and the NFL, She has made herself known as a leader in the coaching space. 

Shirley McAlpine is an established British specialist with 30 years of experience in leadership, race, equity, diversity, inclusion, and individual performance. Although she has done much of her work in the United Kingdom, she has been working and living in the United States since 2013. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She is also a faculty member on one of only 50 fully-accredited ICF programs in the world. Over the years, she has worked with various organizations and individuals throughout the United Kingdom, the United States, and other parts of Europe and Africa. Moreover, she is a former Board member of the Fawcett Society. Shirley even landed the honor of being invited to Buckingham Palace following her breast cancer awareness campaign among Black women.

The Chicago-based coaching and consulting online business spearheaded by Shirley McAlpine works alongside senior C-level executives with a primary, but not exclusive, focus on senior Black women. Her coaching program facilitates both individuals and teams in different areas, including leadership, team performance, presentation, life goals, accountability, equality, diversity, communication, and envisioning the future. Her equity work includes, consulting with companies on race, the launch of Soros Racial Equality Fellowship, and her Masterclass for White Allies called “Time to Elevate” as a response to the tragedy of George Floyd. She has also coached fellows and political campaign managers and delivered diversity engagement sessions to top leaders of the world-renowned company Shell and among the partners in KPMG UK. 

Eventually, she launched another empowering endeavor called She’s Got Drive Podcast at Apollo’s WOW Festival. In this podcast, Shirley McAlpine talks with  Black women from different industries unveiling their success stories and sharing how they achieved overall success. Some of her podcast guests include Kamilla Forbes, Apollo’s Creative Director, Paulette Rowe formerly of Facebook, Hope Boykin from Alvin Ailey and Julie Wenah, former President Obama’s appointee. The podcast is essentially designed to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams in line with her open enrollment  Execute Your Dream Program. In 2019, Black Enterprise recognized the podcast as one of the top 20 podcasts for Black women. 

At present, Shirley McAlpine is the Chairperson of Apollo’s EmpowHER Women’s Network. Aside from being an entrepreneur advancing Shirley McAlpine Associates, she continues to impact the lives of organizations and individuals today, ultimately by dismantling structural racial oppression in companies, organizations, and wherever she can. She seeks to continue advancing this mission by doing what she does best: coaching and consulting. 

Indeed, Shirley McAlpine is making a massive difference in the lives of minority groups. This brilliant visionary is bringing the Black community and more one step closer to the success and utmost respect they deserve.

To learn more about Shirley McAlpine and her coaching services, please check out her official website.

Rosa Acosta Taking Fitness and Fashion a Step Higher

Rosa Acosta’s success did not happen overnight; it came after years of hard work, consistency, and dedication right from a very young age. She trained at the ICA and Ballet School of Norma Garcia, and later she became the youngest soloist in the Ballet Nacional Dominicano in 2002. She ventured into a modeling and acting career shortly afterward.

Rosa was determined to make a name for herself when she decided to set sail for the United States in 2006. Because her work at home has garnered some international recognition in the fashion industry, her career took an immediate and upward spike as soon as she landed in the United States. Upon arrival, her first assignment was with leading magazines such as XXL, King, Blackmen, and Smooth. Her rise to stardom became even more balanced when she won the XXL magazine’s ‘Eye Candy of the Year’ in 2009. With titles such as Model of the Year by the Urban Model Awards in 2010, she was arguably the most sought after model between 2009-2012.

Due to her popularity in the fashion and modeling world, it was only natural that Rosa would catch the music and television industry’s attention. And it didn’t take much time before that became a reality. Since her debut in the industry, she has starred in music videos for some of the hottest artist in the world. 

Rosa is a fitness freak, and she owns a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her training and exercises. In 2012, she launched her fitness channel and clothing line. Rosa describes her brand as creating unique workout clothes that will last forever. Unique, high-quality party dresses like Angel Brinks and Geebin Flores designs that has been worn by Cardi B, Mary J Blige, Coco, Ivy Queen, Lil Kim, Keysha Cole, and many more. 

When asked what separates her products from her competition, she says, “We work directly with designers that create unique pieces. Some of our collections are made to order and can be fully customized to your size. Our prices are affordable and Celebs love our designs ” Rosa oozes confidence, and so does her products, and despite her being a celebrity in the spotlight, she is a scandal-free superstar. She is all about her career and her brand with almost no time to spare for controversy and scandals.

Rosa claimed she was motivated to start her company because of her desire to empower women worldwide and give a chance to the hottest up and coming designers in the industry.

Connect with Rosa Acosta via her dedicated social media handles to know more about her brand, signature designs, upcoming events, and new fitness routines. Visit her website or follow her on  Instagram.

Patent-Pending StylusCase X Provides Phone Users With Comfort, Protection, and a Chance to Experience a Note Phone

When mobile phones became more accessible, people went crazy searching for a phone that functioned for their convenience and had a look that suited their liking. Fast-forward to today, and we see that phone designs are much more limited, often leaning towards a single, monochromatic color. However, people can shake up their phones thanks to the likes of phone cases. StylusCase X is among the many companies that have dedicated themselves to helping others spice up their phones’ aesthetic.

While it may seem like StylusCase X is a new brand, they’ve actually been in the electronics business for four years. This year they decided to take a different route outside of their usual products and create a design patent for their phone case line. The company founder, Niko Ostoik, developed a case that could do more than just stand out and please the eyes. He and his team came up with a phone case that could allow people to keep their stylus pens with them everywhere they went.

StylusCase X offers a phone case that boasts a fantastic design that’s been proven to provide hands holding it with comfort that’s unlike any other. Even more impressive is how the case doubles the phone’s protection. Other companies that produce phone cases often boast about protection, but the stylus compartment of the case offers extra room on the back that can certainly soften the blow if people accidentally drop their phones. Surprisingly, the double protection was a serendipitous discovery to the team themselves. 

The case was specifically designed to work with any touch screen, be it Apple or Android phones. StylusCase X offers an advantage over others. They give people the option to optimize the user interface with their phones, making it easier for daily use, editing, gaming, and especially the coloring apps. 

StylusCase X is the first case on the market that provides a comfortable grip and a built-in stylus. Their design allows anyone to turn their phone into a note phone, a feature that is primarily for older people who love using the stylus for dialing on the keypad. StylusCase X simplifies the interaction with mobile phones with the convenience of the stylus.

The phone case would be available in four colors for now. People have the option to choose between a sleek black, lively green, strawberry pink, and wild red color. The case has a giant X in the back where they can find the stylus and cushion for falls.

The design is still patent-pending, but Niko and his team are enthusiastic about the phone cases’ outlook as they’ve done careful research to make sure that they are the pioneering brand to come up with such a design. No one is more enthusiastic than Niko as he looks forward to sharing his company’s design with the world.

To get a good idea of what StylusCase X has to offer, you may view their commercial on YouTube. They also have a website (which they’re currently working on) and an active Instagram page for more updates.

Jeremy Abramson Revolutionizes Growth With Thrive University

With the advent of technological advancements, the nature of learning and discourse has never been the same. Back in the day, people needed to travel to seminars, symposiums, and conferences if they wanted to expand their mind and skillset. But today, highly innovative individuals, like Jeremy Abramson of the Thrive University Podcast, are able to create platforms that make the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment possible with only a couple of clicks. 

Now that online avenues have made it easier for anyone to listen and gain insights from experts, podcasts have exploded as a phenomenon, serving as a medium for channeling impactful and thought-provoking information. And as a seasoned host of the Thrive University Podcast, Jeremy Abramson is on a mission to bring consciousness to self-development and a sustainable lifestyle. 

Since its inception, Thrive University has managed to shed light on an arsenal of topics, such as health, mindset, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. And standing at the helm of one of the leading programs in the field of personal growth, Jeremy Abramson makes sure to infuse healthy mindsets and positive outlooks in the lives of others. 

As a coach and mentor, Jeremy Abramson has earned a reputation for being a committed and passionate figure in the industry. Offering his perspectives and inputs on today’s prevailing and pressing concerns, he invites “guest professors” to chat and sit down with him at the Thrive University Podcast. These include some of the top minds in fitness, nutrition, plant medicine, and entrepreneurship.

Widely acknowledged for being a high-energy leader, Jeremy Abramson loves to help top-level athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs by tapping into their potential and encouraging them to unleash their power. On top of that, he has also gained recognition for his unmatched expertise in mindful movement, mindset, and neuroscience. And motivated to make a difference, he has committed himself to teach workshops and speak on stages worldwide. 

Having been brought in by companies like WeWork, Totto, Nuvei, and Kaiser Permanente, Jeremy’s intention is to show up with calmness, confidence, love, and gratitude. With this mindset, he can ward off any fear and anxiety brought by the stressful times. And when he was asked about what made him start a podcast, this guru said that he wants to “provide people with free education and give them the tools they never learned in school.”

Jeremy Abramson believes that by mastering the six pillars of thoughts, habits, relationships, intentions, vitality, and enthusiasm, a person can live a life brimming with happiness, fulfillment, and financial abundance. And as someone who used to dwell on mediocrity, he reminds growth-driven individuals to never settle for less. 

With his well-grounded life purpose, Jeremy Abramson continues to touch lives and inspire action. Through the Thrive University Podcast, he has allowed others to embrace their power and become the best versions of themselves. And as he goes on with his passion and advocacy, he establishes himself as a beacon of love and light in the realm of self-development and growth. 

To know more about Jeremy Abramson, you may follow him on Instagram or listen to the Thrive University Podcast on Apple