Professional and Personal Success Is Only Possible with Natural Health Investment, Says Supplement Expert A.D. Dolphin

More people than ever before are researching new ways to stay healthy and fit at home, even in the midst of COVID-19. Without the same hustle and bustle outside, or access to the stores we once had, individuals are wondering how they can safeguard their personal health while also investing in themselves, their families, and their businesses. The new normal may come with some challenges, but holistic and natural health investment is still entirely possible, says supplemental expert A.D. Dolphin.

Known as the leading, online herbal supplement powerhouse creator following the launch of his 2011 Dherbs, Inc. platform, Dolphin has managed his decade of success by growing the platform into a multi-million-dollar empire. Through his holistic and natural health philosophy and vision, millions of Americans have committed themselves to complete health transformations through vegan, non-GMO, and purely developed supplements.

“I always knew I’d be an entrepreneur. Every person in my family has dreamed of owning their own business, which is why I knew I’d be no different,” said Dolphin. “By combining my unique experience as a health and wellness guru, as well as my passion for helping others, I was able to create a holistic and natural business platform that has grown into something magical.” 

Destined for Entrepreneurial Greatness

Dolphin is the grandson of the late music mogul John Dolphin, inspiring him to grow up and do something to change the world. Dolphin, before arriving at Dherbs, networked his way into real estate and music, testing out different short-lived ventures while he honed in on his innate passions. With his Full Body Cleanse supplement product launch following the founding of Dherbs, which is still the company’s #1 supplement, Dolphin realized he had the power to change lives everywhere.

Today, Dherbs boasts 100% natural capsules that are premium vegan blends with no fillers, binders, or additives of any sorts. All Dherbs supplements are made up of 100% herbs, providing the body with natural rejuvenation, revitalization, and anti-oxidant cleansing that opens bodily systems back up to vitamins and minerals.

“Using the Full Body Cleanse, I was able to kick my soda addiction at the time. I was living, breathing proof that this kind of supplement worked,” said Dolphin. “Additionally, I felt an increase in energy, improved sleep, weight loss, and a greater sense of clarity. Our bodies are filled with the toxins and chemicals that exist in our food and products today. We need to give our bodies a chance to flush out the chemicals and replace them with natural, vegan vitamins and minerals.”

Health for the Masses

Having centered himself as the health and supplement guru over the years, Dolphin has made appearances on television programs like The Steve Harvey Show, The Doctors, Page Six, and Dish Nation. Demonstrating to people everywhere that the body can heal itself with the right fuel, Dolphin is passionate about providing advice on healthy living, philosophy, and mindsets. 

“Prior to this year, 77% of Americans took supplements. As people look for ways to stay healthy at home, that number is expected to swell by the end of 2020,” said Dolphin. “I am proud to be part of that change.”

Lastly, due to COVID-19 concerns and social distancing, Dherbs is now carrying an immune boosting blend to help individuals fortify their body’s natural response abilities. For more information, or to learn more today, visit their website

Michael “Kleos” Chin on Keeping the Faith and Touching Lives

In this lifetime, one of the pivotal moments that we can encounter is realizing the reason behind our existence. True enough, the day that we discover our purpose can change us in ways we could never imagine. And as someone who has always had a heart for service, Michael “Kleos” Chin addressed himself to the challenge of using his skills and expertise to touch souls and transform lives. 

Known for being the youngest and best urban playwright in the industry, Michael “Kleos” Chin has been pounding the pavement with his creative flair and brilliant mind. His blazing passion for acting, producing, directing, and writing has also enabled him to highlight the importance of having a lifestyle that is rooted in goodness and kindness.

Michael “Kleos” Chin started immersing himself in the world of acting when he was in sixth grade and continued studying the craft until he reached twelfth grade. While he was in high school, he successfully made a big name for himself within the DMV area and gained a big following for doing comedy skits on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. And with his talent in writing, he has created a web series called “The Root of All Evil,” which was adapted into a short film and is now making its way to the stage. 

On top of that, Michael “Kleos” Chin has also gained recognition for being the esteemed author of  “Almost Not Born,” which he wrote with his lovely fiancé, Desireé Morgan. The book is about the trials of a character, Destiny, and how she overcame everything with God. And through his knack for storytelling, Kleos has been tugging the heartstrings of readers and showing them the wonders of faith. 

According to Michael “Kleos” Chin, nothing is more rewarding than inspiring aspiring creatives and other like-minded individuals with his craft. He also adds that by sharing his remarkable vision with the world, he can spark joy and kindle passion in the lives of those who are searching for a glimmer of hope or looking for a sign to carry on. And through his conscious efforts and earnest intentions, he encourages others to step into their light and pursue whatever it is that makes them feel alive. 

Everyone has a gift. However, only those who are brave and determined enough can harness their potential and use it to make a positive difference. And as one of those who took on their mission with an undaunted spirit, Michael “Kleos” Chin has been reminding everyone to hold on to God and keep the faith. He wants to send the message that nothing is impossible for those who never lose heart. 

Having gone through his fair share of trials and tribulations, Michael “Kleos” Chin became a steadfast advocate of God’s grace and mercy. Had he turned back on his faith, he would not have blossomed into the outstanding figure people look up to today. He hopes that his story would bring others closer to God and make them feel more in tune with their inner strength. 

People walk on different paths and are destined for different things. But for Michael “Kleos” Chin, his life is all about shedding light on others and giving hope. His journey is proof that success is made more meaningful when it is rooted in service and compassion. And using the talent that God has blessed him with, he strives to make the world a brighter place. 

To know more about Michael “Kleos” Chin, you may visit his website or follow him on Instagram

Versatile Artist Undead Papi Encourages Listeners to Take an Open-Minded Approach to the World Today

Nearly every decade in the music industry is dominated by a genre or subgenres that mark that time as a memorable era. Today’s industry has a very wide range that covers pop, hip-hop, folk, and many more. Rising artist Undead Papi is popularly known for paying tribute to his predecessors in the metal genre.

For as long as Undead Papi can remember, he has always been passionate about music. While others merely listened casually or for enjoyment, listening to music had always been a necessity for the would-be artist. Wherever he went or whatever he was doing, music spoke to Undead Papi in a way nothing else could. He grew up listening to many different genres, introducing a lot of opportunities in his creative process. Undead Papi was compelled to combine various attributes from contrasting styles.

For the longest time, Undead Papi always had the potential and creativity to sing, but he still lacked the confidence to pursue a music career. Everything changed when he took a leap of faith in 2018. At the age of sixteen, he found the confidence and support he needed to get up on stage, and since then, he hasn’t looked back. With time, he got better as he perfected his craft. Eventually, he found his footing and took the stage name, Undead Papi.

As an artist, Undead Papi sets himself apart from the constant wave of new upcoming artists by broadcasting his unorthodox style and immense creativity throughout his tracks. Undead often crosses the lines between genres by bringing unprecedented sounds to his music, making him stand out from his fellow musicians. The versatility and individuality he put into his works are unmatched, as is the fact that not many artists go outside their genre. Undead Papi is constantly learning and finding ways to take his music to the next level. Among his abilities is singing, rapping, and performing all sorts of metal vocals, an impressive feat as most singers don’t dare even to try. He is constantly striving to do better and evolve as he believes that music diversity is extremely important and useful. It gives his many different audiences a chance to enjoy his works, regardless of their preferred genre.

Since his breakthrough, Undead Papi has released four EP albums, two coming from 2019 and two released this year. In those albums, new listeners can find smooth melodic songs in tracks like “Death is Near” or “Hold On By a Thread,” while the “February Corpse” EP offers a more heartfelt sound. Metal fans will find themselves enjoying tracks with extreme metal-influenced energy “R6B Z6MBIE” or “CORONAVIRUS.”

Recently, Undead Papi has released the music video for the track, AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS. The song is an experimental track that combines metal with rap in a brand new format. The song carries a controversial yet deeply sincere message that many listeners will find relevant right now. Undead Papi takes an unconventional stance by holding no bias in the argument between either side in the divergence. He calls out both sides and holds them accountable for their wrongdoings and corruption. The track’s goal is to influence the listeners to take a more open-minded approach and, rather than following a party and becoming part of an agenda, think for themselves.

As a musician who embraces individuality, Undead Papi wants people to ask more questions, whether politics or other matters.

Undead Papi’s music can be found on Spotify. His music video for AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS is already up on YouTube.

ZFit Coaching on Helping Clients Realize Their Fitness Goals in the Comfort of Their Homes

While it is immensely easy to decide on adopting a healthier lifestyle and embarking on a fitness journey, the logistics behind these particular goals make the difference. For some, going to a gym in their area is challenging, especially with today’s COVID-19-imposed restrictions. Others are also stumped about where to start. The resolution of these various fitness problems serves as the fuel behind ZFIT Coaching’s establishment. 

Founded by certified sports nutrition and personal training coach Zairath Perez, ZFIT Coaching is a culmination of a series of personal life challenges. Years before, she found herself struggling to pass EMT and firefighting tests. In her determination to be stronger and perform her job to the best of her abilities, this highly recognized wellness enabler found a love for fitness. 

Today, Zairath Perez takes credit for the creation of several gyms and the launch of ZFIT Coaching. Intended to provide guidance for countless individuals who need support in their bid for a healthier lifestyle, ZFIT Coaching allows people to transform into the best versions of themselves.

This 44-year-old retired firefighter and paramedic banks on her numerous certifications to help people maximize their potential. She is not only a NASN Sports Nutritionist and a Powerlifting Club coach but is also CPR certified and a degree holder in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). As the head of the woman-owned and operated ZFIT Coaching, this respected coach equips clients with the knowledge and tools they need to realize their fitness and nutrition goals.

At ZFIT Coaching, a concierge-type experience can be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of one’s home. With her services fully accessible to clients, anyone who comes under this venture’s wing is provided with weekly Zoom calls and regular check-in.

Since its establishment, ZFIT Coaching has managed to stand out because it refused to deliver cookie-cutter solutions to its clients’ fitness problems. Believing that every individual has unique needs, it goes the extra mile to customize plans. Additionally, the way it highlights the importance of accountability and mindset has propelled this institution to the forefront. 

As a coach-in-your-pocket program, ZFIT Coaching translates clients’ fitness-related vision into reality. It allows individuals to cross out their health-focused resolutions without the need for expensive and fancy pieces of equipment. All its clients need is space in their homes and, at times, some household items lying around.

Additionally, by putting a premium on discipline, ZFIT Coaching helps foster this value among its clients, enabling them to develop further and grow as individuals.

In the coming years, Zairath Perez aims to elevate ZFIT Coaching to greater heights, pushing it toward the top of the industry. At the same time, she is set to continue acting as the force behind people’s evolution into the best version of themselves. With her plans to cement her venture as a national brand and employ a full team of highly competent staff and professionals, she looks forward to lending a hand to countless more individuals who are ready to take control of their lives, their bodies, and their health. 

Learn more about ZFIT Coaching by visiting its Website.

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What Hither Mann Taught the Team at Credit Suisse about Peak Performance

You may be wondering what one of the most prominent female figures within the Foreign Exchange community could teach a team of executives at Credit Suisse. In this article, we interviewed Hither Mann, Founder of Fortune Academy, on what she could possibly teach a team about peak performance, and what we found blew us away. 

Diagnosing the Problem

When Hither arrived at Credit Suisse, the director gave her 12 individuals in her team to work with. She was then briefed on the situation, including the different egos amongst the group as well as why she was needed. According to the director, she needed Hither to take the team at Credit Suisse towards a more workable esque level through peak performance strategies. 

So when Hither got down to business, her first initiative was forcing the team past their ego barrier and unraveling the insecurities holding them back. Throughout the entire process, she recalls seeing so many of the team members go through self-discovery processes and come face to face with their subconscious programming. The same programming that had been sabotaging their performance at work and even trickling into their home life. The difference was very evident when she identified the biggest problem within that team’s company culture. The problem came from the hierarchical system within Credit Suisse, and to Hither’s surprise, the biggest problem happened to be the Director herself. So as any witty performance coach would do, she optimized the variables to find a successful formula that happened to be changing the entire approach. 

Hither’s Approach for Peak Performance

Hither first began with a simple exercise for each individual where they had to discuss three positive and three negative traits out of their personality, while not mentioning any work-related skills as part of their answer. What Hither quickly realized is that the team struggled to self evaluate most of their entire self-worth derived from some sort of attachment to their workplace. Hither immediately saw a potential red flag within the team members, as attaching their worth to a workplace can make it difficult to see positives in their life outside of work. 

So Hither introduced them to subconscious programming, taking them back to their childhood and learning about both the good and bad behavioral patterns that have taken them to where they are today. This approach led by Hither allowed them to reprogram the self-sabotaging patterns they had developed over the years. According to Hither, the team’s feedback was so positive, they felt their eyes had truly been opened. From feeling trapped under the boundaries created by their leader, to feeling like they could accomplish anything as a team and as an individual, supports just how powerful Hither’s approach was for the team at Credit Suisse. 

“Biggest Piece of Value She Shared with Credit Suisse” 

The biggest piece of value that HIther can confidently say contributed towards improving the performance of this team would be understanding the skill of self-awareness. The trait of having full self-awareness in an environment that requires a team to perform at a high standard which will then allow you to pivot from belief to actions, ultimately opening the doors to reprogramming your sabotaging habits altogether. 

Hither’s Takeaway from this Experience

Her experience opened her eyes to how much mental health is often overlooked within the banking world. Normally, the pressure and anxiety associated with a high-performance career lead to alcohol and drug abuse, even extramarital affairs, and other adrenaline-fuelled activities. The latter behavior explains why suicide rates are amongst the highest in the banking world and not enough mindset training is carried out by banks for their staff regularly. Overall, Hither loves coaching high paid individuals both from the banking world, such as the team at Credit Suisse, and other CEOs of successful companies to reach new levels of greatness in their financial and personal goals. As for the future, she will continue to expand in this avenue through her Millionaire Mindset Program and 1:1 Limitless coaching calls. Further details can be found here:

Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu Speak About Challenges and Success

Carlton Washington and Deniz Duygulu founded the company 4Ever Young Anti Aging Solutions, a medical spa and vitality center with locations in Aventura, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, Plantation, and Weston, Florida with locations in Coral Gables & Wellington coming soon. 4Ever Young offers services ranging from aesthetic to internal wellness optimization, and is backed by top medical experts. Carlton and Deniz structured the practice in a way where their medical team performs an extensive blood panel and a physical exam to identify where the issues are stemming from, and then create a treatment plan to fix it. Over the years that they have been in business, their offices have been able to improve thousands of lives and create a happier and healthier version of the individuals that come through their doors. 

Every entrepreneur that sets out to start a business faces extremely difficult challenges before they become successful. Carlton and Deniz are no exception with the launch of 4Ever Young. The first challenge that they overcame was the fact that they were virtually broke when they started the business. Digging themselves out of the hole they dug when starting the business was extremely difficult, as both of them had families to feed and bills to pay. When doubt and slander came into play coming from outsiders, they knew that they had to focus on succeeding in the industry and not the negativity they were faced with. Undeniable mental strength and drive pushed Carlton and Deniz to proceed with their dreams and had great success from doing so. 

Another issue that Carlton and Deniz ran into was the fact that different parts of their business were dominated by other professionals in the industry. When you have people specializing in different treatments that they offer, it becomes difficult to mend them all together into one big pool of treatments which became 4Ever Young. Dealing with doubt from professionals in each individual industry was a true test of their determination, but they found a solution to it. Carlton and Deniz hired top medical experts for each sector of their business to help them gain a stronger reputation and ensure powerful results and procedures for their patients. 

It was the determination to succeed and the will to work tirelessly on their dreams that helped Carlton and Deniz become successful in launching 4Ever Young and continue growing the brand. Without a bulletproof mindset and the drive to succeed, none of their accomplishments or goals would have been met. Today, they have 4Ever Young locations with plans to expand nationwide in the upcoming months. Their end goal is to make 4Ever Young’s offices available to the whole world, which is something they work

towards doing every single day. To learn more about Carlton Washington, Deniz Duygulu, and 4Ever Young, click here.

How Joshua Newman came from nothing and turned it into something great with drive and determination

Joshua Brian Newman is an entrepreneur who refused to accept his circumstances, and constantly strived for greater and tried to find a passion for himself. Joshua is the CEO of Empire Wellness which is a company that works closely with a whole range of experts from farmers, chemists, doctors, and technicians to provide completely pure, clean CBD and cannabis strain-specific terpenes for therapeutic, medical, and recreational use. 

Empire Wellness’ products are formulated using top quality CBD derived from hemp concentrate so that the milligram dosage is carefully controlled, and the substance retains its potency. Their products are mostly available over-the-counter, and they are looking into expanding into a variety of exciting areas, including smoke and vape shops, dispensaries, health food stores, physicians and vets, and other medical facilities. Firstly, the team at Empire Wellness grows and harvests medical hemp on a large scale to produce plenty to go around. After this comes to the processing and extraction process, to ensure that their product is as pure as it can be. 

The team at Empire Wellness believes that natural, alternative treatments using CBD are the future of our world. Their vision is to create high-quality CBD and Hemp products that make the future a reality. Many may assume that Joshua Brian Newman is an overnight success, however that is not the case; it is his hard work and determination to create a better life for himself that got him there. What makes Joshua unique is that before he even started Empire Wellness, he started an e-commerce business with 0 dollars in his pocket. He acknowledges the fact that there is no “perfect” time to start a business, so instead of putting limitations on your own success, start now. 

When Joshua Newman was asked the importance of mindset when starting a business, he replied with “Mindset is everything. Every single day when I wake up I try to have a positive attitude and tell myself that I can accomplish anything today.” An entrepreneur’s perception of fear and success is also crucial to the trajectory of their business. Fear to Joshua is not having money to pay his bills and support his family. On the contrary, success to Joshua means financial freedom, and for his company Empire Wellness to be recognized worldwide.